• In case you're wondering what the fuck is going on with facepunch (recap thread)
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113069/6d608f57-fa72-413d-b184-76081278bcae/Screenshot_20181012-022807_Chrome.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113069/291e0860-77e4-44ad-b8c2-4d99ddd7efa3/Screenshot_20181012-022734_Chrome.jpg Basically, changes made to videos section, dumb sheep asked why, garry says he's trying out stuff and maybe shutting down. Had to go the page 7 and 8 of faq thread to figure out what the fuck was going on
Garry really doesnt take criticism well tbh, just give the forum away dude cmon. Also why would we need to merge even more subforums together it was already stupidly simple here on newpunch.
Ahh garrys pulling a garry, good to hear
The boards and sub-forums were fine as they were...
I only hope he gives us some warning first so we've a chance to migrate
Eh, nobody had any idea what the fuck happened today, so he could just pull the plug anytime
fat chance of that
It's a niché community over here. I think that's the whole point. Majority of people here are in between other websites.
They weren't perfect, like how they should have redone the game subforums to be organized by dev instead of arbitrary series, but out of all the complaints I've seen "Remove the fucking videos forum" wasn't one of them.
Doubt it. I know Garry's rather enigmatic but I really doubt there wouldn't be some sort of warning.
The point of Facepunch is the users.
I don't know, do you remember when we migrated to the new forums? It was thought to be "months away" from happening, then it happened.
He migrated the forums with no warning. He nuked most the subforums without warning. Shutting the whole thing down and telling us to go fuck ourselves would be a very Garry thing.
Is there any preface/explanation? This is literally the only piece of information I can find related to what the heck is happening, just got home and the forum is in tatters
This is the main reason I'll be strapped to find a good replacement for Facepunch. Each thread feels like a discussion between friends. You enter a thread and see familiar names and get a vague idea of how they post and talk. Something like Reddit is like a circle of friends, but instead of a circle it's more like a giant hall of people all yelling over each other simultaneously, seeing who can yell over the rest of the crowd in order to get a reaction. Facepunch actually values your input to some degree, since its presence is no more or less important than any other comment, unlike Reddit where your comment will mostly likely be lost under 50 thousand circlejerk memes.
Well..maybe we should just try to make garry happy somehow
I still believe in a forum created by FP members if shit does hit the fan, the entire community dying would be very sad
shutting down IS the warning
It would be cool to, you know, instead of killing the forum entirely, let the community run it? killer idea really I dont want to lose this place, it's the best place to discuss virtually everything and the debates are (mostly) very stimulating. I cant find anything else both irl and on the internet
I really hope this is reconsidered, Been on this site for years now and its the only comfortable forum that feels like home to me. Even if I don't participate much in the conversation its nice to just relax and read what others have to say.
I dunno, I've been on these forums for 13 years and I think it's pretty cold for him to say those things. Maybe he feels like he's not losing anything, but there's a community here. Forums that you've been on for a long time always have a "homey" feeling about them. Like... some kind of... internet home. That's what would be lost, and it's sad to see a huge portion of this site butchered on a depressive whim. I'd be a bit upset if this place was just gone forever. Who cares if this site is relevant in 20 years? It's still relevant right now and that's what matters.
its been a good run
Also a real time forum does not necessarily have to function in the same way as discord. I love the idea of a real time forum and putting a facepunch spin on it could be great.
This is so sad to hear. Despite not being really sure how to add to discussion or to the community here, lurking here has been a huge thing for me for years now. This is effectively my link to pop culture, video games, and niche news. I like the ambiance, the community; the format, though constantly changing now, still is very nostaligic for me and I don't know what I'll do when this is gone. This forum is a great filter for the internet for me, I really appreciate the community, discussion, and content posted here. I hope it doesn't come to a sudden end, but looking at how things have been going in the recent past, I wouldn't be surprised if one I day I tried to come to this domain only to find a dead end, and in that moment I'll have lost a weirdly large part of my life, even if I'm just a mole-like lurker.
so he admits and realizes he doesn't visit the forums and doesn't understand it. so then why is he so boneheaded when it comes to taking criticism on all the changes he's making to a forum he doesn't understand. it's the first thing you should be taking notes of on how to make things better, in literally ANY job.
He's not community though, it shows time and time again through his actions more like a jaded shareholder
@garry grew out of these forums, while some of us were born in it, molded by it. What matters is the community built around this, and the strong moderation team that whipped all those who didn't assimilate into this beautiful hivemind that we now have around here. Back in the days, for me, things that made these forums great was: Gamified profiles, people would do their best to increase their meaningless internet-points. Perfect for gamers Bad grammar was punished with no exception. Mods would heavily whip all the crappy posts ( and they still do I think ) Had a really nice separation of different communities. I just really liked the overall no-bullshit attitude that these forums gave compared to any other forum. I wouldn't mind if this transformed into a sort of reddit alternative, where people are free to create categories/tags, but I would hate if it moved to reddit or some other place I'm not familiar with. Garry, if you're lacking motivation or grew out of touch, then please give it away to someone who's motivated and capable of handling these forums on a long-term basis. No matter what, do not kill these forums just because your motivation or vision has faded, that would be a plain bad move.
That's the thing though, it's not reddit or discord. It's unique. also seems about right. https://i.imgur.com/jzq8Vxg.png
i dont want this place to come to an end, i really dont
I realize how much runtime I'm putting into it... Nothing I do is appreciated, everything I do is wrong. Then maybe stop making changes and work for yourself for no reason? No one asked for newpunch but you put a shit load of time and effort into like 4 different iterations of it. Newpunch finally came (which I understand had some technical rationale behind it) and was basically a shell of the former site, although I presume with a more solid back end. You continue to make arbitrary decisions like todays, then get upset when all the actual users of the forum don't appreciate them. How can such a smart person be so irrational. Just leave shit alone if you don't want to put work into it. I can't imagine the hosting costs are too bad, but maybe I'm wrong.
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