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discuss the forums
Hope they stay up.
What happened to this guy? Was his music that bad?
he came on just to advertise
Seeing a poster I like with a red name hurts my soul. Makes me afraid they went off the deep end.
I still miss popular threads every single day.
I like these forums :>
for anyone who listened to his music on a scale of 0 to dj dong, how was it
I still miss Videos subforum.
Am I the only one who never gave a shit about the videos subforum?
For me, I just found videos on youtube itself
maybe the current popular videos for one reason or another but there's a lot of things that wouldn't be around without someone posting them
I always found though that I was just as likely if not more to find videos I actually liked by looking through youtube then the basically random assortment in the forum
and forums aren't an algorithm generated by a computer everyone has their own interests
And if I wanted to get news I'd go to reddit before it just gets reposted here like every, single, article.
I dont think its remarkable but I want it back to GD looks less congested
I would've never found out about the Darkfall Protocol without Facepunch posting a thread for it. Not everything you want to watch you know you want to watch before you watch it.
That was fine way back when, but these days it feels like the algorhitm is working against you It seems like videos you've already watched get the highest priority out of anything. Second is your WatchMojos and other garbage mainstream channels that likely get heavy sponsorship. And third is BILL BURR BILL BURR BILL BURR BILL BURR BILL BURR BILL BURR BILL BURR There are a million fucking comedians out there, why am I seeing literally nothing of them It turns out, content on the internet is only as good as your ability to find it
idk, I feel like I have a steady amount of channels I watch and go to regularly, the rest I hear about from friends
This. Based off of when the Videos subsection did still exist, other facepunch users generally did a way better job sharing content I wanted to see than whatever shitpile is running youtube's current algorithm.
Yeah but there was always tons of videos i would have never came across if not for the video subforum.
I trust another facepuncher's choice of video to share to me over google's literal multi-million dollar content recommendation machine.
Considering that Garry literally refuses to even entertain the ideas put forth by users, even when filtered through Hezzy, do we really need a "Forum Discussion" thread? The guy doesn't understand that sometimes a business will have an expense that can't be monetized, which is why you make it up by making money in other places.
He seems to understand that this place has an immaterial value, but doesn't place much worth in that value. He said the only thing keeping him from killing Facepunch is because it would be a shame to do it.
I can't even count how many amazing YouTube channels I discovered through the Videos subforum that I watch regularly to this day. bring that shiz back boi
Where else are we supposed to babble on about spicy drama
I'm happy that you feel that way but just be aware that this is your own personal experience and that this thread shows that many people actually have a different experience that is equally as valid as your own
I'll do what I've done for the entire time I've been in charge and try to do the best with what we've got The forums could be easily monetised. It would have added value if it was integrated into the games, too.
drop table posts i just hacked into the system guys
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