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About a year ago I made this video: [MEDIA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PxFjUN6o_k[/MEDIA] It was pretty much just for fun and also to test out Sony Vegas, I used the GMod colormod tool and some NPC zombies in gm_construct. Since then, I've gotten 1-3 messages a day filling my Gmail inbox about how people have been commenting on the video. It's really funny because most of the comments are along the lines of "FAKE" and "lol gmod" Anyway, today I noticed this: [IMG]http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/7995/partnership.jpg[/IMG] Youtube is telling me I could be making money from all the dipfucks who think it's real and click on it! Wow! So Facepunch, should I click it? (I'm going to anyway, it doesn't matter what you say, rofl)
Do it Anyways the video looks real for gmod
screw with them and waste their money
do it
Free money is good.
holy fuck zombies are real
Money is money.
They look a lot like HL2 zombies.
Do it, you'll get some good revenue.
this will only fuck up other videos
[img]http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/03/its-a-trap.jpg[/img] Ok seriously, go for it, what can you lose?
Go get'em tiger!
Do it. Get money for nothing.
Do it faggot.
do it if you want to be youtube's puppet
[QUOTE=Erp;18518331]They look a lot like HL2 zombies.[/QUOTE] That sound so...... Like i herd somewhere...
My friend got a thing like this, as well. But he used HL2 and audio that wasn't his (whereas Youtube details said he had to make all the content in the video), so he didn't go ahead with it. [B]Edit:[/B] Yep: [quote=Utub]To qualify for the YouTube Partner program, you must meet some minimum criteria, including owning the copyrights and distribution rights for all audio and video content that you upload.[/quote]
Wait I have a video with almost 200,000 views, would it let me sign up?
They'll tell you to make more videos.
Click yes. Then add annotations telling everyone that its real and they are all stupid. Comments will flood in and you will get muny
You earned it =]
I have 2 vids..each with almost 45k views each...I would like partnership :(
How much money are you going to be making?
[QUOTE=CaptainSnake;18518538]How much money are you going to be making?[/QUOTE] People with millions views (continuous, not just a one time deal) get a couple hundred a month it seems.
I believe you get 1/3 a cent a view. Something like that.
[QUOTE=Murdoco;18518606]I believe you get 1/3 a cent a view. Something like that.[/QUOTE] That's actually a lot.
Hmm, I wonder what you need to get this partnership.
contributed 1/3 of a penny to uberslugs buy higginz borderlands fund.
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