• Weird food combinations that are suprisingly good
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Corn Flakes and Ice Cream
Ketchup and Hash-browns. edit: My dad showed me this one: Pretzels with a sauce made up of ketchup and extra hot horseradish.
cookies + mustard + sweet and sour sauce + ketchup + ice cream = effective poison
Ketchup on fish sticks
[QUOTE=DDSNv2;25480289]Ketchup + Mayonnaise = [b]oh god yes[/b] I've only recently heard of this combo, and use it every time I get fast-food. (Which is rarely.)[/QUOTE] Ketchup mixed with mayonnaise is popular where i am from.
Call be weird but weetabix and ketchup.
Scrambled eggs and dill motherfucking pickles. It's best when in an egg sandwich with cheese and ham, etc.
Honey and Apple. Tastes freaking delicious.
Ketchup, with right about everything.
Pretty much everything with Hollandaise.
diced tomatoes in scramble egg with 2 pinches of salt
Canned Tuna, two slices of bread, and peanut butter. Take the water out of the canned tuna and then spread the peanut butter on the bread, both pieces. Place tuna on the bread and put it together. Delicious!! Or you can soak the another piece of bread and then make it a triple deck with the piece soaked in between. Delicious
I found two combinations of food that I absolutely love, by mistake. Cucumber slices and cheddar cheese slices. I usually put two cucumber for every one piece of cheese. Ruffles plain chips, sour cream and soft mozzarella. [editline]18th October 2010[/editline] [QUOTE=EvacX;25486027]Ketchup, with right about everything.[/QUOTE] That's not fucking weird, ketchup is the tasiest universal sauce ever. [editline]18th October 2010[/editline] [QUOTE=hgncommand;25484676]Okay, so get a celery stick, and lather it with cream cheese, apply raisins on top of that. /FOODGASM[/QUOTE] The celery things in this thread aren't weird. That's a perfectly acceptable combination of foods considering the same thing with peanut butter in place of cream cheese has its own name: Ants on a Log. Celery is made to dip in dips, cheeses and various other spreadables. [editline]18th October 2010[/editline] [QUOTE=Cureless;25480476]Sausages and Syrup is fucking amazing. Happened upon this eating breakfast a long time ago and was amazed by the flavor.[/QUOTE] Lol this is not weird, I enjoy it too. The syrup from my french toast mixes with my bacon or sausage and it's delicious. --- The thread is for weird foods, like mustard and plum sauce on a hawaiin pizza that has BBQ instead of tomato sauce and anchovies, and ju-jubes.
Sweet chilli sauce can go with pretty much any savoury food... [editline]18th October 2010[/editline] [QUOTE=GodKing;25486278]I found two combinations of food that I absolutely love, by mistake. Cucumber slices and cheddar cheese slices. I usually put two cucumber for every one piece of cheese. [/QUOTE] You complain about peoples combinations of food not being weird enough but then post a really common combination.
Chips and peanut butter.
I have a friend in the habit of doing this sort of stuff. Some of his concoctions include: Peanut butter, cheese and ketchup (In a sandwich of course) Chocolate ice cream and mayonnaise in a wrap and what he calls a "Plate of sunshine" which is pasta egg and cheese. He's a bit mental anyway though.
Maggi seasoning and plain spaghetti. Fucking delicious German food Oh and dr pepper and cheese-its
[img_thumb]http://www.examiner.com/images/blog/wysiwyg/image/sriracha(3).jpg[/img_thumb]+[img_thumb]http://us.news2.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/fi/16/37/07.jpg[/img_thumb] Sriracha is also good in a lot of Campbell's soups. Particularly chicken noodle and cream of potato.
Digestive motherfucking biscuit sandwich. :colbert:
Popcorn and minstrels.
Hot dogs with mustard and yogurt (not dipped in yogurt, but take a spoon of it after you bite from the dog, it is DEE-licious!)
[QUOTE=LolHuh;25479645]Scrambled eggs and hot sauce. No lie.[/QUOTE] This, I've done it sooo much. Tabasco and all kind of hot sauces :D!
Take a handful of cereal and then wrap them in cheese, so delicious.
Chocolate and cheese. [img]http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:K7SCqKJzgT-LUM:http://trueslant.com/jennaweber/files/2009/09/Chocolate.png[/img] + [img]http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:7dcsyuB6xU7lKM:http://www.foodsubs.com/Photos/cheese-dutchleerdammer.jpg[/img]
Chilli and Chocolate, common combination though.
Milk and cereal goes so good together, as if it was made for it.
BBQ'd Yoghurt (with the yoghurt kept in some tin foil) above the grill. I haven't tried it myself, but 3 of my friends have, and they say it's amazing. Not exactly a combination, but deal with it.
Oh god plum sauce. With anything. Best sauce ever. Also cheese and ketchup dandwiches. Actually i havent had that in a long time due to having grown a disappeal for cheddar but when i was younger and didnt know how to cook i would make cheese and ketchup sandwiches!
Melted Chocolate on potato chips, pringles work the best.
Dip fried chicken in mashed potatoes.
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