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even finding this topic was hard
why can't i filter subforums anymore...? is this punishment for renaming the gta section?
it looks like whenever you're in the parent section, it only displays the top thread in each subforum. that seems like a pretty good idea to be honest, e.g i'd never normally go in AA because i don't drive, but i'll click on a thread about cars if i think it's interesting, so it's a way of encouraging that without cluttering the parent section. thumbs up from me
I can go make an bowser addon for that. Obviously when one is browsign the thread list threads from the unwanted forum should be hidden. But One thing I don't know about though is if those threads in the event log should be hidden as well? (I have never used a subforum filter).
Just found a bunch of pixel code from the old fp prototype, where can I get that stuff decoded and how is this called anyway? tia
Those chinese big strings? They were compressed to UTF-16. If I recall correctly they stored each pixel's color in... hexadecimal I think??? Been too long and I didn't comment code too well Made a quick mockup of a decompresser, for your curiosity.
It seems strange to me that you of all people "don't know" why some of these features are as they are, does garry really have such a stupid obsession with changing shit without telling anyone/asking if its a good idea?
You must be new here. Hezzy was the one that said the switch to newpunch would happen within the next few months only to have garry start the migration that very same day
Removing the ability to hide subforums for games you don't care about does the opposite of incentivising looking at more topics, it just means that the general. Games discussion front page is a clusterfuck and you're just going to follow the threads you want and never go back. The fact that GTA was changed to Red Dead pretty much just confirms that Garry is going against user wishes out of spite unless she seriously thinks that replacing a dead subforum with a newer, shinier game will solve the inherent problems with his grand idea.
Uhhh, where did the rules page go?
Well he wasn't wrong ;)
It isn't the same as having the functionality built into the forum. But in the meantime, I did make an addon for that.
@garry IMO the "top thread from each category in each forum" thing only discourages exploration of the forums. It might make sense for Games, but other forums like Creationism Corner and Film, Television & Music need that all-encompasing parent forum. There's a subforum for Film, there's a subforum for Television, and there's subforum for Music. Why would you browse the parent forum if it only shows 4 threads, plus a bunch of others that have been miscategorized?
It doesn't work for games either. It just makes it harder to get into the subforums.
i have no desire to explore the subforums and this has given me even a less of a reason to look at threads in them. why not just let us filter out what subforums we do and don't want to see like before???
Since this whole mixup from Megathreads to sunforums I've stopped visiting the games section as a whole. Thankfully the Stalker megathread matches on stong.
Why are twitter embeds not loading 90% of the time it's pissing me off
Twitter embeds are working fine for me on firefox
Poof, the sub-forums are gone?
They still exist just now in the prototypes section. Which i gotta say the front page now looks 10 times cleaner and streamlined. good update
And the Developers forum is now in the Facepunch section.
So does this mean we're going back to how things use to be, aka megathreads n such? The post individual topics in individual threads format idea really relied on those subs I feel.
Great news, I will see you all in a year or two when Garry's next wacky scheme to try to make people ditch megathreads emerges. Will you be sticking with the 1000 post limit, or increasing the post limit back to previous limits?
Thank you! also https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114748/c3f44a8c-358d-4ce2-9ab9-732b8ad32e0a/image.png nvm kys
maybe bring back the videos forum though please
May I ask exactly why the videos subforum was removed? What was the reasoning behind this? Most of the content in there doesn't fit into any of the other subforums and would create enormous clutter if it did.
Fast threads is gone too. Maybe re-organization or maybe going for a different approach in categorizing threads.
Stuff is still being moved around right now, I think we should wait until garry's done before complaining about anything
Give it some hours probably
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