• Weird food combinations that are suprisingly good
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[QUOTE=sp00ks;31936593]French toast with bacon and syrup.[/QUOTE] That actually sounds amazing.
It is. Eggs, a lot of milk, sugar and cinnamon, put the bread into it, fry it so it's still soft in the middle, fry some bacon, put it on top of the french toast and soak that shit in syrup.
Whenever I go camping, I like to get me a tortilla, fill it with pb&j, Nutella, chicken, and lots of whatever cheese we have. It's amazingly good and filling.
Goldfish (the cheesy cracker) and mustard! Deelish!
Omelet with cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing. The first three obviously go together but the ranch works really well. My dad figured it out when he worked at a diner in college.
Pizza and popcorn
Jam and cheese on toast.
Every time I eat noodles. I add uncooked egg. Not food but, Coke + Milk = Awesomeness.
i've tried that before but the milk just separated, and it was really gross
I think he meant this kind of coke [img]http://signsofcocaineuse.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/cocaine.jpg[/img] Also Corn on a cob with ranch dressing. Weird as hell but tastes good.
[QUOTE=lisha;32334438]Jam and cheese on toast.[/QUOTE] That's not that weird. It's common for certain cheeses to be eaten with jam.
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Pretty much anything with Nutella is amazing. Try it with apples - its better than you might think.
Bagels and pretty much anything. Just had one with spicy teriyaki, cream cheese, and jalepeno jelly. Real good.
Corn + Alfredo noodles. Mix'em up.
Maltesers and Salted Peanuts.
Nutella and Peanut butter on toast with a crushed hobnob on top. It's like a snickers but crunchy in a different way. Unless you have chunky PB in which case its crunchy in two ways
Baguette and vanilla ice-cream. Also sundae float.
Crackers with any sort of pate.
Blue Stilton Sauce + Steak Chips = orgasm
chocolate chip cookie+ketchup
Tried that on accident, worst excperience of high school. Now I'm on to better things in college. Like Cheez-Its crushed and put on buttered popcorn.
When I was young, I would make triple decker sandwiches of mustard, peanut butter, and pickle relish. :v:
Popcorn and grape Nerds. Oranges and cheese nachos.
Bananas and pepper. Mmmmm...
I used to dip my pb&j in sprite when i was a kid. Shit was grand.
Cheese toast dipped in coffee. Also, for some reason, pizza crust dipped in coke or milk. Delicious.
Anyone ever tried pancakes with Vegemite?
Next time you got some popcorn set some aside and try some hot sauce on that shit. Also if you're making waffles let the iron heat up and put some bacon on it, then pour your waffle mix on top of it. A breakfast within a breakfast. Breakception.
[QUOTE=PunchedInFac;25479829]And deep fry that sucker.[/QUOTE] I put it in the blender. [editline]22nd December 2011[/editline] Try mayo or tomato sauce/chilli sauce on rice
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