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Talk about House MD. [img]http://lobocinepata.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/house-md.jpg[/img] I don't really follow the story so i just like to watch episodes just for the patients and stuff. Not the drama. Favorite episode: The one with house in a wheelchair Favorite part: The doctor consults. They're 5 minutes of compressed fun.
what, are you serious? half the episode is story. great show though
I love House. :v:
This is one of those shows I love but never get a chance to watch. :/
Awesome show. I like it because it's not too predictable and it's also really well done.
Awesome show, I've been watching them in order since the first season. Cuddy's tits amirite?
I've valiantly watched this show. Sadly the 6th season has put me off. I managed to watch the first few episodes, but I can't stand the new direction they are trying to take.
I <3 this show House's humor amuses me greatly
My favourite episode is the season 2 finale.
I'm saying it right now; best drama on television. Period.
They need to update the goddamn title sequence, they haven't even changed the names of the actors that aren't even part of the show anymore. Though brilliant show.
Been watching it since the first episode, has been great the whole time.
House is effing amazing, it makes me wish i had a doctor like that cause he is pure genius at times....if you subtract his past vikoden addiction.
I love house, its one of the shows I make sure I watch.
This is a fact Season 4 Last 2 episodes are the greatest better than all the other episodes ever.
I liked the older House better, with all the original characters. There was a lot more effects and mystery, and not as much drama. Nowadays, it's mostly mystery and drama. Still good though...
The best episode, hands down, was Season 2's last one. It was amazing and mindfucking.
I've watched pretty much all of it, I love it. Only series I actually got into.
The latest episode wasn't so good though. You bitch.
One of my favourite shows. I love House.
I think it's getting worse since season 6 started but could just be me
I kinda like season 6 so far. Less just taking care of a new patient every episode and more actual story. Spoiler for those who haven't seen the latest episodes: [sp]But I got a bit dissappointed when House and Wilson let Lucas get the last laugh[/sp]
[QUOTE=sk8a13;20192385]I think it's getting worse since season 6 started but could just be me[/QUOTE] It's you.
I recently just got into this show. I have not seen any of the earlier seasons though
God it's so awesome :3
Broken part 1 and 2 were the best episodes in my opinoin.
House is one of the few things I watch on TV.
I cried at the end of 1 season.. I think it was the 5th one, you know... the one where Wilson's girlfriend dies, I don't remember why I cried but it happened.
This is a fantastic show. Any House fans I urge to check out some of Hugh Laurie's british comedies, they're great, I love Blackadder, and any Hugh Laurie fans I urge to check this out, it's a really great show.
Watching House right now on Bravo. :D
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