• Who is the best Fictional Science-Fiction army?
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What is the best HUMAN science fiction army in your opinion? Games, books, I just listed the ones I could think of off of my brain. [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - JohnnyMo1))[/highlight]
Seriously? Like, seriously? You have 6,000 posts and haven't yet realized that a thread like this is not only a really bad idea, but is completely pointless? It is literally a war of opinions with factual content being impossible.
This one man army: [img]http://dudelol.com/oldimgs/high-resolution-doom-cover-art.jpg[/img]
I love Halo, but the Adeptus Astartes would utterly decimate any other military force.
Astartes represent.
My battle brothers, the spess mehrines of course.
I'd say the Brotherhood of Darkness, from the Darth Bane series of Star Wars books. It's a legion of Sith warriors, how can you go wrong (even though they did, horribly)? I'd say this falls under the 'human' category because of how damn racist the Sith are.
I voted for the Empire, but then I remembered that they got their asses kicked by a bunch of teenagers and a furry. Also ewoks.
Shit like this should be in fast threads not mass debate.
Alright, I didn't know
My personal love of them aside, the Space Marines would easily obliterate every other one on there. The Fedaykin would probably be the second I can think of
the combine
Oh and on an unrelated note this belongs in Fast Threads
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