• Madness (Survival) -PART 2-
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Switch clothes with them, K.O. them both if Metei isn't out, drag them somewhere safer and get out of there. Not before interrogating more about the location of sarah.
I have taken it upon myself to create a group for this interactive so we can talk mindlessly while Rovar is away with out filling the thread with trash. Also so we can discuss the interactive and whatever else you see fit. [url]http://www.facepunch.com/group.php?groupid=2292[/url] So please join and help support the interactive.
You see, the cake is a lie >_> Just do what people have been suggesting. Take ID, switch clothes, and look like the president. All madness characters look the same anyways. So we might as well disguise as the president.
[QUOTE=thebigface;29177678] All madness characters look the same anyways.[/QUOTE] Not fully true, some have tits.
Holy goddamn, I used 132 of my posts on one thread! Just shows how epic this interactive and Rovar is.
Guess who's back! Anyhow, onto the post. Turn him around, take his ID card and Clothes, and kill the president. Wrap your head in Metei's bandages so they can't tell that you're NOT the president and tell everyone that sees you that you just whacked your head off a wall REALLY FREAKING HARD. Make your escape. (Also, make sure and steal Metei's sunglasses too.)
It is implied that they do NOT look the same IN CONTINUITY. The madness character design is just a matter of style for the first official Madness animations, before there was a fluid story. I'm sure if you zoom in, and enhance, they have different faces. That's why we should put the president in the chamber, because he's worthless, and interrogate Metei, who probably knows more anyway!
Just wait for rovar to post the next image...
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It shows a page 14 and yet I can't get on it. Damn you glitches! DAMN YOU!!! Edited: Oh wow. Epic failure. To the below poster: That would be terrible... What if Nexus pisses out Vitae?
Hit him with the butt of the gun and demand where Sarah is, if he doesn't give any info, do it two more times then ask, if he still wont crack, knock him out, then piss on Metei's wounds.
[QUOTE=Usernameztaken;29178151]It shows a page 14 and yet I can't get on it. Damn you glitches! DAMN YOU!!! Edited: Oh wow.[/QUOTE] That happened to me too
SHOOT THE PRESIDENT IN THE RIGHT ARM! Then, throw Metei AND the C&A president into that capsule that Nexus used to be in.
[QUOTE=deathkid874;29178001]not for long[/QUOTE] It's on son!
@rovar Thanks man :) Just tell me more about the animation and i will start it Hey, i have more than 15 posts, shouldn't i be in somewhere?
@PeterPeterPet: You're welcome! (: Although, you only have 10 posts inside this particular thread. (You're a valuable poster nonetheless, you just need to post more. :3) @Everyone: See if you can join Winters off-topic Madness thread. :3
Any update rovar?
Of course i'm in the top ten for both parts >.>. Are you still sick? Because i think the cure to the zombie virus is to run down your neighbourhood naked
Man, David = Ultimate BAMF Also, can anyone with the default profile picture please change it? No offense but I'm sick of seeing his face all over the place
[QUOTE=rovar;29180611]@Everyone: See if you can join Winters off-topic Madness thread. :3[/QUOTE] [b]REPOST[/b] Madness interactive group [url]http://www.facepunch.com/group.php?groupid=2292[/url]
Wait how can you join that group?
There should just be an option on the page.
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Hello everyone, I'd just like to introduce myself. I'm Nill22 and I just spent my day off from school (I was sick) reading this interactive story and I just caught up. I know even though you don't know me, I feel like I already know many of you, having read the aforementioned story. Not that I think many of you would care, but I came here from krinkels linking the url on his website, which in turn inspired me to create this account. I hope to be a productive member of this site (I've seen how others that came upon this site from the same website as me have been acting). Well, that's out of the way... I hope I made a good impression!
Good to meet you Nill22! As you know, I am the creator of this little web interactive. (: Glad you've been following and reading it! So, I already assume you know the rules, so need to cover that. We have many intelligent posters here! We hope that you'll contribute sometime and just see where the story and it's future is headed. (: And you made a fine impression!
i also came here from krinkels and made an account to post on this awsome interactive.
Hey... Hit "Agree" if you came from Krinkels. Hit "Disagree" if you just found this when you were browsing FP. Hit "Funny" if you didn't know what madness was before that. Hit "Winner" if you still don't really know what madness is. Hit "Zing if you have one of the above, but you ARE NOT enjoying this."
[QUOTE=Nill22;29182488]I hope I made a good impression![/QUOTE] Well you have proper grammar so I have no reason to be a dick to you, Welcome friend!
[QUOTE=Walter Sullivan;29182276]Go to group tools at the top right hand corner.[/QUOTE] Thanks!
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