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[QUOTE=PrusseluskenV2;35750940]oh NO all my funny pictures and porn will be GONE[/QUOTE] What about your little pony pictures?!?!?
[QUOTE=ScoutKing;35750951]What about your little pony pictures?!?!?[/QUOTE] they're on my dropbox so it's okay :)
[QUOTE=LordCrypto;35750946]reply not that hard[/QUOTE] locked threads
[QUOTE=Renegade Master;35750332]You guys seriously need to shut the fuck up about the no-pun rule. It's derailing the thread and it's stupid. If you want it to change it so bad, bitching about it to the mods won't change it in your favor, in fact it might do the exact opposite. Just look at the avatar size incident.[/QUOTE] I personally don't a toss (except when they're good or whatever) but basically what you're saying is don't complain or it might go the other way? What's the fucking point in complaining or suggesting on a forum we all contribute to if the moderators are just going to say fuck you and do the exact opposite?
[QUOTE=ScoutKing;35750929]but by doing so, making posted material posted in the last year impossible to access unless you have the URL copied down somewhere else?[/QUOTE] This is my issue with it too. Blocking it to stop people from unknowingly posting broken images is fair enough, but couldn't that be done in some way which only effects new posts rather than rendering thousands of threads imageless for everyone as opposed to some people (Since it was fixable and didn't actually block for everybody for whatever reason)?
Wait a second, garry just did the thing where it turns into [IMG]http://*************/b5lIA.png[/IMG] It's not hard to copypaste the letters after it into a url, but it's really fucking tedious. Someone'll probably write a script to just change the stuff with 13 *s into imgur links and it'll all be settled if imgur reverts
Just checked out the Moonwalk thread, I'm in fucking tears the bans just made it funnier, and then I noticed Dav0r's new title and now I'm laughing even harder
And we're back.
[QUOTE=Kepler;35751839]And we're back.[/QUOTE] It's just my imagination, runnin away with me
So what exactly happened?
I'm no web dev but shouldn't Cloudflare be preventing these things? Unless it wasn't a ddos this time.
a ddos attack?
Most likely still this [url]https://twitter.com/#!/garrynewman/status/195410543991984128[/url] [editline]29th April 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=Bumrang;35751859]I'm no web dev but shouldn't Cloudflare be preventing these things? Unless it wasn't a ddos this time.[/QUOTE] That's what I was thinking, no idea why Cloudflare doesn't block this or why Cloudflare Cache doesn't work while FP is down.
Lets see how long we last this time...
Here's a fun fact about seth: The website "sethhack.net" is hosted on zerigo. Zerigo doesn't allow "Hacking / Cracking related sites or software" or "Use of Services as a source or relay for any of the above or for hacking or other malicious behavior" So yeah that's cool. You can report the site here: [url]https://www.zerigo.com/contact[/url]
[QUOTE=Keegs;35751865]Most likely still this [url]https://twitter.com/#!/garrynewman/status/195410543991984128[/url] [/QUOTE] It's funny that the sethhack website says that the cheat is 100% undetected.
I guess we get free titles now. It's only fair.
[QUOTE=valkery;35750340]So make the rule that if you post the same pun as someone earlier in the thread, or a similar one, you get banned. Don't make it "All puns are punishable by banishment". All or nothing rules are silly, and the same thing applies with the pun rule. I don't care if one idiot gets banned for posting the same pun as someone else, he should have read the thread. However, if someone actually has a pun that they made up, regardless of how obvious it is, they should be allowed to post it.[/QUOTE] how about you just dont post puns at all? you contribute [i]NOTHING[/i] to the thread. all you do is read the title and make some dumb pun just so you can feel better about yourself because you got a little icon at the bottom of your posts. seriously, theyre dumb and the mods have already decided they dont want people shit posting. if the only reason you or anyone else were going to that section was for dumb shit posts, then that means FP had a problem and now the mods are taking care of that problem
Is it true that golds don't get perma'd for having a perma'd alt? Just wondering
that's definitely not true
Usually you don't get perma'd for having a perma'd alt unless you have been told to never come back.
also wrong. breaking rules (normally) on an alt will get you more heavily banned and/or permabanned
[QUOTE=TehWhale;35752605]also wrong. breaking rules (normally) on an alt will get you more heavily banned and/or permabanned[/QUOTE] So why isn't _turb IP banned yet?
[QUOTE=Pascall;35748391]oh my GOD who even [I]CARES[/I][/QUOTE] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gutCFMc5khY[/media] Were you going for that? [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Video Marco" - Craptasket))[/highlight]
no no I wasn't
[QUOTE=supersnail11;35752668]So why isn't _turb IP banned yet?[/QUOTE] [URL="http://facepunch.com/members/384395-Rocket"]So why aren't you banned yet?[/URL]
[QUOTE]SEKCobra: I think it's all the porn, theres loads of (paysite) porn being uploaded by FP members to imgur and all the traffic comes from here, so they probably figured either that they dont want porn (its against their tos) or problems with paysites anymore, and as the traffic came from FP, they jsut blocked it. [/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=supersnail11;35752668]So why isn't _turb IP banned yet?[/QUOTE] I'm guessing he has a dynamic ip
Why is it that when I login to another account the text box changes? Is there a way to change the text box's look or something?
[QUOTE=Jelly;35752981][URL="http://facepunch.com/members/384395-Rocket"]So why aren't you banned yet?[/URL][/QUOTE] ahah, those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
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