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A lot of these changes you just made out of nowhere seems, to me at least, to be nothing but a tantrum you're throwing; by committing to radical changes that you know will upset people and have them bitch about it, you'll in turn have proven that people are "assholes" about your work on the forums and thus giving you justification to act the way you do. You're awful at receiving criticism and this shows by your attitude to the forums as of late. You really should have hired someone to develop the forums for you in the beginning and focused less on what you aren't good at (community) and more on what you are good at (game development).
I thought you were talking about looking for mapping megathreads. I didn't realize you were talking about individual threads about mapping.
Why stop there It’s pretty pointless to have separate sensationalist headlines and Polidicks forums; may as well merge those too tbh
but this has been my internet home for the past 8, almost 9 years. where do I go the day FP dies, the streets? what is the justification of evicting all these folks at facepunch from their virtual home?
Look what you did Eddy.
I really don't like having the threat of having my online home taken away being held over our heads like this. Just tell us what you intend to do.
There's a few things. I don't know how necessary it is anymore. You have reddit for forum type longish type discussions, and discord for realtimeish discussions - are forums like this still relevant? Will they be relevant in 5 years, 10 years? Are we just delaying the inevitable. This is what I've been thinking about when trying to evolve the forum into something modern. I experimented with a realtime app-type forum for a couple of days, but started to realise I was creating discord, so stopped and had a good think. If we're going to exist we need to be different and new. Not another forum. Then I realise how much of my runtime I'm putting into it, and realise there's no benefit to it. I don't benefit, the company doesn't benefit, the games don't benefit, nothing I do is appreciated, everything I do is wrong - so why am I doing this, why am I charge of a forum I don't visit, that I don't understand, that I grew out of 10 years ago. If I close the forums down and move the Rust/Gmod forums over to reddit - what am I losing, what am I gaining?
Holy shit, what, no, please keep FP around.
This right here is the reasons that the forums don't need to be shut down. But the keys handed to someone else.
facepunch: the internet forum for arguing about politics, crying over news and posting funny pictures so basically facebook with usernames and ratings
Garry. I might be an ex mod. I might have only been here since 09. But I honestly believe that it's time to just give the forums job to someone else and focus on what can benefit as a company. We're a community of old sods, bastards, shit posters, thread shitting beauty's that have appreciated the forums existence and everything that has been taught, told, discussed and banned. I'd rather the forums stay.
reddit is incredibly shit for discussion, I'd much rather have it somewhere like here
It's the community, the names and faces that we all know. We can't get that on reddit. Not even really on Discord. Discord isn't good for real discussion, either. Arguably reddit isn't either with its voting system but that's more debatable. The important thing is that we all have each other and I'd really miss a lot of people on here were the forums to close. It makes sense that you don't want to be in charge of the forums anymore but you should consider handing them off to someone like Hezzy who cares for the forums and the community. Just please don't let this community go away, it's special and a big part of why it's so special is the traditional forum format we post in. That can't really be replaced, I think.
Reddit is a lot different than normal forums due to the way replies work (including the whole voting system). It's fine for getting help with bugs and such, but the voting system makes it hard to discuss opinions.
I'm sure there's someone on facepunch you could trust with handing the dev work
Facepunch and its satellite communities have seen me through my teenage years and a lot of personal change and development. It's probably made me a much better person as a result. At least a different one. I can't say that about any other place on the internet.
forums serve as a beautiful middle ground where you don't have to care about the karma bullshit of reddit or being drowned by a sea of noise on discord reddit functionally sucks balls by the way and I don't understand how anyone can even use it
Garry, everything you do ISN'T wrong. You're being exposed to a lot of criticism because you visit the threads that are created to discuss and criticise the forums. Remember that 99% of users never show up to complain about shit in these threads! Is there anything we could possibly do to help you manage anything around the forum?
I really can't comment on the forum re-designs, changes and stuff, I've been used to the constant changes that happened over the years since 2007 (I do believe people still have the right to critique and stuff of course). Either way and whatever happened though, I adapted to whatever changed and I enjoyed participating in these forums, reading other people's thoughts, ideas, works and enjoying both original and shared content here and there whenever they pop up.  It's been a comfortable community through thick and thin and it has been more or less been a part of my life, and I met a lot of true friends here over the years despite being behind a screen, whom I value as much as the real life friends I have made through my life here. So I really am sad to hear that you're now heavily considering on shutting down these forums. I know my words properly won't mean much, but I really do want at least to let you and everyone here know that no matter how broken, slow and haphazardly things were handled in these forums, I'm going to miss it heavily when it's gone and I really hope you'll reconsider at least in not shutting the forums down. At the very least consider another person that may want to take the mantle on these forums if it comes down to that.
Other than when we talk about Garry's Mod, has facepunch ever been necessary? Stop trying to do too much with FP. Liking the fewer sub forums, but you know, videos? Popular Threads?
will do front end work for free because i know i have no self respect would volunteer for back-end work too but ive never done c# on the server
Reddit is actually fairly okay for specific communities. There's a reason reddit has largely replaced game devs having their own forums. Bigger subreddits begin to resemble social media in an unpleasant way. Patterns emerge and people start trying to optimize their posting for karma, and the dreaded reddit hivemind rears its head
Will happily give away my contacts to VPS Services and keep the servers up to keep this bucket alive.
reddit is fucking awful. please don't make us give up this amazing forum for that dumpster fire of a site
Garry, I can see you're reasoning for not wanting to manage this anymore. So please, before you shut this down, just hand control over to someone else; people will keep the forum and you'll won't have to worry about it. Everyone wins.
Did that come out wrong?
damn, the activity this thread got is amazing, I'm pretty sure these few minutes have had more posts than the rest of the rest of the week!
I can see the sarcasm but now is not the time to be fucking about.
Did you ever think that there was nothing to lose by just keeping it afloat and walking away instead of just shutting it down lol, does it always have to be all or nothing
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