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My Idea is to make a RIS on the AKs battery plate. I am aware of the Tri rail system that is available for the AK series airsoft weapons but I don't like it that much, Id rather go with a more low profile style Rail then the Tri rail. So here is my idea, its basically a rough draft and isnt scaled properly. Basically I wanted to see how it would look without going into to much detail and this is what I conjured up. Soon I am going to make a properly measured model and have it rapid prototyped. [img]http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg811/scaled.php?server=811&filename=ak47ris.png&res=landing[/img] Im open up for more ideas if people want to get more out of their AK series airsoft gun, I basically want to build more of these when complete and hope to share them with whom may be interested in this type of mod.
Such things exist already. [editline]21st April 2012[/editline] [t]http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/images/SFRAIL.JPG[/t] [t]http://img.alibaba.com/wsphoto/v0/279752534/Tactical-AK-Receiver-Triple-Picatinny-Weaver-Rail-Mount-System.jpg[/t]
I know about it, I had the part in the first image and it broke easily. The second one is what I explained, the tri rail and I don't like it.
I know one exists like the one you pictured, there was one for sale in the shop at my field but I couldn't find a picture of it via Google.
I searched high and low myself and couldn't find it. Though in a sense im hoping not to because im starting to get used to the idea of actually making something functional for my airsoft gun. Its kinda fun making the whole thing but there would be no point to it if someone finds it. Id just end up buying it instead.
Go for it, I think that the thing we had for sale was from a rifle rather than an accessory so there was no way to get it aside from buying the entire gun and removing the cover.
AK12 style upper?? [img]http://izhlife.ru/uploads/posts/2012-01/1327480187_ak-12-sprava-so-shtatnym-magazinom.jpg[/img] [editline]21st April 2012[/editline] i would buy the shit outta that if you do make one
[img]http://www.sztab.com/box/militaria/beryl.jpg[/img] [img]http://polskiejednostkispecjalne.org/www/images/wojsko/uzbrojenie/beryl/b4.jpg[/img] 'Nuff said.
again, I don't want that part that attaches to the sights, I already had one for a little under a week and it broke. Nuff said.
So it's one part with the upper receiver, like not detachable?
Maybe it would be alright for airsoft use, but for real steel, this wouldn't be a good solution. The reciever cover (which isn't actually an upper reciever, it's just a piece of bent steel plate so shit doesn't get inside the actual reciever, gun can still fire without it) isn't attached very securely to the gun, sometimes it wobbles a bit. The sights would get off the target after first few shots. That's why most AK rail mounts have to be attached to the reciever itself somehow.
the AK I have has it mounted very snugly, I cant even move it at all unless I detach it from the gun. I cant vouch for all AK style air soft guns though. I will try to look at a few AKs at the hobby shop and see if I can figure something out to make it snug on all AK brands that fit this type of cover. I think the main reason why I want it in the first place is that I dont want to wear out my M4A1 but still want it to have a similar RIS. I personally really like the idea of the way I designed it even know its not THAT different, its just one less part to break on a gun that I beat up basically. ALSO BTW I contacted someone this morning about getting it prototyped and it seems that I could get a plastic part made in a couple of weeks. I am going to get a few test versions made first because im not sure if the dimensions will be proper the first few times I get it made. Ill post pics as soon as possible.
make it slab-sided like the ak12 and you have my interest
the problem with that is I kinda want this to fit on ALL Ak style weapons that have this cover and the CM.028S has a foldable stock, it wouldn't fit on that gun if it did. There are a couple other Ak brands that also have foldable stocks that would just clash, it would be more of a nuisance. Although I do like the way it looks its just not practical.
i don't see the problem with this you'd just need to make the front section of the cover curved in order to fit under the rear sight block
You ever though of just having a rail machined to fit on top? It's a lot cheaper than rapid prototyping, and it will be faster to make. Any experienced machinist could easily make the rail from scratch. I did something similar to my DE M3 shotgun. Bought a 12" M16 hand guard rail from Evike for fairly cheap. Took it into the machine shop at work, cut it down to size on a milling machine and cleaned up the edges. Wasn't look for a permanent solution, so I just super glued it to the top of the shotgun. Worked great, only cost me $20 or so. [url]www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPath=25_106_289&products_id=26202[/url] For your drawing use these dimensions for the rail if you're having it made from scratch. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picatinny_rail[/url] It's better if you draw a solid part in CAD first. Makes it easier to be 3D printed or machined when they can reference anything on the part. It will also save you money too, as most will charge you to have a CAD model made up.
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