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FFS Microsoft
Love you too.
The past few days has been what I imagine being in a coma is like
The badage boys finally saved us!
man where did the pretty ball go
You don't realize how much you will miss something until it's gone. Thanks Garry I can get my FP fix now.
Was wicked concerned FP was actually dead.
thank fuck.
the facepunch boys are back in town
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/478935683554082836/500847263841648670/3428fa5f-f1e8-4506-872d-acea9355753b.gif Party time
those were some boring days
It’s not September
I just came
Dont leave us again, FP.
Hell yes, thank you. I clicked on the forum bookmark atleast like 20 times reflexively even after seeing the discobsll every time.
I thought this downtime was the cessation of Facepunch that was talked about.
Thank goodness, there was no way I'd be able to get used to Reddit facepunch.
well time for my productivity to go back down it was nice while it lasted, got so much stuff done :v
I never realized how addicted I am to Facepunch until it went down.
I almost became a productive member of society without this site holding me back
Well, Facepunch is back. What a spooky Spooktober event that was.
Thank god I don't have to keep accidentally looking at that damn disco ball.
bitch i'm back outta my coma
Facepunch is like part of my daily routine. Last few days have gone slow.
wakin up on your sofa
And Garry was wondering if we even needed FP any more. Look at us, we're a bunch of fucking addicts. We need this place. Please Garry, let us keep getting our fix
I didn't know how fucking terrible Discord was as a substitute for these forums before they went down. Thank you @garry for proving your own point wrong!
We got a glimpse of that terrible future where Facepunch no longer exists. What a twisted hellscape that was.
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