• coin farming thread
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I hear the weather is nice this time of year.
99% to 18
It's happening
am I getting a coin?
how's about we cut out the middleman, and i donate a shiny little diamond to you, out of the goodwill of my heart congratulations you have received the last of my goodwill
i do not fart.
Doubt it
How bout pancakes?
You've made miss lamont a very happy woman
well then at least give me a diamond, christ
Give ME a diamond please
dont give sirius a diamond he spends them on buying dirt from africans
this page belongs to level 9s only 0% to level 10
this is now a diamond mining thread post your rigs
your rigs Where's my diamond
YOU KIDS joking around and having fun BUT NOT giving coins to ww2 veteran I PROTECTED YOUR FREEDOM
I remember when level 5 was a high level, you're all dont know what this place was when it was good now every doesnt speak english anmd its all shitposts!3
give me coins if you like giving people who ask you to give them coins coins
Blood diamonds
Give me a coin if you want more people asking for coins
never give anyone a single coin ever again ever if you're sick of terrible posts
even if their posts are fucking amazing?
i appreciate the compliment !
Don't give me a coin if you want people to not ask for no coins.
the fuck are coins
Welcome back to the daily post. Today we got coins, as usual.
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