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[URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/pixellife3rdmaplolwutthisonedoneDisturbedRuleslol5.png[/IMG][/URL] The alien Continues building of bridge, Mining alien fills up bucket more with stone Worker alien begins to move to place where he will make another part of the hive
Demon those are called the S.P.A.W.N I know the guy who made them THere an INFECTED class [editline]09:58PM[/editline] my turn?
DragonSpawn... Tomorrow i will see the outcome of your next post... And i swear that your men will be harmed if You kill that nyunman. [editline]10:59PM[/editline] DragonSpawns then yours Nazi [editline]11:00PM[/editline] Now Good night to you all. And Happy Spriting.
i too shall slay they "Mercs" if a Nyunman is harmed He's Credit To Chalk Reproduction!
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/lolwut2.png[/IMG] Bring it Muffin >:) Nyunman failed to comply and was shot down cold. Gun workbench finished!
Go pokeball! Use declare
im ganna go, do what you will with the body :3 Dont kill me while im gone cuz thats not fair, you can fight me in a bit.
Who's next? When can I declare. I'm back, obviously. [editline]06:08PM[/editline] Also I'd appreciate if the Worm-things didn't drown me and stepped off, bitch.
[URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/WhoeverDeclaresNextMakeNadesSplode.PNG[/IMG][/URL] The king BURSTS through the tunnel sending debris everywhere Ash shoots and hits the thing on the rocks(forgot its name) killing it of blood lose The Chalk Ops run into the battlefield killing the Mercs Over the radio you can hear "KKKHHHHHH" "KHHHHH" "Brave team in position*Gunfire* we're attacking the Mercs! *a Chalk can be heard yelling "GRENATA"* Send in reinforcements*Radio Goes Out*" Whoever declares next must make the 2 grenades explode
declare >:C [editline]05:27PM[/editline] what part of dont kill my while im gone didnt u understand
Sorry i was posting while you posted that
Fuck you Nazi.
har Its not flooded THe water flow stopped :) And sorry forgot that a Chalk put a steel box to stop the water
You still ruined half my area. I'm just going to raise the water level, drown my people and drop out. Asshole.
No, you're just a douche bag. I SPECIFICALLY requested that you NOT drown my people and BACK OFF. Of course, you don't and ruin half my settlement. I'm just going to head to picture wars.
you do that >_> [editline]10:40PM[/editline] why cant you be like regular people and use the destruction to an advantage
Hey, I spent a long moment trying to add something new, then you made this huge difference, How do I put mine in without ruining yours?
you shouldve said declare
[QUOTE=NaziCookie;17271529]you do that >_> [editline]10:40PM[/editline] why cant you be like regular people and use the destruction to an advantage[/QUOTE] Why can't you be normal person and not a total asshole? I asked you not to do it, so you do it, then you act like it's entirely my fault for being upset.
One, Redo the Image Two Ninja'd? THree Might wanna declare
[IMG]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/ce2a00itsonbitch.png[/IMG] Merc. Soldier rolls off of tower and grabs the ledge, and fires at the unit below him, blasting him into the water. (If not killed, will fall in 2 turns.) Dead grunt falls off wall. Stealth Grunt reveals itself and sticks a knife into the Chalk's back (dont try to argue this because you just randomly created like 4 assault units) The Grunt underground throws a bunny on the grenade and tries to take cover, but a fragment rips through and hits him in the shoulder nonetheless and he will not be able to climb out of the bunker. Rawr.
I don't know if I want to play anymore. Between the huge, inactive parasite cave and your worms flooding my cave, I don't see any reason why I should continue if it's just going to be ruined sooner or later. [editline]06:48PM[/editline] Declare
Words, considering the battle, we will prolly have a new map inside 5 turns, feel free to make it if you want.
[img] http://filesmelt.com/downloader/WhoeverDeclaresNextMakeFFF.png[/img] [i] * The people's good times are short lived as Worm bursts through the wall, the cavern quickly begins to flood. * The woman, man, farmer and child all frantically attempt to float as the water level rises, the farmer is unable to keep herself afloat and drowns. The other three continue to thrash in the water wildly. * The Digger turns from his work at the roar of water. He sees his tunnel slowly filling up to his position. He fears the worst for his fellow villagers.[/i]
Kay ima go play some L4D and TF2 Kill my guys if you want
I say we just remake the map. This one is WAY too small, lacks resources and we've got too many players, some of which are inactive. We also have a battle going on apparently, I didn't think war was part of this, if I remember correctly.
nah im ganna make a new map
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