• "Conflict" - acid/breaks
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[media]http://soundcloud.com/gnohm/conflict[/media] A track I made for an EP that will be released in the near future. Additional mastering and whatnot to transpire eventually
I am a big fan of your stuff, so can't wait for this EP. This track sounds awesome, but it feels a little empty at the start, having only the drums I mean. You should make a tutorial or guide on how you make your drum beats, they are really interesting and dynamic.
Yeah I think I agree with you on that, something was off about the start. I could probably throw in some sort of ambient buildup or something along those lines to fill in the space. When it comes to making beats I kind of just let my brain flow on it, I'm a drummer so it kind of comes naturally. As far as getting the sounds, it's all about layering more processed drum hits that have a lot of punch with drum breaks that have more natural flow to them. I guess there's a bit more to it than that, but that's pretty much it at its core.
Oh yay! I haven't heard this since you added the 808 subs :) Ill shit man.
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