• Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here acoustic cover.
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Got bored one day, decided to record this. [media]http://soundcloud.com/flanananagan/pink-floyd-wish-you-were-here[/media] Thoughts?
I've listened to this song a billion times so each note I have memorised. :v: Few hitches but you've got the vibe. Could do with a louder clean acoustic recording but the playing is very nice. As for the vocal, it was pretty okay. Doesn't have much character and the drums weren't very complimentary to the vibe. That being said, you are definitely a good player and the production value was pretty decent for an amateur recording. Keep at it.
Thanks, appreciate the feedback! Basically all I've got to work with is Pro Tools 8, and an SM85 so I try and make the most of acoustic and DI guitar signals. Vocals are melodyned a tad to fit a couple of off notes, might redo them at a later date.
Guitar is spot on. However sometimes I noticed the right and left guitars don't agree with each other time wise, and I've heard you drop time a few times in there and quickly caught up. Playing with the playback on headphones is recommended if you haven't tried already. Otherwise, your guitar and guitarwork sounds great. The vocals were a solid attempt considering your voice isn't in the same range as Gilmour's, but vocals can be improved via practise, which I recommend as you have a very nice voice and should certainly work it and make the best of your voice.
Yeah I was playing with headphones and a clicktrack, but it was half 11 by the time I'd noticed that they were out of time so couldn't rerecord them and just wanted to get the mix bounced out haha. Thank you :)
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