• Abandoned Isolation Hospital in New Jersey
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[video=youtube;QZHY4_uWEv8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZHY4_uWEv8[/video] Hello facepunchers! This is one of my favorite locations yet. Half of this hospital closed in the 70s, the rest only closed last year. Some wings are super decayed, others look like it was active last week. So when you switch floors, it is like going through a time warp. Everything from the hospital was left behind, even in the wings that closed in the 70s! So bizarre! It was originally a Polio quarantine and other infectious diseases facility for children, a psychiatric hospital/asylum, then a cancer research center, school/orphanage for beaten and neglected children, as well as other various functions through its series of owners over the years. More history of this location in the video.
Very Interesting! Thanks for Sharing :)
[QUOTE=Rewind Fishwalk;36051974]Very Interesting! Thanks for Sharing :)[/QUOTE] Thank [I]you![/I] This spot was so big I barely even saw half of the building. I plan to revisit and make a part 2 of the video.
[video=youtube;YHodW_dP8Y4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHodW_dP8Y4[/video] I didn't make it back in time, this place is pretty locked down now, but I re-released the video uncut with a lot of extra footage.
part of that place definitely caught fire at one point. you were in a room after you went across the roof into the other building and it just looks so destroyed and burned. crazy
wow, crazy place. feels like scavenging for supplies and shit in last of us
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