• I need some real help with producing.
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[QUOTE=xiohexia;33667825]I have that keyboard. I never use it since I have a 62 key.[/QUOTE] But would you say it's any good for producing?
[QUOTE=Dead Madman;33668382]But would you say it's any good for producing?[/QUOTE] Just buy it, it's 40 pounds lol. [editline]11th December 2011[/editline] It's good enough for someone who can't play piano, if you can play piano get a bigger one.
[QUOTE=Dead Madman;33668382]But would you say it's any good for producing?[/QUOTE] You will not become a better producer or song writer just because you buy a keyboard. Think of it as a tool that can smoothen the work flow in what you normally do. You know, you can make any kind of music using only your computer. Don't rely on equipment! If you want to learn how to produce and to write songs, then practice that. You can't really solve those problems by buying things. Of course, that Akai LPK is very cheap and you can never go wrong in having a keyboard. But know what to expect of it. Don't go out buying more expensive things when you find out that your composing and producing skills will be just as good as they were before you bought the keyboard. :)
Listen to a lot of music you want to create. But don't listen to it, like brainless but analyze it, for example: yeah, and there starts the 2step pattern, the bass is LFO'd and it certainly sounds like something with sawtooth wave. I hear some flanged arp in the background and it must play D Major. Learn music theory, this will help you with creating interesting melodies and chord progressions (you can just learn to play piano/keyboard). Be active on music production boards for your genre and stuff. For example, dubstepforum.com, dogsonacid.com, warbeats.com, or just your DAW forums. Take part in "How do i create this sound" threads. Get familiar with Synthesis. For example: FM, Additive. (You'll sure need these, to make dem sounds better) Read something about acoustics and how the human ear works. It'll sure help you with production, mastering and EQ. Read some e-books about Mixing, Mastering, watch all dem tutorials on youtube. Good mixing e-book is for example: "Roey Izhaki - Mixing Audio - Concepts Practices And Tools". Don't try to make music within one genre. Listen to different styles and decide what you like the most, in for example techno or ambient. Combine it with the genre you want to focus on. After you make some good track, send it to someone (i mean other producer which is somewhat good or just to friend) to make sure it's really good. Or wait some time, then listen to it again. Don't take your work like, "it was hours of my work and i am really happy of it", but "it was product of sound engineering, mixing, and stuff". Review other people's tracks. That will help you with seeing the flaws in your tracks. There is emotional link with your tracks that you need to get rid of. Try to make your music as professional as it can be. I hope I helped.
[QUOTE=despo;33619912]hmm maybe I should stream audio and video on some website so anyone can watch. But if you want to produce with me over teamviewer, we can do that sometime, but dead madman is first in line lol. edit: brb, creating a producing school steam group, lol. edit: WHOOP WHOOP, it's up! [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EPUniversity[/url][/QUOTE] yeah man that streaming idea sounds coooooool lol, also d'ya have logic?
How does teamviewer work? I would love to collab with you guys somehow.
try other programs, like reason or try flat mapping with sony acid. just experiment. i myself have been where you are now and felt like I'll never improve.... but realize you're making the music for yourself, and from there let your creativity go. hear a song you really like? recreate the best parts for songs, and from there you're creating something new. Keep trying new things, go out of your way to find loops // I started sampling vinyls and loops online // my sisters really old CDS and it turned out to be pretty eventful. ps i have the akai micro key, and akai mpd26 i produce mostly hiphopesq
[QUOTE=Croix;33510579]- Listen through a few times while doing something else. If it's good, I master it and declare myself finished. Otherwise I keep working.[/QUOTE] This! Once you get to near ending your track and are finishing up with mastering and volumes. Browse the web,play a game, or just sit back in your chair and stare outside the window. Its easier to tell when something is off in your track when you're not paying attention to whats happening on the production screen.
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