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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/557/8909ec7d-8b0f-40dd-b27e-154e36069a2d/image.png The world of Arva is one of magic, monsters, and peoples of many races. The vast expanse of life across the lone rock in a unimaginably large universe holds many secrets, treasures, and dangers unique to itself. Heroes and legends have given rise as societies prospered across the face of the planet. The world itself is divided amongst petty kingdoms and grand empires, each seeking to undermine one another and further their own selfish goals of conquest and ambition. Decadence is pervasive throughout many ruling families as they enjoy vast wealth and a relative peace.   Yet, as the end of the First Era approaches to an end, an ancient evil rises against the realms of the free peoples. Dark forces work in the shadows, plotting their next move. They have been playing an intricate game for the past two and a half thousand years, and now their plans shall come to fruition. All throughout the known world, the agents of malice prepare themselves as their masters approach. What chance do mere mortals have against the oncoming tides?   ------------   Hi. This is a /reboot/ of Arva, which will be taking the form of a Character RP. The game itself will be taking place in the established Arva world, and as such most player created Kingdoms will exist/have existed as well as their rulers. HOWEVER, this takes place about 2500 years after the Arva turns, thus making the time period at around 2506 FE (First Era). As this is a fantasy setting, you will have a variety of races and classes to choose from, D&D style. Don't worry about how your characters meet, that will be set up in the first post.   Races Humans   -U'manr (Nordmen)   -Latinac (Westerners)   -Hanori (Sudlanders)   -Helviirian (Duslanders/Desert Folk)   -Kichikichi (Short Folk) Elves   -Sal'tirai(High Elves)   -Paj'tirai(Wood-Elves)   -Arjo'tirai(Half-Elves) Dwarves (Dawi)   -Dawri(Mountain Dwarves)   -Vawri(Hill Dwarves)   -Zharr(Dark Dwarves) Satyr Orcs (Ha’chmin)   -Come from various clans, I can approve a clan name/backstory if sent. Glyrran   -Cat like race from the South from a diverse number of clans. I can approve a clan name/backstory if sent. Utterlin   -Otterlike river-faring people that exist throughout the Westerlands.   Classes Warrior   -Classic frontliner of any group. You lead the vanguard of battle and bear the brunt of blows.      -Berserker : You specialize in become battle-frenzied and dealing wild blows. Dangerous to enemies and yourself.      -Knight : As a knight of one of the realms, you are the classic definition of a warrior with sword and shield in hand. You also have the title of prestige that goes alongside such a role.      -Militiaman : You served in the militia of the village or town from which you hail, and have received training in several different weapons. Sorcerer   -Born with an innate connection to one of the magics, you wield tremendous amounts of power through the use of spells and conjurations.   -Types of Sorcerers     -Elemental : (Fire, Water, Earth, or Wind/Storm) One of the elements calls to you, and you can wield its primal powers.     -Arcane : Wield the energies of creation itself to forge defenses or initiate devastating attacks.     -Life : Also known as a druid, you command the very nature around you. Take the form of a chosen animal, call upon the wilds to strike down your foes, or use the power of the wilds to heal your allies.   -Blood : One of the dark magics, you can use rituals of blood and flesh to inflict horrible curses upon your foes.     -Shadow : Also known as a warlock; One of the dark magics, you control the darkness that pervades around all of us. Summon aberrations of malice to attack foes, conjure spells to inflict damage upon the mind, or twist reality to your own cruel ends upon the battlefield.     -Death : The most perverse and despised of all magics, you create a mockery of life as you summon the dead to fight at your command as mindless thralls or suck the life out of victims. Ranger   -You have served on the frontiers of kingdoms and empires, keeping an ever steady vigil for threats that would come upon your liege's domain.       -Scout : You specialize in being light and nimble, delivering quick blows with small weapons and getting out of sticky situations.       -Marksman : Your years of service have blessed you with an excellent marksmanship, as you can use bows proficiently.       -Beastmaster : Having lived even more secluded than your ranger brethren, you found the beasts and animals of the wild to be more like family than other people. You start off with an animal companion that fights alongside you. (Choice subject to review) Bard   -Music was your calling, rather than fighting. You bring entertainment to any group you travel alongside with your poems and ballads.       -Choose instrument of choice (subject to review) Priest   -Taking the vows of the cloth, you have lived a pious life for whatever god you worship.      -Healer : Trained in the arts of mending wounds, you provide aid and tend to the scars of battle to others.       -Zealot : Heresy is the greatest threat to order and cannot be tolerated. You strike the enemy down with the hammer of righteousness and faith.       -Divinist : In recent years, a new magic has made its appearance into the world. An entity beyond our world calls to us with warmth and love, and has chosen you for an unknown purpose. You can summon magic of the Light to heal wounds and smite enemies.       -Paladin : You have taken the vows of warrior-priest to defend the weak and destroy evil wherever you might find it. Not seeing something that interests you? Make a class of something on your own! Though I will have to review and approve it.   -- >Making a Character   -Picture [Optional]:   -Name:   -Race:   -Class:   -Backstory:   -Skills: (Not spells; Make 2 for your character traits that make sense and aren't in general overpowered.)   -Spells: (Only applies to Divinists, Sorcerers, Paladins, and Custom Classes [subject to review])      -Choose two spells that make sense in context of your character and aren't in general overpowered.   -Additional Information: -- The World as of 2506 FE (First Era). https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/557/8e8cd0e9-cc06-437b-abcb-77d8a0b7887e/image.png Send your applications to me over Discord please!   Current Players : 0/7
Republic of Nysa https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/207676/5a7da90a-e298-4339-bdef-be62d86d28f5/d76.gif
Strysavian nation is in the map but no Strysavian race in the OP?
Centaur tribes but no centaur race
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Alright, posting my basic character info here. Name: Gabriel Rose, Baron Image: https://i.imgur.com/M3N04g1.png Race: Latinac Human with distant Belmonti lineage Age: 24 Class: Blood Sorcerer Backstory: Gabirel Rose hails from a small estate in the Riverlands and possess the title of Baron, an inheritance from his late father. At a young age, Gabriel lost most of his family to an illness which had swept the local lands, claiming peasant and noble alike. He and his mother attended to the ailing members of the family since they never contracted the illness, but within the span of a short few months all had perished but Gabriel, his younger sister Lucina, and his mother. Having lost her husband and most of her children, Gabriel’s mother perished only a week after the illness had passed – attributed to losing the will to live. Gabriel took control of the estate as a teenager and lived a fairly reclusive life with his sister. He relied mostly on the few remaining staff who lived on the estate grounds and had been with the family for generations. Gabriel did his best to remain diligent to feudal obligations and made a clever, if not perhaps too idealistic, liege. His management was firm and his grasp of business ensured he could save a sizeable portion of the family fortune, which was more than enough to keep the manor in tact. He was the second youngest son of a once large family, so his ambitions had not yet been checked by his father. Aside from ruling, he busied himself with learning and the arts. He missed his father dearly, but he was glad he hadn't been irrevocably pushed towards a life as an officer, diplomat, or priest like his elder brothers. With his sister his sole remaining family, the two grew very close. Lucina enjoyed gardening and she managed the estate grounds by herself with an almost religious fervor. Gabriel didn't want to pressure her into marrying a suitable nobleman - as he had yet to marry as well - so he was content to let her choose her own life. On one quiet day, Gabriel felt deeply compelled to the visit the ocean. He had seen it often in his dreams and thought that perhaps some contemplation and meditation there would ease whatever had overcome his mind. The coast was only a days ride away, so he set off with his sister to spend a good afternoon there. It wasn’t long that, as he was walking along the shore, that he discovered a small obsidian figurine of a person half-buried in the sand. He was surprised to see that the figure had two tiny red eyes – a trait that ran in his family. Gabriel didn’t believe in fate, but he realized that he must have been led to this totem. He kept it and soon became obsessed. That night the idol spoke to him in his dreams for the first time. It told him of a wondrous world that existed beyond the material realm, one of shadows, power, and spirits. He had lengthy conversations with the tiny figure at night and become utterly taken with the idea of learning more about the occult lore which the totem spoke so knowledgeably and fondly about. His typically studied attitude and sharp wit corrupted into eccentricity. The idol had granted him knowledge on a hated but powerful form of magic – blood sorcery. His reputation quickly turned from one of a tragic young man to a maddened devil. The locals were terrified of him, and after a series of strange disappearances in the local area people began calling him the “Blood Baron.” He became a haunting creature to the locals, one which he enjoyed and played up to. The totem convinced him that greatness was hidden away in the Forgotten Lands. It weaved together stories of myth and fact, of great power and exotic delights. Gabriel knew he had to travel to the distant continent if he wanted to truly grasp the secrets the totem spoke of.
https://i.imgur.com/tRhB4i2.jpg Safnys Yokmiunrir Race: Arjo'tirai Class: Beastmaster Backstory: Raised in a secluded mountain village and trained as a temple priestess, Safnys lived for many years in a strangely small world. Despite given a commanding view of the surrounding steppes, it never quite occurred to the young half-elf that anything worth seeing lay beyond the vast wilderness, and certainly not the great cities and societies of all the races and cultures. She was well adjusted and talented in that place, and happy; while the boys learned the bow and arrow, she, like other girls, learned the art of falconry to the point of mastery, and none seemed to hold a bond as close as Safnys and her Golden Eagle, Aptalon. Seemingly destined to become the village shaman, it was unthinkable that one day, she would wander far away. But that was exactly the case one tragic summer night, when armored visitors from a faraway land came, seemingly interested in the temple. Unbeknownst to Safnys, an artifact hidden within its walls carried a great value to some distant mage, who paid good coin to see the temple located and ransacked. When the last embers were finally extinguished the following morning, Safnys found herself blamed for the attack, having led the men to the alter. As ashamed as one could be while wearing such an ostentatious, ceremonial outfit, she departed, never to return. Yet, Sadnys' outlook is not one of gloom or anger, but one of discovery. Inadvertently, the act of fate awakened her to the grand possibilities of her travels, and with her skills as a hunter, she has developed a fierce will to survive and prosper. Skills: Soul-bond: Safnys is so attached to Aptalon that she has formed a spiritual bond, allowing her to summon the bird through will alone. Quarry: Safnys and Aptalon never fully lose sight of their prey, and can track their target for days if need be, even through cities.
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https://i.imgur.com/n73aAfR.png -Name: Mazar -Race: Helviirian -Class: Ranger - Scout -Backstory: A member of the Queen's Royal Scouts, Mazar is an elite tracker and infiltrator who serves directly under the orders of Helviir monarchy. Despite their wealth and influence, some members of the federation will always try to claw their way to power. Mazar, backed up by a hundred more scouts just like him, form the first line of defense and actively neutralize threats towards the throne before the Royal Guards will hear whispers of them. Mazar has been entrusted with a difficult task. Whispers of a great evil has reached the Queen's ears. Fearing a rebellion or war the Royal Scouts are deployed to seek out this evil- regardless if it's on Helviir soil or not. -Skills: Wraith - Mazar has the ability to become undetected for one turn, allowing him to scout and reposition. Combat action breaks stealth. Queen's Hand - Blessed by the First of Queens, Okzama, Mazar's shortbow can target and temporarily cripple a selected (minor/non-boss) enemy for a single turn.
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Picture: https://i.cubeupload.com/pAtv66.jpg Name: Malkin of Arboga Race: Human ( U'manr ) Class: Sorcerer, Elementalist (Fire) Backstory: Malkin was raised to become one of the regions shamans, who would sit on the elemental council. Nestled away in in the deep pine forests of Skorrin, Arboga was as well off as any of the other kingdoms in the region. During Malkin's time on the council, old rivalries grew with the petty kingdom of Piksne. Their most outspoken supporter of fueling the rivalry was a Aquamancer by the name of Jon. Eventually, Malkin had heard enough, and struck Jon down by using his powers. This was a affront to both kingdoms, since those on the council had sworn a oath not to harm one another, and even to the gods as Malkin had used his powers in anger to cause harm. Chased from his home, Malkin wandered. Over the years he grew bitter at those who had abandon him. No longer bound by ancient covenants, Malkin used his power to function as a travelling mercenary. Overtime, Malkin's bitterness turned into more of a understanding. He would help those less fortunate on the way and charging less, but he would still strike down those who he viewed as evil. The journey has given him a more practical outlook on life, and erased most the piousness from his early life. Skills: Emberheart: Steeled by the cold, harsh lands of the north and with his affinity for pyromancy gives Malkin a excellent resistance to cold. Spirit of the bear: Malkin is exceptionally tough for his age. With U'manr blood in his veins he can show a incredible physical resilience. Spells:   Fireball: Conjures a ball of fire. Malkin can increase the size and potency of this destructive spell at a physical cost. Dragon's Tongue: Conjures a stream of fire from his hands. Malkin can increase the size and potency of this destructive spell at a physical cost.  
http://i.cubeupload.com/Hve9qa.png Name: Sigewulf 'The Kinslayer' Race: Skorinnic (Island) U'manr Class: Huskarl (Nordman Knight) Backstory: Sigewulf, son of the late Jarl Savhar, is the former (or current, depending on who you ask) Jarl of the Kottrvarian realm, exiled in a palace coup by his Cousin, Gærrar Hamundsson. Sigewulf is a nobleman of the House Sweinn - a cadet branch of the legendary House Ragnarson, founded by the King Hrolfr Eagle-Eye. He and all before him trace their lineage back to the first ruler of the House, Sweinn, son of Skuld Gormsson and Astrid Hrolfdottir, daughter of Hrolfr Eagle-Eye. Since long before Sigewulf's birth, the realm of Skornrikt forged by the ancient King Eagle-Eye has been split in two due to familial conflict and political instability, and this historical feuding would be his downfall. Upon his adult coronation, Sigewulf vowed to revive the ancient kingdom by reuniting the Jarldoms of Kottrvar and Surd. Sigewulf waged a war to retake the Sunnalandic throne from his Nephew, Rikissmr Olmarson, and while almost successful, wreaked havoc on the strength of Kottrvar. Even despite devastating wins against the Sunnalandic armies, Sigewulf's armies were getting ground-out, and Rikissmr, desperate to save himself, forged an alliance with the Jarl of Pervjey. Even despite the encroaching danger, Sigewulf refused to recall his armies, and, oblivious of a plot to overthrow him back home, was left stranded in Sunnaland without any support. Gærrar, taking the throne from him, signed a peace deal with Rikissmr which granted him vast Skorrinlandic domains, including the city of Kottrvar itself, which although symbolic, had been eclipsed by other great cities in the fertile South. Sigewulf and his remaining men fled South and eventually dispersed, leaving Sigewulf a landless, listless wanderer. Sigewulf intends to eventually retake his throne and again pursue the revival of Skornrikt, but that day may yet not come. Skills: Famous Jarl: Sigewulf is an almost supernaturally charismatic and confident man who excels at inspiring men to his side (some say the spirit of Hrolfr Eagle-Eye lives within him!). His status as a noble and his lineage also lends him great respect in the Northlands, although it can also make him a target - Sigewulf still has an enormous ransom on his head, and some would gladly turn him in for even a fraction of it. +Enhanced ability to recruit allies, charisma in general. Extra bonus when talking to people from Surd, Kottrvar, Petty Kingdoms of Skorinn, Bjartrheimr, Pervjey, Musvjar, Hofnheimr, and Talcheron who are sympathetic to his cause. Double negative malus when talking to people who prefer his usurper. Non-sympathetic guards and soldiers in Surd, Kottrvar and Pervjey will attack him and his party on sight, and attempt to capture or kill. Un-sympathetic characters may try to capture or rat him out for ransom. Cannot be anonymous in the northlands, unless heavily disguised. Iron will: Sigewulf is an unwavering, driven warrior. Even under the most dire circumstances, he can stay focused and continue fighting. His fervor is so great that he can often inspire cowardly men to great feats, and routing armies to fight to the death. +Bonus to resist most mind/willpower spells and effects. Allies / party members receive morale bonus in combat. Spells: Ancestral Steel [Requires sword equipped: Eagle's Talon]: Sigewulf is the owner of an arcanic sword told to have been wielded by Hrolfr Eagle-Eye, and to contain the souls of those who fought alongside him in battle. Once a day, Sigewulf can summon the likeness of an ancient huskarl to fight by his side.
Got approved by josh so here's the character sheet Picture: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/131/0a876bb3-07f8-42c9-81c0-5a7507fedb6b/1508952936532.jpg Name: Wayond the slick Race: Latinac Class: Knight Backstory: Born a nobleman and the 3rd child of his house, Wayond's attention was always focused on other matters than what his older brother was going to inherit the castle and the title of lord. His sister being next in line and having a stronger claim than him didn't help sway him. He knew he wasn't going to inherit the anything of worth to him, so he focused on being a knight and...other pursuits. There are rumors still of little bastards running around the castle working as servants or blacksmith apprentices. However, those rumors are hard to prove but have become a secret to everybody. Ever since he became a squire he dreamt of breaking off from the dull day to day boredom in the castle, so becoming a traveling knight might just be what he needed. The monotony was enough so he packed up and prepared his horse. After saying goodbye to his siblings and their endless politicking, he left. Unsurprisingly there was little protest on their part. One less bastard factory. So now he travels the land searching adventure and other means to entertain himself. Either through sword, drink or other means. Skills: The backhand-once per combat encounter, Wayond delivers a strong backhand shot to his opponent, stunning them. Lady killer-Years spend talking to women have given him a wealth of experience as well as many slaps across the face. Wayond has a higher change in diplomacy and general convincing when he's talking to a member of the opposite sex.
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Picture: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/649/9efd86ea-7e0d-487e-a90a-00c52d783146/Valdil.png Name: Valdil Race: Sal'tirai (High Elf) Class: Divinist Backstory: Valdil was born to the house of Aedthar, a noble house amongst the archipelago domain of the Sal'tirai Empire. He grew up as any noble would, well educated and immersed in the realm of sophistication and upper class living. As he grew older, though, he started to feel that he didn't belong in this sort of world. He wanted to help people, not surround himself with aristocrats. He chose to become a healer, tending to the sick and needy amongst the Empire's lower classes. Eventually, he'd take a trip to the Temple of the Sun. A holy site, he believed that a journey there would grant him favor amongst the gods and help him tend to those in need. It turns out, it did grant him favor with some divine entity. He began to discover that he could use Light magic rather efficiently in the weeks following his pilgrimage, and it only grew in power as time went on. The gods had blessed him, so he decided to use his blessings accordingly. He began to journey across land and sea, mending the broken and curing the cursed. If any attempted to hinder his mission, they would be struck down with divine wrath. Or his blessed mace. Whichever came first. Skills: Mark of the Divine - Has an excellent resistance to curses and dark magic, after being touched by the divine. (Reduces damage from dark magic attacks.) Elven Blood - Being a High Elf, Valdil is able to channel a bit more power into spells. Giving them a chance to be twice as effective. (Starts at 1/8 chance, and it increases to 1/4 and then to 1/2 as experience is gained.) Spells: Restoring Touch - Can restore someone's health by various amounts, and remove curses or debuffs. (Uses a single dice roll. 1-2 restores little health, 10-12 restores a lot. Varying amounts inbetween. Can be used up to 6 times per encounter.) Holy Shield - Can buff allies with a Light based shroud. (Lasts for 3 combat phases for an ally, or blocks up to 3 attacks of any kind on an ally. Whichever comes first. Can only be used once every three encounters.)
Act 1: Beginnings https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/557/f1907e21-5f26-4451-8da3-a204a06d1730/image.png The port city of Gilleth stands as one of the most strategic points of the Riverlands due to its unique nature of being an independent city state. For hundreds of years before, the city had exchange hands dozens of times between numerous petty kingdoms in the region as they fought for control of the waterway connecting the Shimmering Sea in the south to the Great Sea in the north. Only in the last century had the denizens of the city declared its own independence and subsequent neutrality in the petty squabbles and wars of the River Lords. With its bountiful trade routes and mercantile wealth, the city has been capable in fortifying and defending itself from those that seek its strategic value. But Gilleth has also faced threats from the sea as well in the past decades. Along with the rest of the region, Gilleth has suffered from attacks on its trade ships from pirates that plague the high seas, making trade with the Western Kingdoms and southern Khanates difficult. Mercenary companies in recent years have grown to prosper in Gilleth as merchant companies use their vast wealth to hire manpower onto their ships for defence. In the recent months, relations between Gilleth and the Petty Kingdom of Teuvia have soured, thus closing the northern strait and direct access to the trade routes with the Hinterlands, creating a diplomatic crisis between the two and risking all out war of which the others in the region observe with curious eyes and devious schemes. For most of the trading enterprises, finding an alternative route is an absolute must, and most merchants are desperate as their coffers begin to empty from the withering of income. Some begin to entertain the idea of a new route lies eastward in the turbulent waters… -------- https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/557/35dd9ee9-8486-4129-92f0-1bc8cbcf0fd5/image.png In the less fortunate part of Gilleth known as Waik Town, The Hound Pits Pub jutted its entrance awkwardly out into a small alleyway, a unique feature compared to the worn stone walls and boarded windows of the buildings around it. Known for its dog fights in the basement as well as the shady characters that usually frequent it, most people avoid it unless they have good reason to be there. An older man bearing the scars of battles paced around his candle-lit office at the back of the not-so esteemed establishment, which served as his not-so official headquarters courtesy of a favor the owner owed him. A new contract had come in, a local trader named Garrwen came in with a large purse of coin, desperate for his aid in his enterprise. Contracts usually didn’t make him nervous, but the tense situation that Gilleth is currently going through he cannot afford to screw up. His reputation was on the line, as well as payment. I hope the crew I gathered can handle the job. he thought to himself nervously before taking a swig of grog to try to calm his nerves. It tasted like piss mixed with mud, but it was better than nothing right now. He collected himself as he exited his office, observing the new recruits. 12 figures loitered in the pub, some locals, some foreigners. Most looked green for this, which didn’t give him much confidence. He cleared his throat loudly to garner attention. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/557/7871c14e-f183-43e1-9518-155d4727ea6d/image.png As he spoke, he looked around the room at each new member, especially at the more frail members of the group. “Though I expect some here will have more difficulty in that than others. We leave within the hour, so be ready by then. That’s all for now.” Hugin finished as he turned to the lone barkeep, Samuel. “I need another mug of ale.” https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/557/cdca4b4c-cebb-4c7c-a015-24d3ec48fed5/image.png
Calling out the bartend, Sigewulf slides one and one coins across the countertop. "Sunnalandic gold ale for that Nordman by the brazier. Tell him - 'Illir weeps for the crowned.' " The shady blonde then slides up a baggie for another eight coins. "-And Nysene Purple for the other three." He says, topping off his own mug.
"Another pint of ale over here, barkeep!" Wayond boomed from his chair "Keep my thirst quenched and I'll keep your purse full." The traveling knight was in good spirits. Far away from his sibling and their petty squabbles. Far away from the endless politicking. And far far away from any uncomfortable questions as to who the father might be. He looked around to see who the other patrons were. Lots of people with hoods. You'd think it was raining inside the pub or something. To his left however, he noticed someone. One of the two women in this place. The other one was sitting in the shadows while the other one was by her lonesome. She certainly looked more colourful than the other one. "Hello there sweet bird!" He was heard again, the concept of an indoor or a discreet voice alluding him at the moment. "You look very lonesome over there by yourself. Come sit with me and sing a song in my ear."
Baron Gabriel Rose slowly sipped at the finest wine he could purchase at the Hound Pits Pub - which wasn't all that fine. It was cheap, tasted a little watered down, and was nothing like the premium blends that came down from Nysa in the northwest. He didn't particularly approve of spending money on frivolous matters, but he had traveled a great deal in the past few days without the usual comforts and his small entourage of a servant or two, so he decided to bend his rules for once and spend a little extra on wine. He didn't even like it all that much, but it was better than the peasant mead and ale that flowed like water down here. Such... unrefined beverages were unpleasant for the palate. Idly, he stroked his hand over the black furred collar of his shawl, relishing the softness beneath his touch as he listened to the bar patrons yap back and forth. Captain Hugin had appeared and gave them all a rousing little speech, and Gabriel yawned. When the man mentioned bleeding, the young baron's eyes flickered slightly, but he calmed himself and took another sip of his wine. There were some curious individuals in attendance and he watched them carefully, gauging who would be worth his time to perhaps become acquainted with, or more. The loud, obnoxious knight who was downing ale like a machine was already getting on his nerves and he twitched slightly again. The things I have to put up with, he sighed. He had spent some time in the public sphere in official capacity, so he was more or less used to seemingly endless irritations, but irritations they still were. The knight might have been annoying, but all things considered everything was going quite well so far. He eyed the attendants of the bar over once more, thinking about who looked the most worthwhile.
Valdil simply sat silent by the fire, taking in its nurturing warmth. He glanced up from beneath his hood, looking to each of the others that were near him then at those further away in the pub. He felt a bit odd, really. The only elf amongst a group of humans. Still, they would obviously need his help if they were to survive the various endevours that they would be participating in under Hugin. Valdil ended up yawning, before taking a sip of some water from a bottle tucked into the satchel on his side.
Safnys sat quietly, both hands wrapped around a goblet of cheap wine. She wasn't sure if it was the mercenary's vague warnings of blood and guts ahead, or the swill she had been forcing down her throat, but she had gone a bit green long before Wayond beckoned her over. Everything down in the valley floor tasted like mud or worse; she missed the crisp drink offered by the mountain springs she was accustomed to. Here, it was a luxury she could no longer afford, and the water of the city had already made her sick twice before. Beer and wine were the only safe options, it seemed, but it certainly hadn't made her rosy. Wayond reminded her of the sort of shallow men who inhabited the lowlands, and even if his appearance suggested something more noble, more cavalier, his words certainly didn't elevate him above the rest of the drunken, dirty lot. The pilgrims who once visited her shrine were so pure and genuine; where had they come from? She gave him the benefit of the doubt. If they were soon to be working together, then surely he wouldn't be stupid enough to lay a hand on her like an animal... She reluctantly stepped over and introduced herself. "My name is Safnys. I'm an exile and I'd rather not speak of it... not that it's important. And this," she said, lifting her hooded eagle, "is Aptalon. He's been my only companion."
Sigewulf & Wayond The barkeeper, Samuel, collects the payment as well as the tip. He shuffles the money into his coin purse quickly, "Thank ye kindly sir. I'll get right on it." Just as he collects some glasses to start on the order, he perks up as the Latinac knight calls out his order. "I'll get right on it sir! Comin' up!" he replies loudly as he descends down to the cellar to fill the drinks. He returns after a moment with filled drinks in hand. He approaches the small fireplace in the center of the room and the people around it. He first hands out the luscious Nysene Purple to the first three patrons, the rich velvet colored drink swirling in its respective cups as he handed them off. "Courtesy of the good man at the bar." Samuel said to the three, pointing towards Sigewulf. The bald man with an even larger hammer turns and raises his cup in a grateful toast towards Sigewulf. Samuel approaches the last figure yet to receive a drink, Malkin, and hands him the Sunnalandic Gold. "For ye as well, from the same man. Told me to tell you 'Illir weeps for the crowned.'? Don't know what that means." he says as he takes his leave. With the last drink in hand, a locally brewed ale, he approaches Wayond and sets the amber brew before him. "Here ye are sir. Finest ale in te Riverlands, I assure ye." --- Valdil After being handed the drink, it sits in Valdil's hands, the velvet colored drink swirled in his hands. "Pleasure to meet a fellow Tirai(elf) in these lands." a voice to the right says. A slim figure with robes adorned with green and leaves, as well as a oak staff sits next to the fire as well as unmistakable . "What brings you so far from your home?" --- Gabriel As Gabriel sat and observed the room, a familiar voice ringed out to him. I sense souls... the idol whispered to him in his mind. Now is not the time however. We can use them... yes... to head east... yes, yes... ---
Gabriel's eyes unfocused slightly for a moment as he heard the smooth whispering of the idol in the back of his head. It rarely granted him with a visit while he was awake, and he was torn between feeling grateful and annoyed at the intrusion to his thoughts at that moment. He figured it was just as eager as he was to get a move on. The idol was hanging around his neck, tucked in beneath the collar of his black jacket, and he gave it a brief reassuring touch through the cloth. He glanced back up and around as the barkeep handed out some drinks to the party by the fire, and he noticed the woman with the eagle approach and talk to the boorish knight after he called her out. He was expecting, hoping even, for a small fight but it seemed that was not the case. Only a tiny frown displayed his disappointment that such a thing didn't occur. After a moment his eyes settled on one of the other distant patrons of the bar, a woman from the looks of it sitting alone. There was a hooded man nearer to his current table, and there were a few open slots at the fire, but he decided to work his way around and see who the more mysterious woman was. Once he got a clearer picture, then he could move on to the more normal looking folk. With his goblet in hand, he rose from his table and strode around the bar and around the fire, approaching the woman who was seated alone. He nodded to the table. "May I join you, if not for but a moment? I'm Baron Rose, or simply Gabriel."
"A most virtuous mission. Healing." said Valdil. That's mostly what he had been doing since departing from the Empire's borders. He would stop here and there, offering his skills to those that would need them. The poor, the sick, the injured. Anyone that would have need of the healing arts. He gazed back down into the cup in his hands, before opting to take a sip of the liquid inside. Just to taste, really.
Gabriel The lady had her nose buried in a small book when Gabriel arrived at the table. She moved her book down slightly to observe him, before quickly bringing it back up to block him from her vision. "I'm busy." she says curtly, "What do you want?" --- Valdil "You have a kinder heart than most." the fellow elf responded. "A kind heart in an unkind world. Too few good people these days." Saying that brought a slight frown to his face and a pained tone. He quickly recomposes himself again to speak. "I am Ailluin."
Gabriel smiled a little, partly amused, his large red eyes twinkling. "I would like to get acquainted with some of my compatriots - after all, we will be traveling and fighting together. You also looked rather lonesome over here." He gestured towards the book that she now held up. "What might you be reading? Academics? Scripture? Or perhaps it is a journal?"
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