• The Mars Volta. Amazing psychedelic band.
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The other thread was too old to bump, so here it goes. "The Mars Volta is an American progressive rock group founded by Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López in 2001. They are generally considered progressive rock, with jazz and Latin influences. They are known for their wild, energetic and improvised live shows, as well as their usually concept-based studio albums." - wikipedia. The Mars Volta is one of my favorite bands by far, they started with a band founded with Omar and Cedric called At the Drive-in. (Some of you may have heard about it) They play psychedelic music, and it sounds really good. They have Spanish influences because the guitarist, bassist, percussion, and lead singer are all from Spanish-speaking countries, so they actually explain a lot of the "Tres-dos clave" and then "Dos-tres clave."(Which I may add, sounds great with the type of music they're playing, since it's original) sometimes in public Q&A. I saw them live, and it was amazing. They didn't have an opening band, they played for 3 hours straight. Non-stop. They just came out with a new album which was one of the reasons why I got reminded of them before I went to the concert, and then luckily they were in town, so I got my tickets just in time. Anyways, this is great stuff to listen to while you're high, and even when you're not. I mean sometimes the music gets pretty crazy, but you still enjoy it. [b]Videos:[/b] Viscera Eyes, Live. [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=U7mGBfJLZ6E[/media] Goliath [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=xRDG9GKb-TM[/media] L'via L'viasquez. - Amazing. [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=v2ayKK8E7gc&feature=related[/media] The Concert I was in - Tetragrammaton [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=tE-Ig3GzaNU[/media] [b]Conclusion:[/b] If you're looking for new bands to put on your MP3 players, make sure to listen to this, because I bet a lot of you would enjoy it. Check 'em out!
Cassandra Geminni.
I personally liked At The Drive-In better, but I still love The Mars Volta.
I can't stand their singer's voice.
They're pretty good the music gets old after a while though
[QUOTE=Ian D]I can't stand their singer's voice.[/QUOTE] The music would be quite literally a million times better if they had a better lead vocalist.
[QUOTE=SilverHammer]They're pretty good the music gets old after a while though[/QUOTE] Yeah, they're not as great as a lot of people make them out to be.. don't get me wrong I enjoy their music but as you said it gets boring after a while.
I used to hate The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In. Simply put, I thought it was shit. To elaborate.. I felt that Cedric Bixler (vocalist) sounded awful. I thought he was very pitchy and whiny. Furthermore, I felt that Omar Rodriguez just played the same shit over and over again in every song. It all sounded the same to me and I couldn't stand it. One day I was playing Gmod, likely sex posing, when a song that I had never heard before popped up on my iTunes.. at first I wasn't paying attention, sex posing and all.. it wasn't until about a minute or two into the song that I stopped and said.. "Wait a minute.. what the hell is this?" I didn't feel like tabbing out, so I just rocked out in Gmod, sex posing, while listening to Tetragrammton for the first time. See, my friend had been pushing TMV on me for a while.. I say pushing, but really all he did was send me a couple of their albums and talked about how he had just gotten into them, and how awesome they were, the usual stuff. But like I said before.. I hated them, couldn't stand them. I listened to like the first 20 seconds of their songs and.. the first note carried out by Cedric Bixler-Zevala.. and I was instantly out. But when I wasn't focused on how negatively I thought about them, I found out just how much I really liked them. The nail wasn't hammered into the coffin until the same friend sent me the tabs to Eriatarka.. around that point I had listened to the albums a couple of times, but I wasn't quite a die hard fan yet. Once I picked up my acoustic and started learning Eriatarka, and I actually saw in technical detail how intricate Omar Rodriguez's guitar work was, I knew then that I had been taken. That was almost a year ago today.. and Tetragrammton still remains my most favorite song ever written by them. It's one of the few songs that when it comes on.. I stop what I'm doing to listen. And it's a 16 minute song, which is really saying something. So it's not like I stop and go take a piss while listening to it, no.. I put everything on hold until the song finishes. The Mars Volta is one of my all time favorite bands, I can say this with confidence and sincere, enthusiastic splendor. And half an erection.
Didn't one of them die or something? [b]Edit:[/b] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIwTxkTEUqY[/media] I love this song, mainly for the video; the Padre looking dude reminds me of George Carlin.
You know, the funny thing is, that I think their lead singers voice is almost what makes them unique.:ninja: [b]Edit:[/b] Fan Q&A If you'd like to hear. [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=qWz_l1931SE[/media]
[QUOTE=Hanley]Cassandra Geminni.[/QUOTE] 32 straight minutes of [B]FUCKING AWESOME![/B] TMV is one of my favorite bands on the planet. I fucking love everything about them. From their style, to their lyrics, to the things they do on stage. [b]Edit:[/b] [QUOTE=Lifeslash]You know, the funny thing is, that I think their lead singers voice is almost what makes them unique.:ninja: [/QUOTE] I agree, that and their elaborate style. I love his voice. It's beautiful.
Seeing them at Latitude Festival this summer :)
I really enjoy them instrumentally, but I don't care for the singer's voice. I still listen to them from time to time though.
Probably my favourite band. Way too many haters though. Fair enough if people don't like them, but they take their criticisms way too far. The vocals aren't for everyone, but personally I love them. They grow on you if you're willing to listen. [b]Edit:[/b] Listening to Viscera Eyes now actually. It's like having your earhole fucked. In a good way.
[QUOTE=Robbobin]Probably my favourite band. Listening to Viscera Eyes now actually. It's like having your earhole fucked. In a good way.[/QUOTE] My favorite song, probably.
[QUOTE=Boyblunder]I love his voice. It's beautiful.[/QUOTE] Yeah I'd let him fuck me.
I'm not sure which is my favourite song. At the moment I fucking love the Vermicide chorus, but the rest of the song isn't as amazing as say, Roulette Dares. And I shiver ever time I hear the percussion solo in Day of the Baphomets... They're just such a diverse band when you get into them. At first they just sound like noise... but it really grows onto you.
Tetragrammaton is also a great one to just lay down and listen to, not while you're running. The thing is that different songs from them, make me feel different. ( duh ) Tetragrammaton's SLOW PART, makes me lay down, and just close my eyes and listen. While Viscera Eyes & L'via L'viasquez makes me nod my head back and forth and stuff. Another one to lay down and listen is Asilos Magdalena.
[QUOTE=Lifeslash]Another one to lay down and listen is Asilos Magdalena.[/QUOTE] I love that song - so subdued. Great to play on the acoustic guitar, too.
Sadly I can't play any of them. And Asilos Magdalena is one of the only ones I really, REALLY want to learn to play.
I love them. Just getting into Bedlam. My favourite so far is Ouroborus. Oh, and: There was a frail syrup dripping off His lap danced lapel, punctuated by her Decrepit prowl she washed down the hatching Gizzard soft as a mane of needles His orifice icicles hemorrhaged By combing her torso to a pile Perspired the trophy shelves made room for his collapse She was a mink hand job in sarcophagus heels The most bizzare lyrics I know of.
Yeah, I never really comprehend the lyrics, but the singing and the music makes up for it. :v:
[QUOTE=Lifeslash]Yeah, I never really comprehend the lyrics, but the singing and the music makes up for it. :v:[/QUOTE] It's funny though. Because somewhere... there's a meaning in the lyrics. Unlike avant-garde stuff, in which most of the lyrics are simply there for melodic purposes. But goddamn do I love that stuff too.
Their music is like a fucking tidal wave, i love it.
The Mars Volta is indeed an amazing band... definitely my favorite. I saw them at a Nissan Live Sets recording back in February. Basically, a tiny room of about 200 people got to see them (without all the usual drunk and high people causing problems), and it was incredible. In fact, that Viscera Eyes video was the show I was at! :v: If anyone has any doubts about whether or not they'll like this band, I'd say to give them a try. They're definitely an acquired taste, but well worth the time needed to adjust.
Thanks for the links, heard about the band but never listened to their music. The drummer is from my town :D
Oh yea, Thomas. He's new in the band, I forgot what happened with the other one but yeah. He's amazing.
Greatest band ever in my opinion. The music they play appeals to me more than anything else I've every heard. Sitting down with a Volta album with a pair of high quality headphones is a journey, especially Bedlam and Frances. So many layers, so many interlocking parts. I understand why lots of people hate them, but they are my absolute favorite. P.S. Thomas Pridgen>>>>>>>>>>>Everything. Proof: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxEHWnFj5KM[/media] 4:20 in is such a sweet drum part.
Needs more Televators!! [media]http://youtube.com/watch?v=KPeSbITit5U[/media] [b]Edit:[/b] It also seems that The Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria seem to be like in a fan war. [b]Edit:[/b] What commercial was The Widow used in? I love that song and I heard it on TV somewhere, never really thought about it untill I heard the song again and by that time I forgot the commercial.
Also I will be recieving the Bedlam in Goliath vinyl in the mail in a couple weeks. It will contain a new song. Mmmm should be tasty.
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