• 2018 Facepunch Survey
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little baby man
so I just did some math, if the stats on the front page are right then 0.125% of posts on this site are from me. 1 in 800 posts on a site with 300000 users. yall need to start pulling some slack around here
doing my best man
get on my level
lmao look at this fuckin nerd 54k posts what are you a shitposting robot or something
Asking specifically about American politics seems a bit weird for a consensus of the whole site. I know very little about American politics and try and keep away from it.
So are we gonna get the results?
Why should the USA Presidency matter when this is a British forum?
(I hope to god this isn't going to notify everyone of this) I think he got it guys, no american politics.
But where are the results though?
Weeeeell It did : )
fuck, sorry, should've used quote tags instead hurr
@Liem yo man wheres the results
Not sure why mentioning someone is such a terrifying thing tbh. I know discord users get very, very, very upset at the prospect of someeone recognising their existence, but i can't say i understand it.
Liem is a Facebook employee, we just gave him a whole new set of ad targeting data. Played us for fools
It can be annoying I assume. I have no problem with it either, but people who get loads of notifications (absolutelynotmeirl) probably get annoyed by having even more.
I demand results!
I think @Liem 's fucking dead
nah his profile says he's still been active yesterday he's just dodging this for whatever reason
Facepunch 2018 Census Sorry for the delay guys, that page should have the results. Something came up and I've been away from my computer and the google forms app doesn't work for me for whatever reason
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/185499/fa48bd09-a3dc-4189-a07f-c4ae66ea91b0/463634.JPG Well, we're pretty much all anxiety-ridden, depressed childless heterosexual white men, and now we can no longer feel special in our gold status.
Thank god! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/161057/3ef57b34-8fc2-4a44-bbbe-175d4cb9534f/image.png
https://i.irex.me/g8shuxra1ejs8vula.png Thank god. Now if only the government understood..
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/553/dfce8e0c-4904-4f7e-9178-d75b640ae6ba/chrome_2018-08-15_12-54-42.png Shoutout to the one honest person who responded to this survey.
I think it's interesting that there's more Trans women than CIS women
https://puu.sh/BeWK3/2a5131d726.png Shoutout to the one other dude who wrote in Valkyria Chronicles 4
Surprising Fallout 76 is the most anticipated game this year.
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