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So recently i joined this rock band with me and my friends, and we've been consulting with recording studios and venue managers and whatnot, but we were deciding to create a page or something so people can find out about us, and I've worked with CS5's extended trial on my mac, but that had finally expired, and i don't quite have enough to get CS5 right now, so I've been working with Picnik for a little while, and I've been thinking or ideas for a picture or like album/look for the band. So far all i have is this: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/c4tE2.png[/IMG] I feel like it doesn't represent the band well enough. Any ideas of a picture/fake album cover for our band? Is the picture i made any good? I'm not experienced with art stuff so i just clicked a bunch of things and color changes and experimented for a day till i got that... Information: - Screamo/Post-Hardcore - Not Death Metal - NOT DEATH METAL - Poetic Lyrics - Like abstract looks - Name: ThereAfter
will people stop using that font already jesus
Study some typography.
the cleaner the better. make it look good, black and white and it will look good in color. [url]http://www.blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/tutorials/create-a-trendy-typographic-poster-design[/url]
[QUOTE=Dr. Fishtastic;31950661]will people stop using that font already jesus[/QUOTE] I asked for help, that didn't help me at all.
[QUOTE=Zer0;31955154]I asked for help, that didn't help me at all.[/QUOTE] He's helping you by letting you know that the font you're using is insanely overused, you really should use something else. Honestly I hate Screamo and Hardcore so I don't know too if all the cool bands are doing it but in most genres it's good to have a unique but fitting logo.
thereafter reminds me of some nuclear fall out type setting. try something with smoke / nuke mushroom clouds in the middle of the words : There#After
it looks like you followed some tutorial right to the dot
[quote]Rock band[/quote] [quote]Screamo[/quote] Pick one.
[QUOTE=Dr. Fishtastic;31970035]it looks like you followed some tutorial right to the dot[/QUOTE] probably downloaded a tut file and just changed the text.
Best place to start would be by looking at other similar artists and taking influence from them
Here's good advice, if you can't afford Photoshop, use a real image editor like gimp, not an online one
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