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[B]Server link:[/B][U] not available [/U] players needed: (0/4) add me on STEAM to join I LIVE! Dang it's been a long time since I've been on Facepunch! Anyway, the idea: A team play of Agar.io where one player (me, i guess) is the "Hive" and you are the "Drone" Drone (Name: ☋ )tasks: -Grow the hive! -Protect the hive! -DO NOT attack other drones. Feeding them is okay -DO NOT steal from other drones. Hive (Name: ⛻ )tasks: -locate self in lower left corner -feed drones (once in top 10) *limited feeding* -provide shelter for small drones being chased (slightly off the walls, just enough to allow drones safe passage into corner) concerns: -once other players figure out what is going on, there is a chance of there being fake drones. to help combat this, there will be a special character in our names to identify team players. Who's in for this? I will post the link to the server I am in at the top once we have at least 4 drones. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("wrong section" - Orkel))[/highlight]
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