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http://imgkk.com/i/9k7_.png What is Wikipunch? Wikipunch is a wiki that was made a while back by smurfy to document Facepunch culture and history. We've got most of what happens on the old forums, and now it's up to you to get us into the Newpunch age. Wanna help out? We've got a category set up for that. As it stands I'm the only administrator right now......and I'm banned on the old forums. Not very convenient, but if you need anything please post here. We have a thread on the old forums if you'd like to see what's been happening in the last few months.
I'm glad Wafflebro still has a listing
Newpunch Thread and Post link parsers are up.
WitheredGryphon made link parsers for both back in November though...
Oh huh, didn’t come up in search. The one I made looks like it’s a bit easier to use, since it doesn’t need thread names to be in the template. Both will stay for now in case anything is using his.
Why are you banned on the old forums @chipsnapper2 ? Thanks for giving me Admin status
Puh, I must honestly say I hope I never get an entry there. Somehow I would find the mega strange if there was something about me standing there.
It's pretty easy to make one template that works all ways. Not gonna bother signing up or testing it, but this should work: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/{{{1}}}{{#if:{{{2|}}}|/{{{2}}}{{#if:{{{3|}}}|/{{{3}}}{{#if:{{{4|}}|/{{{4}}}{{#if:{{{5|}}}|/#post{{{5}}}}}}}}}}} {{#ifeq:{{{goldonly|}}}|yes| <span style="color:#A06000;">(Gold Members only)</span> | }} And here's an attempt to add extra text, not sure if this will work: {{#if:{{{text|}}}|[}}https://forum.facepunch.com/f/{{{1}}}{{#if:{{{2|}}}|/{{{2}}}{{#if:{{{3|}}}|/{{{3}}}{{#if:{{{4|}}|/{{{4}}}{{#if:{{{5|}}}|/#post{{{5}}}}}}}}}}}{{#if:{{{text|}}}|<nowiki /> {{{text}}}]}} {{#ifeq:{{{goldonly|}}}|yes| <span style="color:#A06000;">(Gold Members only)</span> | }} if it works, usage will be: {{WhateverYouNameThisTemplate|section|threadid|threadname|page|postid|text=Click here!|goldonly=yes}} Everything after section is optional.
when people were testing out old banmes in LMAO Pics last week I did Badage Boys guess that’s still bannable?
NewpunchPost and NewpunchThread cut out the thread title from the template - it is not needed to load the thread. Only the subforum, thread ID and post ID are needed.
If @WitheredGryphon doesn't mind, I'll go ahead and switch out his link parsers with the new ones you made, chip. I'm also hoping that this new era will bring about an increase in activity over to the Wiki. By god, we need it!
Okay, I don't see why that changes anything though...? And how would you link to a post that not in the first page of a thread? The advantage of mine is that it uses the exact same format as the forum URL, so to link somewhere you just have to copy it and replace every slash with a pipe (and remove the "#post" if it's there). If you don't want to supply a thread title you can skip it: {{NewpunchLink|general|rwgv||2}}
Is it allowed for everyone to commit content to the wiki?
I'm pretty sure being banned on Oldpunch is a requirement to admin the wiki
rofl https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/579c2981-5df1-415f-ad96-2a1ee5f1e20d/image.png
Wisdom teeth fucking SUCK so I’ll be out for a day or so.
So I just noticed your post now that NewPunch has migrated over, haven't really had the time to devote to WikiPunch (job hunting sucks dick). I'll still probably be out until July/August due to training. But feel free to change it, they were mostly put in place just so we had something before the migration actually occurred.
Hey, no worries. You just concentrate on real life, buddy! In the meantime, the rest of us, especially chip, will have to get around to slowly bringing things over like the infoboxes to the formats used on Newpunch. And chip still needs to add the ability to add the page number to NewpunchPost, as individual posts after the first page don't link properly without it.
We're going to need copious amounts of Wayback usage, especially for user pages, event logs and comments! We need to get a move on!
Here's the last thread in all of Oldpunch. We should probably archive it before they pull the plug.
Don't know if this has already been pointed out, but one positive side effect of the forum migration is that certain deleted threads are back. I noticed this when I was on the page about News puns. The part about the thread "Man forced to moonwalk at gun point" indicates that the thread was deleted some time ago, but all the links are working again now that the thread is on newpunch.
The very last Oldpunch post
It is likely that the degree of deletion used didn't fully removed from the database, so theoretically all deleted threads and posts, if they weren't put in DDT, have seemingly returned. So, stuff like "How Did Your Username ?", ConalFawcett's cum tray and the deleted posts from the El Dorito Incident are visible once more, but Iago's freakish nipples aren't, for example.
DDT is still up on the old forums (for now), but those posts aren't getting migrated. Heads up, use archive.is or similar tools.
I'm almost offended I don't have one, but on the other hand I feel it'd be terribly self-absorbed to write my own.
You need to be logged in to access any threads in DDT. noh_mercy mentioned something about the Internet Archive being able to save password-protected pages through its Archive-it subscription service, which would also immortalize whoever saved the page, since the archived version would have their name in the top right. Unless we find 1) a free alternative; or 2) someone with the money and willingness to save DDT threads, those posts are gonna be lost forever... which is a damn shame. The fact that those posts will be forever lost, alongside those in the RC and, presumably, the Community Fund section and Discussion sub-forum, just sounds dreadful. It sort of counter-balances the return of deleted posts.
So I've created Template:newpunchuser since the original Template:user points to the old site. We can't use avatars in the user pages anymore, since those are hosted on this site with random names, it'll be impossible to do uniformly. Please use Template:newpunchuser from now on, we will have to figure omething out for if/when the old forum goes totally offline
Would I be able to request a name change on wikipunch?
Are there any articles on 2b2t? Seems like an interesting little bit of FP subculture (or rather counterculture) that I wasn't around for. Also it got our name in a few news articles so there's that too. From what I understand, the 2b2t thread kind of got its own community that only posted in that thread and thus didn't conform to the FP standard. And then drama happened and postal(?) killed it.
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