• Madness (Survival) -PART 2-
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@Blargtastic: Reread my edit. I LOVE YOUR BADASS'edness :D.
Sit back and hope David shoots the President and pistol whips Metei to convince him to stop being a stupid traitor.
Oi oi oi!? Do I get no credit for the goodbye metei line? I called that shit, mang!
[IMG]http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/967/sit956.png[/IMG] @AwkwardMoment: Yes, yes. You do get credit. You are a very intelligent poster. Blargtastic on the other hand has been posting here since almost the start of this thing. :3
Ask David if he can kindly release him, and thank him for being the baddest motherfucker on Earth.
Get David to threaten the president to release Nexus, then curb stomp Metei for being a douche. Or listen to Blarg, but still curb stomp Metei.... Come on, we all know we want to!
[IMG]http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/7853/sit957.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/8156/sit958.png[/IMG]
Liberate Metei's Deagle and point it at the president's head. "Now, you tell me, what the fuck your big plan is."
[IMG]http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/6865/sit959.png[/IMG] [b]Creator's Note: I don't manipulate the game towards what a player says. So if you guess something that's happened. Kudos. :D[/b]
Take Metei's bandana and blindfold the president, then hold him at gunpoint.
^Do that and ask him if he knows of the Fallen.
@Rageblood: Why blindfold him? :3 You already have him at gunpoint. WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO? >:l Also, I thank you guys for being so patient while I was sick. Hopefully, these updates were worth it. (:
It was kinda obvious what was going to happen, actually. Nobody lets themselves get killed. Not men like these. 8)
"Im tired of C&A trying to kill me now,so Im gona pull this trigger"
Tell him about the Fallen then, and exactly how fucked he would've made everything if his plans had succeeded.
He knows nothing,so theres no point asking him about anything unnatural *sigh*. Say: Make C&A surrender or I´ll make a torture you´ll never forget.
[IMG]http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/6752/sit961.png[/IMG] Creator's Note: I think I'm done for tonight guys. :3 I love making David awesome. :3 [b]Is he everyone's favorite character? Hit agree if you think so, hit disagree if you have a different favorite character and post why! (:[/b]
Tell the president: "You know, for the leader of one of the most influential and potent corporations on the globe, you certainly have a [i]shitty[/i] fucking preservation instinct." Bitch slap him with the pistol.
David is just so David. He's my favorite character, by far. Needs a custom outfit. Possibly a red shirt, black tie, and super awesome stealthy red/black arm armor and knee pads.
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Shoot Metei in the head about 4 times to make sure he'll never wake up again.
Slice Metei's head off and drop it out the window, then threaten the president that the same will happen to him if he doesn't cooperate.
Can we question Metei since he's not dead yet? He's already died 3 times now I think, doubt he wants to again
Ask were your equipment is.
Dangle him out of a window, holding onto his legs while saying, "last chance to spill your guts, bitch". (Obviously take the blindfold off so he can see the potential splatter-zone that his body would be landing on)
To all 'Window' request posters, I ask thee one simple question: What damned window?
kill the presedent then destroy both bodies so "the weird name thing that revives people" doesnt work
I suggest that you shoot the prez first in the hands, then the kneecaps, then the shoulder. Next, use a knife on his pressure points until he complies
Keep him alive, we may need him as a human shield to get out.
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