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[QUOTE=Grimgor13;17262441]Declare, after Goldenspoon[/QUOTE] Did you now? Anyway what ever you are using to post your... image, with is making it darker
Im declaring Who do i go after??
demon just go, and skip 09'er he used IE i think [editline]10:30AM[/editline] declare after demon
[URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/pixellife3rdmaplolwutthisonedoneDisturbedRuleslol4.png[/IMG][/URL] Alien finishes evolving Alien makes basket to hold the stone Alien continues to build the bridge The Aliens ponder at what is emerged from the celling Sorry didn't skip 09'er is that okay??
Do people ever read?
ugh, whatever ill edit what you did into the last GOOD image
declare after dragon?
actually color changed due to IE so im not ganna edit it back in sorry [editline]10:44AM[/editline] will post in a sec [editline]10:59AM[/editline] [URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/PLmap3GOOD.png[/IMG][/URL] Bunnies accepted and stored in bunker. Water left for lizardman. Grunt continues his watch post. Stone Watchtower finished! Grunt goes to inspect the meteorite. Merc. Soldier takes his place in the watchtower.
Declare after nazi
[img]http://imgkk.com/i/Ae8ggT.png[/img] The chalk have dug themselves a tunnel and covered the entrance The king chalk senses something above them, And he focuses his energy on the blackboard Drawing out a scout [editline]04:19PM[/editline] And whoever has those worm sprites I WANT THEM >_< There so damn kewlz
There should be a rule that forbids declaring when someone already declared.
what? its called PREDECLARING Declaring after somebody declares like A: "DECLARE!" B: "Declare after A"
[QUOTE=Robber;17264535]There should be a rule that forbids declaring when someone already declared.[/QUOTE] One must admit i agree with Robber
Fine what about if theres a turn factor? Say I declare and my meteor hits in 3 turns When 2 people finish and the 3 declares I can say Declare after whoever
Un declare
heh [editline]04:51PM[/editline] kay this does not look good umm... Somebody declare i need to spawn my awesome guy
We should have a limit to people joining this. Coz it always gets crowded then people say "ooh lets restart!" Even though if there were less poeple it would be fine. [editline]05:59PM[/editline] Declare then... Far nazi :D [editline]05:59PM[/editline] I hope the fuzziness problemn is solved :( [editline]06:03PM[/editline] Nope sorry it's still fuzzy. Undeclare
diclelared [editline]05:06PM[/editline] aLSO WHY is it BMP?
It's saved as PNG but it comes up fuzzy D: [editline]06:07PM[/editline] i click save as (change the thing to PNG) Thenm i save upload and its fuzzy
Fine im still declaring
[img]http://imgkk.com/i/T9IaNQ.png[/img] A chalk walks up and looks at the goblin and says "Names ash... Housewares" [editline]05:09PM[/editline] now ima go play L4D
Since i've fixed my problem (stupid image uploading site) I'll declare
Hurt ash and i send The Chalk King after you
I want to make a peace with the lizards but i'm afraid of that big one D:
[img]http://www.stylee32.net/upload/uploads/1252850151.png[/img] A Doom diver catapult is built and another goblin crawls up through the hole and puts on some peculiar wings The other goblins move to investigate this new creature "Oi!, 'ou iz you, and wat duz ya want?" they demand in their thin, reedy voices
[URL=http://imagefra.me/][IMG]http://img39.imagefra.me/img/img39/2/9/12/evilmuffin/f_wt3mw9u0hdum_e84a3b9.png[/IMG][/URL] The Nyunman Picks the berries and goes down to his cave to collect some water.
[img]http://imgkk.com/i/dbUriW.png[/img] 2 New species are in development in the Chalkboard The Mining Chalk and a Goblin, used for making treaties and fast scouts Ash replies to these odd creatures by saying "I wish to create a treat between our tribes, We can supply you with resources, and you supply us with intelligence and enemy positions, We shall also create a tunnel for access to beyond the wall, do you accept?" [editline]05:40PM[/editline] damnit >_< [editline]05:40PM[/editline] Ninjad [editline]05:40PM[/editline] lemmie just edit mine
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