• Madness (Survival) -PART 2-
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Well guys, time to finish this thing. (: Start posting your requests so we can finally beat this. [b]It you haven't read the first part. Please do so. This won't make any sense unless you read it. (:[/b] ---> [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1064417-Madness-%28Survival%29-Interactive[/url] [b](Part 1 READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY.)[/b] For any discussion for Madness/My interactive related things. Please join Winter's madness group: ---> [url]http://www.facepunch.com/group.php?groupid=2292[/url]
drive into the city, if C&A soldiers get suspicious, drive around the corner to hide from them. Then get out of the truck.
hey there rovar i woud like to ask you 2 things 1 some said that Nexus is incomplete cuz he doesn't has a SOL patch.So does this mean that Metei was incomplete too? 2 recently after Seve's death i started thinking (how unusual) and found out a way to weep him alive :D i can tell a litthe bit more about it if you or anyone else is interested :D (and once i finished drawing i'l post an image of it too :) ok?
Hum I am Iron Man while driving on the highway if you find any C&A soldiers kill them.
[IMG]http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/9189/sit922.png[/IMG] @Issac Hunter: Alright, although Steve's done I think.
Drive as close as you can without getting seen. After that go on foot and stay quiet
looks like they cant see you through that glass. drive slowly forward.
Stare at them for a few seconds with your eyes wide open and yell BADGER CUNT TITS COCK KNUCKLES!!! and then floor it.
you are one of them and you are bringing some cool new weapons.
food delivery sounds better .
Tell them that this is a supply truck.
Rovar you should put a link to the first thread in OP
Uh, I have this feeling we're in kind of a bad situation here... :v:
Aww... We're noone. We're here just to kill your president and all of you by the way /sarcasm (mean don't say that :D) Edit: aww... ninja'd
[QUOTE=rovar;29093604][img_thumb]http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/6411/sit925.png[/img_thumb][/QUOTE] fuuuu... [editline]10th April 2011[/editline] ok open the door with sarah and david inside ready to open fire,thats the best opinion.
Well fuck, Is there any chance someone could slip on the stealth suit so while we are going around back they can cause some havoc at which point we will shoot the guards watching us.
Woohooo :D so my idea was something like this: Steve still has his radio on and hears about the attack on C&A. he can't go back with the heli cuz of the bomb so he reaches for the emergency suplies of the heli (a HK 45 c 7.62mm with 3 clips on in it, a combat knive, a gas mask, and a small medkit. He only thinks little and jumps out of the heli near one of the tall buildings and caughts on one of the windows. All of his equipment is what i said + two thing witch area photo of him and sarah, and a box of cigars from nexus but in the cigar box there are 5x 5.56mm , 5x ak bullets (forgot the caliber) 3x cigars one lighter and a note with "use it well" he climbs in the window and he's ready to get manipulated by us his main goal shoud be getting back and helping the others
Say BADGER CUNT DICKS!!! and floor it and run a few guys over if you can.
[QUOTE=Psyche;29093647]Say BADGER CUNT DICKS!!! and floor it and run a few guys over if you can.[/QUOTE] No.
say thatthe door is jammed cuz of a crash with the rebels
WELL DAMMIT WE'RE SCREWED. Well, unless this thing has some decent acceleration...
[QUOTE=Issac Hunter;29093644]Steve still has his radio on and hears about the attack on C&A.[/QUOTE] He's dead Jim
[QUOTE=Issac Hunter;29093674]say thatthe door is jammed cuz of a crash with the rebels[/QUOTE] funny to me,but not to them. :(
snip... Drop the gun and say you are an Elite C&A soldier. I was created as a test. I'm with another friend as I needed a transport back. I called him on radio.
Everyone open the door get on the floor and walk th- I mean shoot the fuck out of the guards.
C&A,new power armor test project.
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