• 2018 Facepunch Survey
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https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1m7hwoNmmAG2_MkNIJReHVHJcD_3C0OYKMBtDHKQKCjE/edit This is all anonymous, if any questions are too personal you can skip them. This will stay open for a 2 weeks starting today.
How many OTHER languages do you speak? (excluding English) There is no "none" I don't speak other languages.
Oops thanks for pointing that out
Done but there were a lot of errors. Feels rushed.
I didn't even complete it after seeing the second or third error. Might go back to it tonight when I can be arsed.
Under which gaming consoles do you own, there is no option for PC, yet the next question of the survey is, "Do you prefer to game on pc or console?" I get a pc isn't a console, per se, but that just felt oddly worded/timed.
did it looking forward to my new targeted ads
Good old American solipsism with questions about THE president
Sorry about the errors guys. I'll go back through and touch up, I've just gotta run out for a few hours
I can't select less than 10 hours a week on video games? The fuck is a Cis?
It means you identify as the gender assigned at birth
im having trouble remembering what i ate for breakfast how am i supposed to remember what game disappointed me in 2017 fuck i don't know if releases from previous years count but i stuck with 2017's anyway although i mostly play whatever i have on the backlog
Can you not embed it please? The formatting is wank.
I feel like the interventionism question should also have an option around the lines of developed countries should not interfere with developing countries. The part about their own citizens come first strikes me as too right wing, I am of the opinion developed countries intervening leads to more trouble but this is not related to developed countries should take care of their own first.
Done, looking forward to the results.
Which presidency? There are quite a lot in the world.
Just realised I didn't enjoy any new games in 2017, nor any movies.
"In a relationship (<1 year)" is listed twice, with no "In a relationship (>1 year)" option. Please proofread your work, next time. C-
Completed. I am looking forward to the results.
Liem, I think your < key is broken.
Done, it'll be interesting to see the results. Also, the survey embed is weird in that my screen isn't large enough to display all the drop down menu options and when I scroll, it scrolls the page not the dropdown. I was able to select my choices but it was a little annoying. Just a plain link would've been fine. I also had to Google game/movie/TV releases of 2017/2018 because I just don't keep track of all those things off the top of my head. Probably could've just skipped them but they seemed a little superfluous nonetheless.
Relationship <1 year appears twice, no relationship >1 year option
OP doesn't know the difference between < and >, it happens in pretty much every question with those options.
Filled it out, could do with some proof reading next time I think.
I too filled out the survey
Should have a generic stress disorder option as well for the mental health fuckery, still suffer from Acute Stress Disorder due to having a gun shoved in my face at a previous place I worked at. Can't go near the place without having a reaction. Also you pull up gender related questions but have no option for Gender Dysphoria under mental health issues. v v
<creating a survey <not knowing the difference between the arrows
there is no love for census makers in this world, ever since smurfy (who is a nerd) made one that was too good. i stand with you liem, it is a good effort and i clapped
Mine was insanely long and overcomplicated
Filled out the survey. Can't wait to see everyones answers
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