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[I]That’s right it’s…[/I] [IMG]http://i53.tinypic.com/35ba7u1.gif[/IMG] :siren:[B][U]The Derp Dergon Thread![/U][/B][IMG]http://cdn.fpcontent.net/fp/emoot/siren.gif[/IMG] [B]The Backstory[/B] Back in the days of olde when I ran with the GGT, there was a contest that was held to portray the “hierarchy” of the thread. Being the MSPaint whore that I am, I decided to draw some weird seven rings of hell kind of thing. Only with a three headed dog and dragons. [URL="http://i53.tinypic.com/2nvaxqh.jpg"]Original “Pyramid” Image[/URL] From there, people liked the idea of themselves as little stupid looking dragon things, and so I began to draw them on request. Of course, I naturally got sick of them when people started being rude and not remembering the basic words “thank you”, but now that it’s a new year, I figured it was time to open for business again! I did enjoy doing them for people, but it got a little out of hand as it wasn’t regulated or anything. [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/2mq0to0.png[/IMG] You can pick one of three things to ask for: [B]Avatar:[/B] [IMG]http://i53.tinypic.com/2qkl11w.png[/IMG] [B]Spray:[/B] [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/wbfhgn.png[/IMG] [B]Fullbody:[/B] [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/29oo0ev.gif[/IMG] [B][U]Want to Purchase a Dergon?[/U][/B] Purchasing Dergons is a sure-fire way to ensure that you get one. They're cheap and usually get completed before requests, so it's worth it! [U]Prices![/U] [B]Fullbody Dergon[/B] - $2 [B]Spray[/B] - $1 [B]Avatar[/B] - 0.50 [I]Per Dergon[/I] [B]Group images may cost more depending on the request.[/B] You will need to fill this form out in order for your commission to be exactly what you want: [B]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:[/B] [B]Color?:[/B] (No need to get super specific. Just “blue” or “red” will be fine if you’re not that creative.) [B]Accessories?:[/B] [B]Anything else?:[/B] (Background/if you want a name on there or something.) :siren:[U][B]I AM NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS.[/B][/U]:siren: [U][B]THE DERGON ARCHIVE [/B][/U][URL]http://gaboer.zzl.org/dergons/[/URL] [I]Click for access to all the dergons done so far!![/I]
Can I have one please? [B]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:[/B]Avatar [B]Color?:[/B] red with some orange [B]Accessories?:[/B] none [B]Anything else?:[/B] Name in background.
Nice I want one Fullbody Color?: bright green Accessories?: Rayban Aviator Shades and a Shotgun Anything else?: (if you want a name on there or something.) Write Sammun (my steam nick) I love you pascall :v:
Derp Dergons are awesome. Will be cool to see some new ones.
The collage quality is butchered.
I still have this from you [IMG]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4940834/kestnersign.jpg[/IMG] I use it in tf2!
Filling out the form is a lot more helpful to me. It'll be kinda hard to sift through the requests without it. You can edit your posts. [editline]29th November 2010[/editline] [QUOTE=Zabe Aeiger;26391886]The collage quality is butchered.[/QUOTE] Yeah I know. I think Tinypic is fucked. Ah well.
I love all my derp dragons rrerr
I want one too, [B]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?[/B]: avatar [B]Color?[/B]: red, with a greyish underbelly and goldish beak, like an eagle. [B]Accessories?[/B]: Below [B]Anything else?[/B]: I would say make it Beatles themed, I have nothing specific, so you don't have to do it if you find it too difficult. Fixed it.
I should post mine since it hasn't seen FP's eyes before. [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10225570/dragro.gif[/img]
Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:Fullbody Color?: [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9055409/blue.jpg[/img] Accessories?: A dslr (Nikon d80) (Well, if you cant draw cameras it's fine) Anything else?: Write my name somewhere. (gabe) Thanks! I would use it as an awesome wallpaper!
Hot dog! [B]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:[/B] Fullbody [B]Color?:[/B] Blue-grey, with some darker stripes. [B]Accessories?:[/B] Bowler hat and sweet cane. [B]Anything else?:[/B] You're a winner. Also, "muckuruxx" somewhere on there would be super.
Dergon for me please :3:? Maybe something Garrus related. A Gargon? [editline]30th November 2010[/editline] -snip- Okay fine I actually thought about it [B] Avatar, spray, fullbody: [/B]Fullbody [B]Colour?: [/B]White with Black patterns with head like this [media]http://www.dogencyclopedia.org/BorderCollie.jpg[/media] [B]Accessories?:[/B] Headset with music coming out of it (Musical notes dunno lol), aviators, red sweatshirt, red french beret, red scarf (Red overload), chewing straw or similar food [B]Anything else?[/B]: I don't mind deviations. A poker/seriousface on him might be cool. Oh also name in background. Weirdest idea ever
[b]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:[/b] Fullbody [b]Color?:[/b] Prune Purple [b]Accessories?:[/b] Anything that you think I should have. [b]Anything else?:[/b] Thanksyou again pascol.
Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?: [b]Fullbody[/b] Color?: [b]Red and black[/b] Accessories?: [b]Gold chain that says Dan* on it.[/b] Anything else?: [b]I love you.[/b]
All the cool kids have derp dergons.
[QUOTE=Conro101;26392305]All the cool kids have derp dergons.[/QUOTE] I want to be a cool kid.
[QUOTE=Conro101;26392305]All the cool kids have derp dergons.[/QUOTE] Hell yeah we do.
[QUOTE=Conro101;26392305]All the cool kids have derp dergons.[/QUOTE] Never felt cooler in my life.
I want a dergon please. [B]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:[/B] Fullbody [B]Color?:[/B] Grey. [B]Accessories?:[/B] Bill's Beret and Beard. [B]Anything else?:[/B] Nope. [editline]30th November 2010[/editline] Also I still have xeno's dergon game.
May I have one please Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?: Fullbody Color?:like the picture below Accessories?: .357 magnum Anything else?: Look like Dirty Harry [img]http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:Qx95AAIVEisrIM:http://ultimatepichost.ultimate-caffe.org/images/75338354041054509035.jpg&t=1[/img] Thankyou
Xeno made a Dergon game?
Fullbody Color: Surprise me. Accessories: Long hair (You've seen my pic), and anything else that you think would suit me. Anything else: Nah, Unless you've got some crazy cool idea. Please? Ill be your best buddie.
[QUOTE=Makol;26392958]Xeno made a Dergon game?[/QUOTE] Wait, What?
[QUOTE=Makol;26392958]Xeno made a Dergon game?[/QUOTE] I thought he just made that godawful shit easy GGT game.
[QUOTE=Conro101;26393100]Wait, What?[/QUOTE] Some moron from GGT made a game and no one liked it. [editline]29th November 2010[/editline] [QUOTE=coco911231;26393116]I thought he just made that godawful shit easy GGT game.[/QUOTE] That's what I thought.
These are adorable, can I please have one? [b]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:[/b] Fullbody please [b]Color?:[/b] Red [b]Accessories?:[/b] [url=http://www.oddballs.co.uk/images/bowler-hat-black.jpg]Bowler Hat[/url] [b]Anything else?:[/b] Nope Thank you for doing a cool giveaway
[b]Type :[/b]Spray please. [b]Color?:[/b] Blue, neon red (Transparent) [b]Accessories?:[/b] Can I get the "dergon" have it's mouth open looking at the Top Right of the spray, and have him wearing some nifty glasses kinda like Comro [b]Anything else?:[/b](Background/if you want a name on there or something.) Somewhere it could say Ticketty if you're feeling nice :smile:
Can I be a cool kid? [b]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:[/b] Fullbody [b]Color?:[/b] dark grey and green if that's ok [b]Accessories?:[/b] mouse and keyboard [b]Anything else?:[/b] can his eyes be tired, as if he's been staring at a screen all night long? Thanks in advance :buddy:
[QUOTE=Dude Meister;26393431]Can I be a cool kid? [b]Avatar, Spray, or Fullbody?:[/b] Fullbody [b]Color?:[/b] dark grey and green if that's ok [b]Accessories?:[/b] mouse and keyboard [b]Anything else?:[/b] can his eyes be tired, as if he's been staring at a screen all night long? Thanks in advance :buddy:[/QUOTE] I like your "anything else" request.
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