• Become an ordained minister for 6 dollars!
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So I've caught you with the title huh? Well good thing is its not a lie. Have you ever had the urge to marry people, To lead a funeral, or perhaps a baptism? Well have I got some news for you! I have just stumbled upon this non-denominational church that will allow you to become an ordained minister online. They are the Universal Life Church, they are non-denominational so you do not actually have to belong to the same religion as the service you are providing. For more information on this they do have a website [url]http://www.themonastery.org/[/url] Oh did I mention they also can give you a degree as a Jedi Knight, or a Doctorate of Metaphysics. This website really is legit, once you do get your ordination you will be able to marry, baptize, as well as preside over a funeral. It is not free as I stated in the title it does cost 6 dollars for the certificate which you then have to take to your local magistrate and get it verified.
[QUOTE=G12-A5;26216612] Oh did I mention they also can give you a degree as a Jedi Knight[/QUOTE] Whoa, shit, I'm in.
im going to get this then run around and marry random people on the street, then they will be all like "fuck you thats my mom" then i will show them my degree and they will go home a married fucking couple. oh yeah the awkward situations i would be able to create
What you guys are doing is terrible, you are exploiting religious values. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. In the mean time I'm gonna register so I can marry some dogs.
^^ you probably know this but you could go up to two dogs and provide a sermon and marry them but in legal terms they would not be married. It would be more for show.
im now a jedi knight fuck yea
wasn't there a thread about this on facepunch long ago I remember It My minister name was JUSTICE.
I now understand Metaphysics. How practical.
can they give me a theoretical degree in physics
This used to be free. I'm glad I already took up the offer.
I would so become a Minister in the Imperial Cult.
[img]http://www.themonastery.org/ordination_image_embed/image.php?data=dGVzdCB0ZXN0aW5ndG9uXjExLzIxLzEwXmxhcmdlXmZyZWU=&cache=no[/img] Just to test, I'm using test testington at 2222 dicks avenue in dickville, virginia
A doctorate of metaphysics? Could you...put that on a college application? :v:
Oh man. At a price like that, how can you afford not to become a minister?
If you're interested in buying shit, you can buy doctoral degrees and stuff too.
do they mail you?
[quote=alex_delarge;26217179]if you're interested in buying shit, you can buy doctoral degrees and stuff too.[/quote] what
For the low price of $800 you can buy a doctorate in computer sciences apparently with a doctoral thesis.
What a worthwhile investment.
My dad actually did this. A family friend wanted him to stand in as the minister for his wedding, and so my dad went out, got ordained, and married them. It was weird, but fun.
You can do it for free with [url=http://www.open-ministry.org/create_account.php]Open-Ministry.[/url] Seeing as it's free, you could just use a proxy or something and ordain a bunch of people. Welp, time to ordain the thundercats.
Next stop polygamy.
oh my god i'm gonna be a reverend
[QUOTE=SergeantDead;26217568]the best one [url]http://ulc.net/[/url][/QUOTE] Thats the same site I posted, just different address.
It'll probably be more worthwhile to become a member of the royalty of Sealand. At least you could partake in some tax evasion.
I sent in my application to Universal Life Church Reverend Lebowski :smug:
you know you dont need 6$ to become one there are other legal sites that do it for free and im also a legal minister
haha my friend did this
I'm a minister.... Your HIRED :D
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