• my resume to become moderator
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this is my resume to become moderator i have good leadership skills because i once led my people in my tribe i will lead this forum to prosperity and enforce an era that will restablish the old facepunch here are my goals in doing so 1. permabanning all people who joined in 2007+ 2. unbanning hezzy 3. fixing up the oify because all of you faggots just fucking ruined that shit 4. telling garry to sit down and destroy his oversized ego 5. stop this gold member boost shit and removing the ability to create titles i hope you will accept me ok thank [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Joined 2007+" - Swebonny))[/highlight]
Well I think you should get moderator, on the condition that you ban yourself first.
Points 2-5 sound good to me, not so sure about that first one though.
Good luck :3
you're banning yourself then
Permabanning all people who joined after 2007 would probably wipe out most of Facepunch.
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