• coin farming thread
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Got to get them coins somehow.
So when is coin microDLC going to be added?
The way to get coins is to trick people into rating your posts. So give me any negative rating!
If one never spend their coins, are those coins considered lost?
i am very cold and shivering profusely what the hehck,
delete this!
Guess that means all my coins are lost.
Are you craving coins?
i am physically dependant on coins akin to heroin
If you give me a coin I'll edit my post with a cool picture.
hahahaha get pranked bro /it said "don't mind me i'm just shoveling for my coins"
you failed my css is superior
how many coins do I have
Hint: one less now.
i am gay
feed me cookie
my agriculture escalates
Risky click of the day.
this is why we need the optimistic rating
i made some waffles give me coins
i love waffles but i also enjoy french toast. the taste of it surrendering in my mouth is fucking amazing.
give me diamond
I'm trying to give you a diamond, but you're too low leveled. Sorry, diamonds are for elite members only!
There were no coins in the death stranding trailer, but there are coins here.
Steve dies at end of minecraft ahaah i didnt use spoiler tag
im getting married and i need a diamond for my wifes ring, please help me
You may have one for 15 coins. I only sell the finest diamonds, thus the markup.
i cant afford 15 coins... can someone please give me 15 coins for a diamond
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