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...ok lol
[URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/MafiaBehHere.PNG[/IMG][/URL] The Mafia where somehow time traveled into this odd world Big Boss looks over at Tony and says "We're stuck here, looks like we need to do the best of it"
Yo Tony, Getta Meya Some Spaghetti Kees The Riing
Words, its my turn im ganna lol if u skip me [editline]10:37PM[/editline] [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/omfgtehmafiaz.PNG[/IMG] -[i]The heat emitter starts melting the snow, so the soldier sets up his water purifier.[/i] -[i]The unit hears voices, and deploys his manhack to scout the area.[/i] [editline]10:57PM[/editline] ...is anyone even GOING? 27 minutes on one image??
Declare [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/b82600era03.png[/img] [i] * The guard inspects the wreak, he touches the metal and is burnt, taps it with the spear, it is hollow, he decides to no longer focus on such a meaningless thing. * The guards cut down the scorched tree near the wreak and construct Palisade Walls and a gate infront of there village. * One guard remains at the gate, the other begins to mine into the mountain. * The Hut is finished. * The little girl takes a nap inside. * The boy and two women use the remaining lumber to begin construction on a larger armory. The Flaming wreak has them on edge. [/i]
>:) if the helicopter has you on edge wait 'till you see what comes in next! [editline]11:05PM[/editline] declare after Blables
inb4 Combine rape?
nah.... no raping.... not yet anyways.... [editline]11:12PM[/editline] damn... i've made about 65 posts in the last 2 days xD about 3/4 in this thread
Declare. [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/17ca00finishedturn.png[/img] [i]*The Hatchery produces three larva which can later mutate into new units. *The drones continue to tunnel in order to further expand the cave.[/i]
Declare after dragon [editline]04:33AM[/editline] Sorry whoevers posting >_<
It's your turn. Then Dragon's. Then Mines again, then Blables.
ok almost done, took a while cuz i did some fancier stuff ;P u will see in a sec
[URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/ImSecretlyAGirl.PNG[/IMG][/URL] The Time Rift Opens and drops a woman and her husband The Woman builds a House (1/5) [editline]04:49AM[/editline] wait damn who's supposed to go?
Dragon's next. He can edit in whatever you changed or vice versa. I go after he posts.
Yoo Niiiiko, you Came into this place Leetss go bowllling
[IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/WATISTHATOMGGGG.png[/IMG] The combine unit sends the manhack down to look for things to salvage from the pilot's body/helicopter. He also sets up a portable forcefield. [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/WATISTHATOMGGGG2.PNG[/IMG] The manhack returns and presents a communicator it found on the pilot's body. [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/WATISTHATOMGGGG3.PNG[/IMG] Using the manhack as a "tower", he sends a signal of his location, hoping for a pickup to get the hell out. [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/Hunterjump1.gif[/IMG] He turns towards the general direction of the base and waits for about 15 minutes when suddenly, with a thundering gallop, a hunter leaps over and perches on one of the berry trees, waiting for orders. (omg fancy gif! lol the blackout at end is annoying tho :3) and since u cant use the .gif, heres the png of end. [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/WATISTHATOMGGGGfin.PNG[/IMG] [editline]12:01AM[/editline] ...no comments? :(
Comment: Oh my god, epilepsy.
Good effort. Declare.
kay going after words [editline]05:06AM[/editline] wait nvm there roasting Joan Rivers on Comedy Central
[QUOTE=Blables;17277781]/hate/hate/hate/hate[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=Wordsworth;17277784]That sucked lol Move along.[/QUOTE] Fixed.
Nvm Going After Words >_> I wanna just get something done [editline]05:15AM[/editline] Nvm im going to see a movie Sorry cant make up my mind Ill post tomorrow
fixed black frame on the gif.... [editline]12:20AM[/editline] i'm ganna go too. cya, and nite all
Declare [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/bae800era04.png[/img] [i] * The Miners continues to mine into the rock face. He creates Rockshards to be used later, he also finds a Gold and Iron vein. * The Workshop is completed, albeit empty. * The two teenagers become adults, hormones set in and they decide now is an excellent time for procreation. * Woman creates a fire to find her way back to town in the event she gets lost and heads to the lake to collect water. * Guard stays on duty. * The last woman, now a farmer begins to water the growing crops.[/i]
Declare. [editline]01:53AM[/editline] Declare. [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/bb0000finishedturn.png[/img] [i]*The drones continue to tunnel in their respective directions. *Two larva mutate into hydralisks, which guard the hatchery and the working drones; the other larvae mutates into another drone which begins to tunnel west.[/i]
Delcare. Last turn before I head off to bed. I noticed Nazi's guys are left out for whatever reason, I'll add them, clean up Blables area and do my own thing. [editline]01:59AM[/editline] Apparently Nazi is secretly a girl. [editline]02:14AM[/editline] Well, not anymore atleast..
Naw just a secret title of secrecy And im Bisexual so heh:D [editline]06:36AM[/editline] And im back from 9 I left early [editline]06:54AM[/editline] posting yet?
[img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/5e200era05.png[/img] [i] * Miner continues to mine and mine and mine. * Guard is ever on duty at the gate. * The Crops sprout up, one the farmer starts to pick them. * The other woman decides to become a builder, she builds three clay pots from mud and stacks them in the courtyard. * Farmer fills one jar with water and the other with crop. * The other man, after much nagging down by his new wife gets a job. He becomes a builder. * The female builder looks at the top of the mountain and sprouts an idea, she begins to climb it, reaching the top with her supplies she starts to build a Windmill. * The male builder takes some of the iron ore the miner collected and melts it down into a anvil, two swords and two spears which he places around his shop. * The pregnant female relaxes while her husband brings home the meat. Other events: * The helicopter ceases to smoke.[/i]
Kay editing NAOW [editline]07:01AM[/editline] [URL=http://filesmelt.com/][IMG]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/IJizzedInYourPants.PNG[/IMG][/URL] Molotovs here!
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