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[QUOTE=Death n1;20950697]This is quite pissing me off. If I don't get my weekly instalments of House I get very cranky and bitchy. GIVE ME MY HOUSE DAMN IT ARAGHA! But hey it's OK! As long as I get to watch South Park, [b]Family Guy[/b], [b]American Dad[/b], Heroes, Stargate Universe, Fringe or [b]The Cleveland Show[/b] I'll be fine.....[/QUOTE] :raise:
My mum's boyfriend, he's always high when he's watching it, 'cause he says he gets a buzz from him, so he sits there and laughs his ass off whenever House makes a smart ass comment, makes watching it all the more fun.
I'm still trying to buy every single season. I just LOVE the show! Hulu makes a fine substitute for missing the episodes though.
[QUOTE=Panda X;20955553]I do recall Hugh saying he is in pain due to using that cane so much. Maybe they're giving him resting time?[/QUOTE] That was like months and months and months ago.
Does anyone know if a new episode was aired tonight? This makes me sad... :(
I like how you know as much as the supporting characters know do about House, at least in season 6 and his vicodin.
Good show
I really like the show, I just never seem to get to watch it.
no new episodes for 2 weeks.
[QUOTE=dirty harry;21061493]I really like the show, I just never seem to get to watch it.[/QUOTE] That's because their scheduling is [b]fucking retarded[/b].
hugh laurie is the shit, especially in 101 dalmatians [editline]11:12PM[/editline] [img]http://farm1.static.flickr.com/128/335862754_14624c9c3e.jpg[/img] [editline]11:13PM[/editline] owned by dogs
Never knew he was in that
[QUOTE=Karmah;21027504]That was like months and months and months ago.[/QUOTE] It was the only thing I could think of that would explain the schedule.
Why is this thread so small. House is awesome and deserves at least twice as many pages.
[QUOTE=LarparNar;21253222]Why is this thread so small. House is awesome and deserves at least twice as many pages.[/QUOTE] Hard to get excited when they air two episodes at a time and take a month off.
Tonight's episode was great.
What I would give to of been Taub at the end of tonight's episode.
I need more VICODIN !
Wilson M.D.
[QUOTE=Rusty100;21321168]Wilson M.D.[/QUOTE] Would be terrible.
Last nights episode was awful. It was like a sop opera or some shit. I hope they do not continue like that, though I did like the end :smug:
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIQNuSv5JOc[/media] :v:
Haha, that was awesome, I liked it when [sp]Taub and Foreman were stoned off their asses[/sp]. Also the ending.
This episode confused me at parts. Did they just get stoned cause they were bored?
I love the episode where you see 3/4ths of it through the patients eyes. [QUOTE=Rusty100;21321168]Wilson M.D.[/QUOTE] Would be awesome.
The latest episode was directed by Hugh Laurie if I read the credits right, so, that explains why it was different. I enjoyed it though.
[QUOTE=Eluveitie;21322755]Would be terrible.[/QUOTE] would be AWESOME
Spolier: Season Finale recorded entirely with a DSLR. Source: [url]http://www.neowin.net/news/house-season-finale-filmed-entirely-with-a-dslr[/url]
I look forward to seeing that in action.
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