• Is Technology/Internet addiction beginning to become a serious problem?
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People tend to disregard that the internet is a "swiss-army knife" to most people. You can watch shows, use it as a learning resource, use it as an alarm clock, make notes, code, read books, etc. If it's an addiction, then it's more of a rational one than a ridiculous one in my opinion. Asking for most of the features present in the Internet to be removed from the Internet would be a step backwards. It's like thinking that we should continue to ride horses instead of cars.
[QUOTE=Hiighwire;35792029]I don't get what the big deal with phones suddenly became within the passed 5-6 years. Everywhere you go in public or in school, there's people on their phone texting, browsing the web, etc. I can't even find enough to do on my computer at home, let alone taking it everywhere I go. I went to a restaurant a couple of months back and there was an entire family sitting at a table, and all of them were on their phones texting and doing whatever, and not communicating with eachother. I find it pretty stupid and people are becoming way too reliant on technology, and I honestly think things would be much better in society if technology wasn't being used or relied on as much as it is. There are many upsides to it though. The world is progressing very well due to technology and people are staying connected with eachother and socializing easier. It's got both upsides and downsides to it, but I'm kinda in the middle when it comes to "being a problem". Some people are really addicted, some people are just tolerant of it and use it casually.[/QUOTE] The phones thing is pretty easily explained. The capabilities of smartphones increased significantly in the past 5 years and the introduction of the iPhone and Android. And they also got more affordable and easy to use for the average person. Even modern dumb phones are incredibly capable for what they are. And then with popularity of online services such as Facebook and Twitter, they integrate incredibly well with mobile devices.
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