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In what way would this even work when people don't follow a standard of naming their threads? You get threads like "I need help with this thing" or "something's not working" or "where do I find these maps?" the only thread I'd be able to actually find is the two megathreads for Mapping
what the fuck are you thinking that's like the last place you'd want those threads in!
But I'm not *only* looking for the two megathreads, people are going to be posting their own threads asking for help, or maybe showcasing their maps with no standardized title like a [Mapping] prefix, to solve this without bringing back subforums if you really don't like them is just create some sort of tag prefix for the titles
Maybe you could use thread icons?
honestly i'd rather the seven thousand subforums over this, at least then i could kinda find the stuff i wanted to look for
Wait so since we now have one master "Developer" subforum does that mean all those fucking news bots are going to shit into the same place regardless of whether people are going there for Unity, Unreal, Webdev, general programming etc?
Okay maybe this is too much collapsing.
Is the videos section going to be gone for good? 😕
Wait Is this happening because people wanted broader subforums?
you prefer it because it's badly made. With no filtering system + reddit-like flair system, you depend solely on thread titles and thread icons to tell them apart, which means that users will go "well atleast with subforums I could find it better!" Were this correctly made and with proper preparation (which seems to be a recurring theme here!) it would be just as good if not better than the previous system.
The people's choice.
I propose to rename this to something like "Facepunch General" or something. It's not really a "discussion" section.
I noticed the other day that the front page was ridiculously long, so the new condensed one is nice
Why the sudden change?
i think you went just a bit overboard here, now the forum's too dense
I was thinking about shutting the forums down, going to see how this goes for a few months first.
o-oh :c
you're really bad at handling feedback.
y tho
Why are you thinking about shutting the forums?
I had fair suspicion and so did others amongst my group of friends that you were considering shutting it down. I am glad that you didn’t. I’m still not entirely sure what you really mean by “see how this goes for a few months first”.
I don't want to sound like an asshole or like I'm trying to interrogate you, but why? Is it a personal issue, a financial decision?
Well it's not the first time he says something like this.
While combining general and fast makes some sense, I think the media section should come back. also can sensationalist headlines be moved to just below polidicks? seems weird they’re not paired up
That's a bit vague, do you meant till the end of the year or early 2019? Knowing would be nice so we can prepare in case you decide to pull the plug for good.
I don't wanna tread on your toes, but this response is nothing but passive-aggressiveness. If you tell us the reason why you're considering shuttering the forums, why you're making these huge changes, and if the two are related, then there might be a lot more understanding about what's going on here and some productive discussion about what to do could occur. Is it difficult to pay for these days and condensing the subforums helps mitigate that somehow? Is it too difficult to moderate so many subforums as of late?
I doubt Garry is joking.
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