• Madness (Survival) -PART 2-
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first put a few bullets in his arms, then strip him and take his clothes and id, then after that give him metei's armor, keep him blindfolded, beat him until he talks, if he doesn't talk squeeze a lemon into his wounds (ROFL) if that doesnt work, tape his mouth, and throw him out the window
No. You guys don't get it: IF THE PRESIDENT IS SHOT IN BOTH LEGS AND STILL ISN'T TALKING, HE'S NOT GOING TO TALK AT ALL. SO! Ignore the damned president, INTERROGATE METEI. METEI probably knows more ANYWAY. Also! Just some various things about what's going on: The president's suit is not only covered in blood, but torn by bullets. It's useless. The president has a different face as Nexus. We don't have a knife. We don't have a window in this room. We don't have tape. Also don't have lemons. Don't suggest things we can't do.
[QUOTE=AwkwardMoment;29199740]No. You guys don't get it: IF THE PRESIDENT IS SHOT IN BOTH LEGS AND STILL ISN'T TALKING, HE'S NOT GOING TO TALK AT ALL. SO! Ignore the damned president, INTERROGATE METEI. METEI probably knows more ANYWAY.[/QUOTE] Nevermind I guess your right the least we can do, is break his jaw with the butt of the Desert eagle, it might work
... If we break his jaw, he won't be able to speak, now, will he?
Ok, so what exactly do we want to do? Maybe ask where your weapons and items are?
do the robot. i wonder if madness characters can do the robot? considering their...anatomy
Actually, Madness characters can in fact do the robot. Now, it's a still image making them look stupid but eh. Animating will look cool, but I'm lazy. :3 If you try to view the site as a guest, it says, "At times of heavy traffic we like to stop guests viewing the forums." Um... :c That would explain why there are no guests here. Right?
I think we should stick the president in the chamber, and interrogate Metei, asking him where our stuff and Sarah is first and foremost. After all, he doesn't want yet ANOTHER visit to hell.
we do need to do something about metei, i think the bastard's too stubborn to give us any intel but we need to make sure he never gets up again
All you guys reading? Be sure to be on later tonight (depending where you live) as there may or may not be a massive update fest because I feel like it.
okok how about this? if metei is in a condition in which he is able to actually get up, get david to cloak just before he wakes up and get him to punch metei every time he refuses to co-operate, remind him that once we're done with him we're gonna make sure he doesn't come back from the dead as he so famously does
Hey, I'm new. (Krinkel's link like many others. I know rovar in real life, in fact I just signed up at his house. I'm there now. I think we should find out stuff then leave. Bring Metei with us as the C&A aren't authorized to protect him. (I don't think). The kill the president like the rebels wanted.
Guys, sorry if I'm ignoring you. I kind of don't want to work on anything before tonight. I get really confused sometimes. I remembered that we were in Highview and yeah. :l Or... Are you? Anyways, it's been less than a week and we have 10,000 views to our name! :D
weew! when's "tonight" in your timezone rovar?
It's currently 4:40 PM here. Meaning, tonight which is... About 3 hours away?
well...shit, in 3 hours its gonna be nearly 3am here .-. i'm gonna miss update fest o,o
[url]http://www.facepunch.com/group.php?groupid=2292[/url] Hey guys, join this if you haven't already. ^ @Jay_Siregar: You are a valuable addition to this interactive. There will be more fests and I'll be sure you are accommodated. This weekend will probably be another.
Hey rovar. Awsome threads you started, i've been reading them even before i became a member. Anyway, i think you should kill El Presidente, take his I.D. and find the place where they store the weapons and equipment. Also try to find your stuff. Almost forgot, try to find the EVA suit if you can.
whee i feel valued xD but don't worry about me i'm happy enough as a spectator, you should update at your convenience :)
I'm a fan of interrogating Metei. We won't really get much information out of the president, but I guess we could try to "persuade" him to tell us where our gear is like rovar recommended.
@Jay_Siregar: No, I should update at my reader's convenience. I wouldn't be good at making interactives unless my readers got their updates. :3 I should probably update more for you guys though. D:
well best of luck rovar and all you other players :) i need my forty winks, make good decisions!
[QUOTE=Greenhorn;29196954]Can we kill someone with a carrot? Can we try it? Pls! we have very dangerous carrots! Or did they take away our carrots? Then our Carrots are probably in one of the rooms around...Lets search our carrots! They can be very useful....carrots! Press 'agree' if u agree! Im sure u do! TY[/QUOTE] THE GRAMMAR, IT HURTS. /c
Just kill the god damn president and DESTROY Metei's body so the vital wont work. And then just take the president Id and disguise yourself as the president and tell David to use his cloaking device and run outta here.(Tell the guards if you can go in armory to get some guns.)
Why does everyone keep posting the same damn request?
Why does everyone keep posting the same, ultra-retarded request that will have no chance of working due to the issues I have explained before?
Actuelly i dont really know :/
Rovar, what's your timezone? I'm EST, what's your timezone???
[QUOTE=Bingox;29202047]Actuelly i dont really know :/[/QUOTE] We don't really mean you Blingox, your new here. We are talking more about the people who have been here for both threads or almost all of part 2 and still just repeat the same fucking idea over and over again.
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