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Hi Facepunch, as my first thread I wanted people to tell significant stories about their first day of high school. This hasn't been done before by my knowledge so I figured why not. Have fun!
I start high school next month and am kinda nervous because it's a big place and I don't wanna get lost my first week.
The only things I said on the first day were "here" and my name.
There's middle schoolers on Facepunch. :pwn:
[QUOTE=kman866;37043439]There's middle schoolers on Facepunch. :pwn:[/QUOTE] Better question, there are nostalgic people (Of Primary School) on FP?
Yeah wow okay I did not expect middle schoolers here
[QUOTE=OmegaX;37043556]Children...[/QUOTE] Pedobear, lying in wait for 7 years for just this moment.
i tripped on my dick and landed on the principal [editline]2nd August 2012[/editline] wait i got that backwards
I don't remember my first day of High school :(
Shank the toughest looking man to assert your dominance.
[QUOTE=Raunchy;37043713]Shank the toughest looking man to assert your dominance.[/QUOTE] Brb. Making shanks.
I was the "new kid". One of the councilors briefed me the rules and such, then led me to my first class. It's awkward as fuck when everyones eyes shift toward you when you enter a room late, and then continue to stare at you like they've never seen a human before. Other than that I don't remember the rest of the day.
I start 10th grade in a few weeks, but overall the first day / year of high school wasn't bad at all. Hoping to keep it that way.
high school is pretty much the same as middle school man just be open to new opportunities, don't take yourself too seriously and you should be fine also, if your school has a drama club / major production, join it. you'll make friends with some pretty awesome people, and it'll be fun as hell (most of the time) [editline]1st August 2012[/editline] by the way, in all odds the caf food will be unconditionally crap, so ask people who know you where you can grab a bite round the neighborhood
High School is not the highlight of your life, do not treat it as such.
Highschool is pretty easy, my school is big enough so it is easy to ignore people who give you any problems. The only thing I dislike is how much emphasis people put on sports.
I went to a math science charter school for high school. First class, 200 kids. 10 of those were my best friends that were also from middle school. Shit was awesome. We were a small school, so we could generally fuck about and no one gave a shit. We were also the "smartest" kids in the state (I put that in quotes because generally that was true, but there were some dumb as fuck kids in our class). I loved that shit. I got to hang around people that were way smarter than I was, but they were still cool as hell. High school was awesome. College is pretty dope though.
[QUOTE=UncleJimmema;37044091]High School is not the highlight of your life, do not treat it as such.[/QUOTE] As someone who's entering their last year of this dreaded period, I can attest to that.
I miss high school, shit was so easy.
is it bad that my first day of highschool was less than a year ago and I don't remember it
I miss high school. Probably the best 4 years of my life.
Be socially awkward and seclude self from the crowd. Best years of Highschool.
Go ALL OUT DUDE! It's highschool! don't waste your 4 years like me. I look back in regret for all the things I never did because I was too busy being a recluse to enjoy my time in high school.
Most of the people I knew in middle went to the more 'low' poverty-level High School in town and I was submitted to the upper-class High School of about 200 students. I knew absolutely no one. I invited myself to a table of other white guys like myself and said nothing. It was awkward. The one really pretty girl I'd known for about 10 years followed me to the table and sat beside me. I know now that she wanted to go out with me, but I never really acknowledged her and she has a boyfriend now. Eventually, I made friends. I became a careless asshole and started smiting my teachers because I was truly really lonely. Oddly enough I made friends by become some bad-ass who really has never even been kissed by a girl. I've got no complaints. This is my last year in High School and I know a lot of people.. My High School just doesn't have many girls. [QUOTE=UncleJimmema;37044091]High School is not the highlight of your life, do not treat it as such.[/QUOTE] Pretty much this.. I'm more looking forward to college since I'm going away for University and I'll have plenty of freedom.. High School is not even close to the 'time of my life'.. Middle school was a lot more fun.
high school more like ~high~ school
wtf im starting my last year of college soon. just kidding its not my last year but its my 4th year :(
make a few good friends hang out with them get your work done get your shit straight stay on track do well don't be a lowlife there you go
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