• Dustrunners: Rival mercenaries fight for fortune and influence!
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Theme https://i.imgur.com/RkuX90m.png In 2031 the Syrsrean Kingdom and the Democratic Republic of Tarbey formed a military coalition against  their oppressive neighbour of Perzistan. Despite objections from the Eurosian-Anzilan Union, the State Federation and the Rassachi Republic the three nations engaged in all-out war. Despite their manpower and resources the Syrsrean-Tarbey Coalition slowly started to lose against the much more technologically-advanced Perzistan. As Perzistan prepared to launch their weapons of mass destruction the STC launched their own WMDs. These unrefined and unstable weapons, created using stolen Perzistani fusion technology, devastated Perzistan and killed millions. For many the war with Perzistan would be remembered not only as a bloody conflict but as a prime example as to why new generations of WMDs have to be kept under close watch. With most of Perzistan having been turned into a desolate radioactive wasteland the Eurosian-Anzilan Union worked alongside the rest of the region to cordon it off. It is now the year of 2050. Technological advancements are going strong as Humanity look to the stars. However despite the apparent stability tensions grow between the superpowers of the world. Natural resources grow increasingly rare, forcing nations to seek out alternate sources of income. While the Rassachi Republic plunder the depths of the ocean and the State Federation set foot on Mars the Eurosian-Anzilan Union turn towards Perzistan. No doubt a dangerous area Perzistan still hold many treasures from its former government which was far ahead of its time- even twenty years prior. Many of these technologies could very well be the answer to several of Humanity's questions. Private companies, prospectors and mercenaries rally at the Perzistan border as the EAU announce that the borders will be opened and that bounties will be paid to parties that successfully recover tech. It's time to rev up your engines, secure your CBRN filter and button down the hatches. Perzistan awaits. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to Dustrunners! In this character-based RP each player will be assuming command of their own team, similar to the crew system of the Lost Sea, and head out into the desert wastes of Perzistan. This world is more or less fictional to encourage player-created lore. Aside from their own team players will be commanding their own group of vehicles (APCs, trucks, tanks, jeeps, etc.) operating from a mercenary landcarrier. Missions will range from breaking into fallout bunkers, raiding abandoned labs to securing lost museum artifacts. The storyline will be adapted to the missions chosen by the players. The primary goal of the game is to secure the biggest treasures as players combat bandits and rivaling mercenaries to secure their next paycheck from the EAU or any of the various warring corporations wrestling for fortune and influence. Players will operate from the landcarrier Endurance owned by the PMC Phalanx. Despite this player crews are not forced to be tied to Phalanx and may choose to operate independently on behalf of either a state or another organization. Combat Dustrunners will focus primarily on PvE combat however, because players are not forced to be allies, PvP is possible (if both parties agree). Combat will revolve around Units (UNT), Attack (ATK) and Defense (DEF) stats: a tank company will have fewer UNT points but more ATK and DEF points while a motorized infantry company will sacrifice DEF points for more UNT and ATK points. During combat D10 rolls will decide wether or not an action (I.E. "Wolf Company APCs launch a rocket barrage at the Bandit Convoy") succeed or fail. Stats will then determine if the attack damages or eliminates the enemy target. Player Characters & Crew Each player character may be accompanied by a number of minor player-controlled characters such as secondary officers, crewmates and soldiers. Player characters will have a specialty which determines what kind of crew that accompanies it. A player character proficient in armored combat will assume control of a tank company, a character specializing in infantry combat will take control of a mechanized infantry group while a civilian engineer will command a convoy of non-military utility vehicles. Players may choose between a number of military and non-military roles: all are welcome to Perzistan. Character Creation Character submissions may be posted here or in the Discord (DM me directly). Submissions start with the template for your main character followed by info of your crew and then of your vehicle group. Templates: CHARACTER TEMPLATE CREW TEMPLATE VEHICLES TEMPLATE EXAMPLE SUBMISSION List of Players: Viper123_SWE - Captain Soraya Deveraux (Phalanx 1st Expeditionary)
Name: Captain Soraya 'Oasis' Deveraux DoB/Age: 7th of April, 2020 Gender: Female Nationality: Eurosian Physical Description: https://i.imgur.com/b850a1F.jpg 175cm, slim build. Always seen wearing her worn Phalanx uniform. Biography: The only daughter of a Eurosian officer and a low-ranking Tarbey diplomat, Soraya is not only bilingual but also well-acustomed to both diplomacy and military tactics. Formerly serving with the EAU's Border Guard Brigade she's seen her fair share of action against rogue military elements, rebels and other well-armed criminal parties. When the global military organization known as Phalanx expanded their influence Soraya was one of the first to be recruited into their ranks. Not bound by bureaucracy or limited funds Soraya saw new opportunities in the service of Phalanx. Three years later she is now in command of the Phalanx landcarrier Endurance. One out of three superheavy experiemental vehicles, Endurance not only acts as a base of operations for Phalanx forces in the region but will also serve as the home for many other mercenaries and civilian contractors looking to venture out into Perzistan. Soraya remain confident in both her crew and in her own abilities. Specialty: Brigade Command Minor Characters: Name: Lieutenant Victor Karsten Gender: Male Nationality: Rassachian Physical Description: https://i.imgur.com/aBudfKU.jpg Biography: A former officer with the Rassachi Republic Air Force, Victor Karsten grew up in the south-western part of Rassachia. His father, who maintained a fleet of VTOL crop dusters, served as the primary source of inspiration for Victor's career within the RRAF. After attaining the rank of Squadron Captain Victor was headhunted by Phalanx who convinced him to serve onboard the Endurance as the ATC Commander, putting him in charge of all incoming and outgoing air traffic from the landcarrier. Name: Sergeant David 'Dave' Jackson Gender: Male Nationality: Stater Physical Description: https://i.imgur.com/M50OeoN.jpg Biography: A true Stater at heart, Dave Jackson embraced the military culture by donating much of his monthly salary to veterans and by serving actively himself. A veteran tank commander Jackson is no stranger to micro-managing a battlegroup while simultaneously engaging hostile armor. He was personally recruited by Captain Deveraux to oversee ground vehicle operations onboard the Endurance. Crew Info: Crew Name: 1st Phalanx Expeditionary Crew Specialty: Combat Support Number of Personnel: 350 (150 Military) Crew Stats: ATK: 6 DEF: 9 Vehicle Info: Command Vehicle: Landcarrier Endurance https://i.imgur.com/RtBfOf3.jpg Number of Vehicles: 33 (30 Military Vehicles) Types of Vehicles: 1x Landcarrier 7x Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) 10x Armored Personnel Carriers 8x Scout Cars 3x VTOL Gunships 1x VTOL Transport 3x Heavy Drilling Vehicles Vehicle Stats: ATK: 5 DEF: 10
Reserving a spot in this game. I'll edit this post later to contain my character sheet.
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