• First Look: NBC's "Wonder Woman"
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[QUOTE=Rong;28890137] [img]http://i.imgur.com/gDW3b.jpg[/img] [/QUOTE] Okay, seriously guys, who hired the 95 year old stunt woman? Come on guys, its not funny.
Needs. More. Thigh.
[QUOTE=sNipe-AR-;28683203][img_thumb]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/Lynda_Carter.jpg[/img_thumb] I don't think she fits the role anymore[/QUOTE] Well she properly make a cameo. I also watched a cartoon version of a wonder woman movie too.
The new(ish) Wonder Woman animated movie is actually really good, i remember watching it when it first came out. Also the new outfit looks a hell of a lot better glad they're listening to the feedback they're getting.
[url=http://www.geekshow.us/content/television-content/television-news/review-wonder-woman-pilot/]Geekshow[/url] got a chance to review the pilot. The pilot features 2 costumes; the one seen in the set pictures with cloth like pants and red boots, and the classic "bathing suit" which is described as looking the better of the two by a million miles. The costume she ends the pilot wearing is the classic "bathing suit" costume. The one that was first shown in Entertainment Weekly, with the blue boots and shiny pants, does not appear in the pilot. [list] [*]Despite some cheesy dialogue most of the actors are described as good, especially Adrianne Palicki (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) and Tracie Thoms (Etta). However Justin Bruening (Steve Trevor) is described as "awful", lacking charisma and he even suggests recasting or scrapping the character altogether. [*]The action is described as over the top with a needless amount of violence, with Wonder Woman killing people and using her Lasso of Truth as a whip. [*]The script and dialogue is described as overly cheesy, with Wonder Woman even saying "tits". [*]Despite the pilot's flaws the reviewer says if this was the first episode of a T.V series he would tune in for the next episode, BUT only if the script showed improvements, as it currently "feels like a David E. Kelly show" and not a Wonder Woman show[/list]
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