• Bullets of Fortune
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A78UI4TWbSA https://i.imgur.com/34SNYRb.png Ever since the kings of Europe warred for domination mercenaries have played a key role. From the Prussian sellswords and British corsairs of the past to the French mercenaries and South American guerillas of today. When politicians are tied by bureaucracy and armies stretched too thin soldiers for hire have always existed as an option. A last resort. Able to break status quos, lift sieges, shield rulers, control populations and, most importantly, send a strong message. Mercenaries have always had a place in war. They have always had purpose. With conflicts coming and going, businesses booming and people seeking protection it is a perfect time for mercenaries to shine in the year of 2020. Elias Greenberg, CEO of Greenberg International Commerce (GIG), a multi-national billion dollar business, has the power to move nations. While always prioritizing his own agendas there is no doubt money to be made each time Greenberg expands into a new field.  With the newly-established Greenberg Security Group seeking both new and experienced military contractors, as well as civilian contractors with experience in the field of defense technology, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. That and the signing bonus is good. Really good. ------------------------------------------------------ DESCRIPTION Step into the boots of a mercenary hired by the Greenberg Security Group. Players will start as freelancers but, following the first mission, they will found their own mercenary organization backed by the financial support and influence of GIG. One player, acting as the Base Commander, will have to choose and manage a base of operations, resources and contracts. At the same time the Field Commander will join the other players in a character-based RP environment as the contractors deploy across the globe to undertake a plethora of operations. CONTRACTS Choose your contracts wisely as they will both fuel your day-to-day operations and affect your reputation. Contracts will provide Gear (GR), Food (FD), Medicine (MED), Fuel (FL) and Cash ($) as well as reputation points with numerous factions. Completing a contract unlocks additional contracts within the same theater of war or with the same employer, depending if it is a private actor or a government actor. REPUTATION Reputation is awarded by completing contracts and grants several bonuses such as increased resources, additional mission loot and additional opportunities for expansion. A scale is used to determine global reputation (how the public view you) and reputation with specific actors and factions. ALLIED - FRIENDLY - NEUTRAL - WARY - HOSTILE STAFF Staff are divide into three categories; Military Contractors, Civilian Contractors and Non-Player Staff. Military Contractors take the lead, they travel into the field to complete the contracts, take down hostiles and loot for resources and gear. They are led by the Field Commander who works directly with the Base Commander. Civilian Contractors are engineers, doctors, admin staff and other non-combat characters. They can also carry weapons and join the MCs in the field however primarily their role is to assist the Base Commander with research and other knowledge. Non-Player Staff are NPCs. Controlled by the GM they exist to fill the background at the Homebase, provide dialogue and (if needed) can act as generic grunts to support the Field Commander team. HOMEBASE After completing their first mission together the players will be able to vote on several base alternatives to serve as their HQ. Alternatives include refurbished ex-military bases, aircraft carriers and even ocean platforms (we MSF now) as well as many more. COMBAT Combat will revolve around basic D10 rolls to determine if an attack succeeds or not. CHARACTER CREATION Name: First and last name. Nickname optional. Callsign: Operational callsign used in the field. Keep it relatively serious. DoB: Date of Birth. Gender: Male/Female/Attack Helicopter Nationality: Country of origin. Choosing Sweden will not grant any bonuses with the GM. Physical Description: Title. Image is optional but encouraged. Type: Military Contractor OR Civilian Contractor Proffession: Military/Civilian proffession/area of expertise. Keep it realistic. Biography: Description of your character. Stats: (Allocate twenty points into ATK, DEF and HP) ATK: 0 DEF: 0 HP: 0 Abilities: Ranging from special attacks to signature weapons, tools and skills. Don't make them too OP. PLAYERLIST Base Commander: One needed! Civilian Contractors: - Field Commander: One needed! Mercenary Contractors: -
First character: Name: Svetlana Voronova Callsign: Sickle Date of Birth: January 4th, 1953 Gender: Female Nationality: Russian Physical Description: 6 feet tall, brown hair, brown eyes. Practically in physical prime. (Picture below.) Type: Military Contractor Profession: Intelligence Operative / Special Forces Biography: Voronova is a former KGB operative, having served with the agency a good chunk of her life. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, she eventually found herself resigning from her position with the succeeding FSK/FSB, and departing from Russia to persue other endevours. She became a mercenary after some time, and has used her intelligence knowledge and special operations experience rather effectively on various operations. Now under the employ of the Greenberg Security Group, she continues doing what she does best. Stats: ATK: 7 DEF: 6 HP: 7 Abilities: Hand-to-Hand Expert - Having dealt in close quarters combat over the years, Voronova has mastered the art of hand-to-hand combat. Using disarming tactics, swift throws, punishing slams, and crippling blows, she can easily overwhelm and kill/knock out an opponent using just her hands or a weapon. (Does double damage when in a melee situation.) Undercover - As a former operative for the KGB, she's had plenty of experience assuming a variety of identities on missions. Proving crucial to intelligence gathering as well as survival. (Can disguise herself and blend in with enemies when needed.) PB6P9 - A Soviet integrally suppressed semi-automatic pistol, based off the Makarov design. Voronova has mastered its use over the years, and uses it as her primary sidearm. (Chances of a critical hit are doubled when used.) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/649/4f25189b-f108-459a-9483-a68cc444583a/V-Mugshot.png
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