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I saw in Frequently Asked Questions a lot of people posted about what Facepunch has meant to them over the last few years. It's been very heartwarming. We also had a lot of people post videos about how they love Facepunch in I love facepunch. Don't you? I remember joining the #gmod IRC on gamesurge back in 2004 after hearing about garry's mod on SomethingAwful. Garry would post in the HL2 thread there and share stuff he'd done. People would also post jbmod stuff and there was a bit of a rivalry. I joined the forums when they popped up and started helping people, answering questions about garry's mod and positively participating on the forums as well as IRC. I remember just blatantly asking garry to make me a moderator, kinda half jokingly. He said "Yeah Okay" and the rest is history. This was a turning point in my life, I learned a very valuable lesson; you miss 100% of the chances you don't take. FP has been a positive influence throughout my life, teaching me about responsibility, impartiality, bias and many other things. I met a load of cool people from the forums in real life, went on pub crawls, lived with some of you guys whilst at university (the infamous ModHaus), went camping, went gaming at LAN parties. I've done loads of cool things with you all. I joined the police as a Special Constable (a volunteer) and then began to masquerade as Superlove Supreme (and later Mr Gestapo) after a bit of a scare when one of my trainers made a reference to a post I had made on Facepunch. I am pretty sure FP pretty much dictated my career path; I had spent so much time in authority that I decided not to become a film maker (probably for the best, I'm shit at it) and instead started to gain experience and train as a police officer. I had a bit of a falling out with garry for a brief period of time in 2011 (RIP NATIONCRAFT), this was good for me in the end because it allowed me to focus on my police career without any distractions. I managed to make it in 2013 and finally achieved a full time job. I attribute my career path to Facepunch, so by extension all the people I help on a daily basis are helped ultimately because of you guys and gals. Fast forward to now, I finally get paid doing this (part time) job alongside my main job. It can be tough at times, often working an average of 60 hours a week, but it is worth it to see this community flourish. It presents unique challenges that I don't get in my other job and sometimes can actually be harder. I know we've recently had a bit of a scare but that just makes me more determined to see this forum succeed. We should show @garry who we are. We are the Facepunch Community.
Well, Facepunch introduced me to some of the best people I've met online. It's been a place I could ask for advice, and though 90% of the answers I'd get were pure shit, 10% of them were pure gold. It's been a place I could use my absolute free time to interact with total strangers and learn the most non-important things I wouldn't have thought to consider, nor appreciate. I came here for Garry's Mod, but I remained because of the community. As much as I like to talk shit about aspects of it, it's still a place I can't find to be replacable at all. I've tried a lot to make contributions to it shine, but very few attempts remained. For the little time I spent on it, an emote appears as the thing I'm proudest of making, due to its regular usage. Facepunch is a cool place in that regard. It can't be easily replaced. I'd be pretty sad if it died. It became something much more than just another game community, it became a very general community. And you don't find a lot of those here nowadays.
I joined Facepunch back in mid 2005 when I was 13 years-old, the perfect age for internet shenanigans. I remember spending my time here reading all the comics people posted as well as the sick poses they made in gmod. I tried doing some of my own, but was usually trash (though I did figure out how to disable the phys gun when I took a screenshot). Pretty much spent the next 5 or so years witnessing all the different memes come and go; from that line racer game where I earned my "ban" when I mutated [code] with [quote] or something, lost 3000 smartness since the share codes were a bunch of characters and was banned. I didn't know at the time you could just go and edit a post to remove the shit that caused the negative smartness, so I was really upset for a while thinking I wouldn't be able to post ever again. I kinda disappeared around 2010-2013, but still kept checking back in to read up on all the news and projects people were working on. I recently regained my interest in this place a couple of years ago and can't imagine going without it, honestly. I don't give a fuck about reddit or any other "social" sites since this one has been, bar none, the best website that encompassed all the things I loved. And even though a lot of faces have come and gone, the fact that facepunch still holds a strong community with the same sense of civil decorum is incredible, and I'd absolute hate to see it go away.
I could move on to somewhere else if FP dies for good, but I will miss it forever. This is my favorite place on the internet
Facepunch is like butter, and the baked goods on which it goes (Bread, bagels, biscuits, etc.) are like the internet. Sure, the bread will still be around without the butter, but the butter makes it a little bit tastier. Please don't run out of butter.
Feels kinda pathetic, but I've been genuinely sad all day thinking about this. I've said my piece. I mostly just review movies on the internet now that Facepunch hangs in the balance.
hezzy just make a new one of this goes down we all will accept you as our overlord
I'll always appreciate how this place has introduced me to so many amazing people throughout the years. A majority of the people on Steam friends list are those I've met through FP, and I still chat with many of them to this day. Roughly five of them are people I talk with on a daily basis, and although we haven't met up in person I truly value their friendship. They've helped me through some major rough patches over the years. Even when I barely posted here for a while, I'd still find myself coming back to lurk on a regular basis. It's definitely a one of a kind website filled with awesome users. Thanks everyone for providing so many years of entertainment. Also thanks to you, Hezzy, for helping to manage this place for so long.
A combination of Stockholm Syndrome, force of habit, and genuinely not being able to find a community quite like this has kept me here for 13 years. Been fun thus far.
oify is the best subforum
Honestly I'm here for the memes. But I love facepunch and if garry don't want it he shouldn't throw a fit and delet it. Give it to someone else and let them crash it into the dirt.
My original home forum was an old one called Halflife2.net, which is now called Valvetime i think, where i met @Trainbike and got told "go back to facepunch" after a dumb idiot child post, so i lurked here for about a year or so until i finally joined, proceeded to get banned, lurked for longer, then joined again under this account and here i've stayed for almost nine years. Other places just don't do it for me, i've bailed off of Facebook and other social media and other forums are just garbage by comparison. Facepunch as a whole is as much a friend to me as people in my actual life and has stuck around longer than they have, there's nowhere i'd rather post or a community i'd rather be a part of. It's been my homepage since i joined and i've become a very different person in that time and i wouldn't be where i was without the friends i've made here, the arguments i've had, and the community as large. I genuinely don't know what i'd do if Facepunch was gone.
I'd like to thank all of the users, even those I borderline dislike, for making facepunch the place it is. Special thanks and kisses and hugs and all that crap, in no particular order, to: the mod team, all of them, even the ex-mods. even rusty. not starpluck though even starpluck AtomicSans ComicSansler Burre.png Samg381 Samson Bee York ASParkles Doom64Hunter FeebleOaf RayenQ GoogleyGareth Craptasket (that account isn't a mod so I can get away thanking him twice) TurboDweeb DiscoInferno ROLFBURGER, wherever he's now Tuskin Ganerumo Lolkork 27X Janus Vesta Pax Noob Grenadiac StrawberryClock Paul-Simon HookerVomit Lewdis Myon Meanwhile waterboui PGunni Jouska (:thinking:) smurfy Galactic S.O.U.L Kurakh Fulcrum The Bird Woman FPTheFluffyPawed Clovis ASIC Mewkat Scratch Missy Q Reagy (was a mod for such a short time might as well include here) FPctje? (the dude who created DarkRP, if for no other reason than I've wasted hours on that damn gamemode). and that's about all I can remember. There were more people who I really liked in oldpunch who I can't seem to remember now so a general "thanks everyone" suffices I suppose. The users I posted were, for some reason or another, a good reason for me to come to facepunch. Either because they made me laugh, nostalagic, happy or informed me, for me these users made the experience a whole lot better. As for those who I've interacted with and didn't remember, you probably either changed names or I'm getting senile! I swear I used to remember escher, but with his new name (escher, don't know his old one) I can't seem to remember him. Also, even though I said in no particular order, the first three or so were an attempt to do it alphabetically, until I just straight up gave up. (i'd mention them all but that'd be kind of out-of-line).
I joined in around late 2009 on my old account, i was just looking to snag some from models for gmod at the time and spent some of my time at the screenshots section, logged out of that account and forgot about it. Fast forward to 2010 and i made a new account, (Same name as this) and got hooked at the GMod screenshots section, making silly poses and generally enjoying myself. Spent a long ass time posting pics and receiving C&C, and meeting lots of very nice people whom i still talk to till this day. Ended up getting banned in i believe 2013 or 14, (Talked shit about rust) and took a considerable amount of time away from FP, Keeping in contact with a few people here and there and focused on life. Came back after i was unbanned for garrys birthday and picked up where i left off, back to posting pictures and talking with folks and generally posting stuff. Although i wasn't as active as i once was, The one thread i browsed most disappeared, along with the people i knew along with the motivation to play the game i once loved Then i got my old account locked and took my leave... Until newpunch came around and i remade my account. Although i don't post as much. This place has been my internet home for most of my life, i've grown up with this site and it's helped me change as a person, Times like seeing all the weird posts with the nude models and broken friendships. to witnessing DJ dong. to staying up late at night consoling a random person on the internet whom i called a friend was having bad thoughts Regardless of what i've done or said about Facepunch or gmod or rust or even Garry himself, I'd hate to see this place disappear, And sure some users are a little off, and i've seen my fair share of weird shit over the years, but that's what makes it worth coming here. Even if garry decides to kill it, it's his decision, I won't forget the people i met and the community that made me who i am today, We're all one big family.
i don't want this place to die
I've been browsing Facepunch for 11 years. I was 13 then and 25 now. I still visit the forum for several hours, everyday, without fail. I may not always post, but I love the community and without it it would leave a gaping hole where there was once a place to go and feel like a part of something unique and engaging. I understand Garry's frustration at the negative feedback - were I to provide a free service for people and implement changes I personally felt were good, only to receive not what I consider constructive criticism (because c'mon guys, a lot of you post really negatively instead of being genuinely productive), I'd be pretty tired about maintaining the forum as well. If you want the forums to stay as badly as I do, tell @garry how much we appreciate him, the service and platform for a community we love and cherish, and stop treating him so harshly. Provide constructive criticism, be professional, and help the forum flourish. Posting your epic zingers and saying nasty shit to the owner of the forum gets us nowhere, and I want this place to stay. So please, pretty please, try and maintain a professional nature when providing feedback. Thank you Garry for this wonderful forum, despite changes you have made I may dislike, it never stopped me from coming back and I hope you see that I, like many others, appreciate you and what you've done for us. Please don't remove a large part of our lives.
i love all y'all motherfuckers even the ones i don't love i love you, too
I've been here since the Gmod 9 days. I dont even know what I'd do on the internet without FP.
Facepunch has always been a bit of an oddity in comparison to other forums and I think the general niche it has attained is what made it such a sticking pot. The forums were generally centred around a key topic and group, but weren't directly focused on the key topics. General discussion and other generic forum channels being the first section instead of GMod says it all. The forums were structured well. When a section was removed it was generally because it didn't serve its purpose, or it all worked better under a previous section. Large enough to have constant diverse discussions on a range of topics, but small enough to feel like an innate community (go look at oldpunch on archive.org, you'll be amazed at how many avatars/usernames that have lingered in your mind). Just the sense of community. Serious enough to talk about anything, yet harmless light shitposting and banter was never out of order. Everyone has their quirks, some more than others, but the community is simply unique. Harsh moderation really added to the feel of the forums. The majority of people started out as terrible posters but swiftly ended up as respectable members because making shit posts across the board was punishable. Fear will keep the local systems in line. Getting banned numerous times is a rite of passage here. The background of FP being a GMod, and later a prominent Valve community hub was useful for bringing in people of the same general interests and skills, which helped foster the community and really make it stand out. As a result you can be sure that one thing that someone finds funny here will be funny for a ton of other people; and furthermore we have an abundance of content creators, artists, programmers, and a lot of people with key digital skills attached to this place, all because a ton of gaming nerds congregated in the same spot over the years. Also thousands of furries too I guess but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yeah a lot of the points I've raised have became shaken up slightly since Newpunch and later changes (also a lot of renames, wiped accounts, and changed avatars), but there hasn't been a great migration from Newpunch because of the odd, humorous community & culture that's been cultivated over the years. You wouldn't be able to find a place like Facepunch in a million years.
Well, thanks to Garry's Mod and these forums I started modding and learning how to program. Back then, I was a shitty little kid, but Facepunch helped me find the one thing I'm really passionate about, Programming. These forums also helped me grow up and although I'm mostly lurking on the forum, I always come back to get inspiration, to see what other guys are doing. I love it and I'll always come back...Was, is and hopfully will be one of the best places on the internet.
This place honestly has made me a better person overall: better etiquette, better critical thinking, more humility and more open minded in general with some allowance for great shitposting. Met many a people here and its always been an online home to me for the past 7+ years. If FP does pass, I don't think I'll ever find a place quite like it. As a community, ya'll are fantastic.
Shit I have been apart of Facepunch lurking in the shadows since I think 2012 and honestly I don't know where the fuck I'd go if this place shut down. Aside from YouTube this is the only other place I visit daily and have never missed a day. The community here just has that brotherhood that no where else has. It's fucking rough as shit to fully get involved in the community don't get me wrong but there is a ton of special and funny shit that happens as a result of that friction. I can't put words to just how unique the fuckery that goes on here is. After being here for a good amount of time no other community can scratch the itch quite like FP can.
What I love about this community is how cozy and welcoming it is. I enjoy Reddit, it's a fun site with plenty of cool subs to visit and find, but I'll never feel like I have a home there, or that I'll get a real sense of community. With Reddit, you are simply one post among many, where you can barely be recognized or recognize others. You can get huge amounts of elitism, your opinion completely gets buried unless it appeals to majority's view set or post funny memes. Here, you can quickly recognize people and how they post, what different hobbies they have, what they are up to and how they feel. It really does capture that feeling of a friendly little village, where toxicity is low and the elitism regarding stupid shit is pretty rare. Yeah, we can get real assholes sometimes *cough* Tudd *cough* but they are always dealt with in the end by the excellent moderation. If I go on Something Awful, 4chan or Reddit right now, open up any part, the chances I'll see flaming or trolling is pretty fucking high, especially when it comes to games or politics. The maturity here is something most places would die for. It really is something anyone should be proud of having a hand in making because it should be the gold standard of how to be a online community.
I've been looking at this website daily for almost nine fucking years. I don't in any way post enough to be considered a memorable name, nor have I had too much personal involvement in the history of the place. Nevertheless, for some bloody reason, Facepunch is the site that wound up being my internet home. Other websites are either completely impersonal (looking at you reddit) or lack any way for me to casually find out what's going on (e.g. discord). Here, there are events. Things happen, and they happen in chronological order, and they're bloody easy to find. Most of the time. It's not governed by upvotes, or placed so far up a chat log that I get bored trying to search for context. I recognize the usernames, avatars and personalities of all the regulars here, even if it's mostly through lurking. Reddit may as well be filled with an amorphous mass of anons as far as user recognition goes, and I would even go further than that; I believe that Reddit serves to promote general opinions and quick, meaningless content, whereas Forums promote people. In an internet that either represses individuality or turns it into a marketable commodity, it's places like this that contain even the smallest amount of honest personality. That is why I think forums like this are important. They are a relic of the past, of course they are, because they preserve values that the rest of the modern internet tries to stamp down on. I don't think of Facepunch as some bastion against tyranny, but in a world where we're constantly plugged into the internet, I have to believe that this kind of stuff does actually matter.
I love all of you guys <3 Facepunch has given me so much hope and support throughout my life and the community here is one of the most tight knit on the internet <3 <3 <3
Without Facepunch, I wouldn't have joined the Luftahraan team, which in term would've meant me not having the job I currently have. I seriously have to thank Facepunch for introducing me to friends who I still meet with in real life to this day and for basically impacting the course of my life.
i wish i could live in a village with all of you guys
I still remember your "plz dnt take a fence" meme from years back. Love you, Hezzy! <3
peanut needs facepunch
I joined Aug 2007 after playing GMOD for a while. I stuck with the forums ever since. My original Stylee32 account got permabanned by Hezzy, during Christmas one year when HTML posts were enabled (I think GMF?) and I kept on putting HTML tags in each thread to break them. I got given this account and have used it ever since. FP has formed a massive part of my life, due to the fact I've browsed pretty much every day for 11 years.
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