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Xamllew, interesting idea just came up. I have a gold mine, if I started to produce gold bricks, could they be used as currency for which we could trade?
Fuck i come back after 1 day and i've got my nemesis's on my doorstep... D: [editline]04:41PM[/editline] Declare [editline]04:44PM[/editline] Once again i'm in a different time zone to you lot so i declare at different times, But Tomorrow I will contribute into your time since it's the weekend. [editline]04:54PM[/editline] [URL=http://www.cubeupload.com][IMG]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/920600newer14.png[/IMG][/URL] The Probe Cuts the ropes and flies to one of his nemeses's Men and pleads for mercy. Behemoth creates a behemoth (3/4) the civs materialize (2/3) The Demons are created (3/4)
Declare after TY2D2
[img]http://www.stylee32.net/upload/uploads/1253297723.png[/img] -The shaman uses one of his precious few teleport scrolls, and declares that he comes unarmed and in peace The miners hear the sounds of a battle on the other side of the wall, and call up some Goblins armed with the new guns
-The clone becomes very uneasy with the life forms moving in. -Brainbot makes progress digging, gets a hold of the Tradestar, reinforcements deployed. :smug: [img]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/Shit.PNG[/img]
Declare after xam.
This map needs an extend or something. I just noticed the whole thing is symmetrical. :v:
[QUOTE=xamllew;17359364]This map needs an extend or something. I just noticed the whole thing is symmetrical. :v:[/QUOTE] Holy Shit :crossarms: you're right
Lol, this was suppose to be like plants and shit not war based stuff...
My guys are plants.
I thought they were undead. :O
Nah, they are plants dude. [editline]06:15PM[/editline] What makes them look undead?
Well, they're all bone white, you have a black and red color scheme going on with your equipment, some of your base characters look like skulls, and your dog looks like he has his ribcage exposed. And I just noticed the burning head chimney. :v:
lol :] i guess they are
I was out all day, sorry I didn't post. Whoever's Goblin's those are (Grim's?) I'm moving them out of my way since you're constantly inactive and I can't wait for you to get back to land my Helicopter as it'll fall out of the sky after a few turns. [editline]10:18PM[/editline] Declare.
Been an hour :/
It may also be my only post tonight, so hold your horses. [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/e59800insera17.png[/img] [i] * The Helicopter makes a successful landing, the information is fed back to Command. * The fourth floor is finished, the woman goes on leave as she's about to birth a child. * The worker continues to work, going down and constructing a second factory and a small store room. Supplies from the above floor room are moved down there and the old one is replaced with an armory. * The Tank finishes assembly, final touches are needed before it rolls off into storage. * The Inventor creates a Flame Thrower, a large, bulky weapon that's able to spit fire at a target, only a handful are produced. * Trug Flag Adopted, (Not pictured) a iron hammer on a orange field. ((Added water system IE: Pipes. No gameplay impact, just cosmetic, same goes for the plants))[/i]
Declare. [editline]10:23PM[/editline] [img]http://filesmelt.com/downloader/FortressZweiSkull.PNG[/img] [b]Zwei Skull Fortess is completed. [/b] Tunnel is widened and a pedistal is created over the center of a circular cave. Skeleton is armed and moved towards the portal. Fortress gets a coat of arms added and a painting. [b]Skeleton out side Zwei Skull Fortress:[/b] [i]You, Lizardmen living upon the lands of the damned are hereby ordered into enslavement, refusal will be met with a fate worse than death. [/i] [Translation: If you aren't gonig to update I am going to kill your guys off and possibly assimilate one or two.]
Sheesh. I said small scale developement.. I didnt get a chance to do a notorious action in my own fucking game. Thats lame, well ill stop bitching, as long as you guys have fun. Im happy, but i would be more happy if you followed my intention.. but fuckit, have fun guys :D
Declare [editline]01:30PM[/editline] [img]http://www.cubeupload.com/files/da6200insera18.png[/img] [i] * The Builder finishes up his contract by installing a few blast doors on some major rooms, such as armories and generator rooms. * The Inventor becomes a Factory Worker and staffs the new factory wing, the builder also does so. * The Woman gives birth to a boy and girl, they're conscripted into the military early to do simple tasks, this task happens to be watching over the valley and whatever lay beyond as best they can so they can broadcast the new discovers or updates to Command. * Woman becomes an inventor, begins work on a large mechanical leg which may be used in the mountains. * Tanks rolls off into storage. * Another Helicopter begins construction * Another Artillery Platform begins construction[/i] [b][u]Trug News Channel 5.[/b][/u] [i]The Trug President today gave a public announcement, condemning the leaders of Zwei Skull Fortress for their horrible demands upon the peaceful Lizardmen of that Valley. The President Trug also commented, "Further acts of aggression will lead to economic and political sanctions on the people of the Neighboring Valley." In later News, Senator Trug last night accused President Trug of being a liar, Senator Trug is quoted shouting "You Lie!" at President Trug during last nights Trug Address. More at 6'[/i]
Declare (finally)
Wait for DY2D2
The sad thing is, if we take more then 20 minutes to draw something up, he bitches about it.
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