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https://i.imgur.com/s3ihnON.png In 2020 the multinational company known as LGG (Lazarus Global Genetics) successfully managed to create the first lab-grown dinosaur clone using advanced DNA-replicating technology. This research would eventually lay down the groundwork for the Yggdrasil Corporation- a massive interntaional business conglomerate with a global reach. After Yggdrasil acquired LGG the two companies set out to create a site which would double as a lab and as a luxury resort for the richest of rich. Diplomats, CEOs, oligarchs, presidents and even warlords would come to Isla Paraíso where they would utilize the luxurious resort and, at the same time, fund Yggdrasil's research into replicating dinosaur DNA. The year is 2022. A banquet hosted on the island have gone terribly wrong. The CEO of Yggdrasil have, alongside several high-ranking government officials and corporate leaders, gone missing. During the banquet an SOS was briefly transmitted from the island's security centre before a massive tropical storm rolled in. With no way of reaching the island through legitimate means the vice-CEO of Yggdrasil hires Ares Private Security (APS) to move in and extract as many VIPs as possible, promising five-digit rewards for each VIP safely returned. APS have also been promised extra rewards if the research databanks are extracted intact alongside DNA samples stored inside the massive lab on the island. Taking on the mission APS requsitions resources from all across the world and sets out to hire the best soldiers of fortune, biologists, techs and engineers. Background, criminal records or drinking problems are irrelevant as long as you can get the job done. Yggdrasil subsidiaries, government agents, PMCs and mad scientists all join the race for the possibility of striking gold. Forming DAGR (Direct Assault & Ground Reconnassaince), Ares prepares to deploy their first team to secure a beachhead on the island. Stakes are high and information is need-to-know. At the same time unknown dangers await on the island, either hoping to escape or to turn you into the next meal. Will you have what it takes to become the top of the chain? DESCRIPTION This is a character RP focusing on a more cinematic story (no complex rolls or stats) revolving around DAGR- the first people to step ashore on Isla Paraíso for months- and their journey across the island in search for survivors, riches, loot, trophies, fame and, most importantly, answers. Each player will be allowed to assume control of two characters with the option for the second character to join later on if wanted. OBJECTIVES There are multiple objectives available. Aside from the main objective and contract on behalf of the Yggdrasil Corporation's vice-CEO there will also be secondary objectives and contracts offered by other companies, APS and relatives of the missing guests. Objectives are voted on amongst the members of DAGR. CHARACTER CREATION Template Classes: Mercenary - Gun for hire. You live by your weapon and you will die by it. You're here to show who's the real apex predator. Because bullets solve everything. Biologist - With a PhD in five fields of biology you can name all nine thousand species of grass- and dinosaurs. Technician - You're quick with your fingers and your mind is even quicker. HTML is your lingo of choice. Firewalls is a non-issue for you. Engineer - Broken machine? Not an issue. Broken vehicle? Piece of cake. Rebooting a broken-down tank using two pencils, gum and a car battery? That's your average monday. Vehicle Specialist - If it has wheels you can drive it. If it flies you can pilot it. If it skims across the seven seas you're the captain. LIST OF CHARACTERS Viper123_SWE - Kaspar Lions, Mercenary - Osman Tokmak, Vehicle Specialist
NAME: Kaspar 'KO' Lions AGE: 34 GENDER: Male NATIONALITY: United States of America CLASS: MERCENARY PICTURE/PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: https://i.imgur.com/9V71aj4.png BIOGRAPHY: Formerly US Army, Kaspar turned to the private sector after his second tour in Afghanistan. Working as a PMC he's seen most of Africa, the Middle East and South America. Rival parties have been everything from other mercenaries, terrorists, criminals, government forces and more. After spending years in a moral grey zone Kaspar eventually stopped working as a PMC and settled down in Puerto Rico, free of his past and the nightmares it brought with it. Having retired in 2019 Kaspar was hired again by APS specifically for the Isla Paraíso mission. ----------------------- NAME: Osman Tokmak AGE: 35 GENDER: Male NATIONALITY: Turkey CLASS: VEHICLE SPECIALIST PICTURE/PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: https://i.imgur.com/ojQh2vN.png BIOGRAPHY: Trained to drive and fly almost anything in use by the Turkish military Osman defected in 2017 after an embarrassing battle against Peshmerga soldiers. After that he bounced around, switching sides and theater of war frequently. Eventually he was hired by APS as a mission specialist and in 2021 he had at completed eighty-four contracts in service of them. Looking for the next challenge he volunteered for the Isla Paraíso mission.
NAME: Sun Liuxian AGE: 35 GENDER: F NATIONALITY: People's Republic of China CLASS: Biologist PICTURE/PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: https://i.imgur.com/XSUXnfx.jpg BIOGRAPHY: Sun Liuxian enlisted in the People's Liberation Army at the age of 17 with her parents consent after having completed her secondary education a year early. She served within the PLA's ground forces as a combat medic for four years before going to university to further her biomedical sciences education. She completed a double master's degree program for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and holds a Doctorate's degree for Molecular Engineering. She is trained in the basic use of firearms from her time spent within the PLA but is no marksman.
NAME: Frank Coleman AGE: 71 GENDER: Male NATIONALITY: United States of America CLASS: Engineer PICTURE/PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/649/c0d4db1c-65de-4fd1-8920-6f6f100148dc/Frank-Coleman.png BIOGRAPHY: Frank has been working on machines since the Vietnam War, mainly as a mechanic in the US Army. After the war ended, he did a stint in civilian life, operating an auto body shop out in Nevada. A few of his buddies eventually nudged him into the PMC life, where he'd put his mechanical skills to use for various employers over the course of fourty years. Now he ends up in the employment of Ares Private Security, tasked with accompanying the DAGR group on the Isla Paraíso operation. ------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME: Kyo 'Koko' Yu-Jin AGE: 26 GENDER: Female NATIONALITY: The Republic of Korea (South Korea) CLASS: Technician PICTURE/PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/649/7c8b8662-ab8c-404c-86ac-991dec0ed161/Kyo-Yu-Jin.jpg BIOGRAPHY: After volutarily joining the South Korean navy at the age of 18, Kyo served as a technician for six years. Afterwards, she lended her services to various civilian companies and organizations before being hired on by a Yggdrasil subsidiary. She is quite talented in the use of computers and electronics, specializing in data analysis and network/system engineering.
NAME: Nils Lundgren AGE: 34 GENDER: Male NATIONALITY: Sweden CLASS: Mercenary PICTURE/PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: https://u.cubeupload.com/Radley/Nils.jpg BIOGRAPHY: Nils always had a fascination for explosions, and when he was conscripted into the Swedish Armed Forces in 2006 it was an obvious choice what program he would apply for. Combat Engineers and E.O.D. After finishing his military service, he returned to work as a blaster at a mine near his home town. He eventually left the job to become a PMC, seeking more excitement and a more lucrative career. While certainly not ham-fisted with firearms, Nils prefers to leave the fighting to others so he can concentrate on more important matter, like blowing stuff up.
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Name: Artyom 'Phantom' Blyznyuk Age: 31 Gender: M Nationality: Ukraine Class: Mercenary Picture: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/249437/118d3c44-da3c-45ce-96a3-40a620adf111/image.png Biography: After war broke out against Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine, Artyom left his home in Odessa to serve in the Ukrainian military as a sniper. He found himself either on or near enemy lines more often than not, making him subject to artillery strikes and attacks along with his fellow countrymen. After two years, he had accumulated a body count of nearly 90 confirmed kills against the enemy, giving him a name known by his friends and enemies like for his low-profile, high efficiency kill rate: Phantom. With his service over, he was allowed to return home from the front lines. However, after a month at home, he vanished. Having taken his trusty Dragunov sniper and other military equipment, he set out into the world to leave his war-torn and corrupt country behind. Eventually, he found himself in the employment of Ares Private Security and completed several contracts before signing on for this new job.
Name: Robert "Red" Li Age: 31 Gender: M Nationality: Canada Class: Biologist Picture: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237002/5d661f99-3105-488c-bbf6-3d0caae65e43/image.png Biography: Born in Vancouver, Canada, Robert decided at a young age to pursue paleontology. Earning a BS in geology and biology from the University of Toronto, he's working on his doctorate at the University of Alberta, consulting the University and LGG at oil sand work sites on significant paleontological finds. Money's been tight however and he's putting doctorate on hold to join DAGR. Working in remote Albertan oil fields has hardened him a little bit and he knows a thing or two about defending himself in the wilderness, but he may have oversold his qualifications to his contacts at LGG to join the expedition.
Name: Ori Frenkel Age: 25 Gender: Male Nationality: Israel Class: Technician Picture: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/440356207971139614/458382635538972673/Marlton_talks_to_Russ_Buried_BOII.png Biography: A tech wizard who can cast electronic spells with computers. Ori is an IT specialist and programmer under the employ of the Yggdrasil Corporation, as well as a hacker who sells his scripts and programs on the side for extra cash. Ori's remarkable ability with programming stems from knowledge passed onto him by his parents, both ISNU agents. At a young age, they demonstrated to him many programming and hacking techniques which made him develop an interest in computers, and he hoped one day he could replicate these same techniques himself. After graduating from the Technion, he applied for an IT position at Yggdrasil, hoping to be a part of the great scientific achievements being made there. Unfortunately for him, not too long after being assigned to Isla Paraiso, something went horribly horribly wrong on the island. Stumbling around darkened and bloodied corridors, running away from the sounds of screams chasing after him, he now finds himself hiding under a wrecked boat on the beach, waiting for anyone to come by and help him escape.
Operations will commence by thursday. It's not too late to join.
NAME: Crius 'Motorman' Thomson AGE: 26 GENDER: M NATIONALITY: Canadian CLASS: VEHICLE SPECIALIST PICTURE/PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: BIOGRAPHY: SHORT DESCRIPTION https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107263/da5ab030-d617-40aa-acb1-f1f0b41e8fdc/image.png
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbnbEfeaQUk https://i.imgur.com/tGCMKaJ.png YCV Mjolnir (formerly USS Makin Island) South Pacific Ocean 30th of June 2022 Five months after the Incident. The storm was coming down on the fleet. Hard. Several crewmen were struggling on the flight deck either with securing the numerous helicopters currently parked onboard or with guiding the last incoming helicopters. A V-22 Osprey gently touched down but began to to skid on the wet tarmac. Five crewmen were quick to secure the wheels. Nearby a CH-47 Chinook donning the logo of the Yggdrasil Corporation ontop of it's black color scheme still struggled with the winds. Once it did finally touch down the aircraft was secured to the deck and its occuppants were free to leave the Rebecca Davis overlooked the entire scene from a balcony behind the bridge. She frowned and adjusted her baseball cap as the wind made her coat against her body and the railing infront of her. "Looks like this weather isn't giving up," said Lieutenant Colfac as he approached. He stopped next to Rebecca and chuckled as two deckhands fell onto their back trying to secure a MI-24 Super Hind gunship. Rebecca glanced up at Colfac. "What's the current headcount?" Colfac wiped off his nose. He grinned. "A hundred and fiftytwo assets so far. Excluding another forty without combat training." Two crewmen rushed out onto the deck with red and green lightsticks in their hands as a UH-60 Blackhawk arrived. It was donning the symbolic Spartan helmet-symbol, the logo used by Ares Private Security ever since it was founded. "Make sure we get as many into the briefing area as possible. We don't have time for two briefings," said Rebecca. She looked down on her watch. Twelve hours untill landfall. Still no word from the island. Looking up at Colfac she continued. "Thirty minutes." Colfac nodded and did a brief faux-salute before heading off into the warmth of the Mjolnir. The USS Makin Island, as it was formerly called, had been sold by the United States Navy in 2020 as part of a project by the current administration to liquidate aging military gear and assets in favor of paving way for new, better, and more modernized gear. During that time Yggdrasil had acquired the Makin Island which they then used primarily during the construction efforts of the Apex Park on Isla Paraíso. Hauling vehicles, materials and other heavy equipment from Yggdrasil facilities in the United States to the cargo port on Paraíso the YCV Mjolnir was repurposed once again following the incident on the island. Stopped by bureaucracy and international law at first Yggdrasil were not allowed to mobilize paramilitary units to the island as the United Nations deemed it to be an "aggressive action in an already unstable region". Ontop of the red tape a violent tropical storm, a storm which was still raging, made it impossible for anyone to approach by sea and air. Now the mission was finally on its way and Rebecca Davis would be the commander on the ground. Appointed by the CEO of APS expectations are high as the rest of the world waits for Davis and her team to bring back the survivors home. The YCV Mjolnir had set sail three days ago. Even before it had left the docks of San Diego a large number of contractors had already embarked and over the days even more had poured in. Inbetween the stops at Midway and Wake island a number of aircraft had arrived over the days with the last ones expected to arrive during the night. Davis sighed. "This money better be worth it." She was about to light a cigarette when a nearby sign reminded her not to. Rebecca frowned and walked away from the railing. ----- DAGR Staging Area Hangar 01 Onboard the YCV Mjolnir Lieutenant Colfac climbed up ontop of a parked Stryker APC painted with a mix of black, green and brown. "Alright people! Gather up! You can play with your toys later." The staging area- if you could even call it that- was nothing more but a small area inside the main hangar closed with some containers and a truck to form a semi-private area. One of the containers was lined with tables covered in ammoboxes of all sorts of calibers while another set of tables were covered in cardboard boxes filled with MREs and medkits. As Colfac spoke up a mix of people looked up. DAGR consisted of both mercenaries, biologists, engineers, technicians and hunters as well as mission support personnel such as drivers, gunners and security troopers. Some were hired by APS while others were hired by Yggdrasil or other companies while some were freelancers. Colfac grinned. "Good, you're not deaf." He pointed at himself with his right thumb. "I'm Lieutenant Colfac and I will be one of your senior officers during this lovely trip." "In twenty minutes the Field Commander will hold a briefing on the mission. As you may know details of this mission are crucial for your own survival so you better make sure to be there once the briefing starts. I don't want to see anyone running late." Colfac smiled. "Untill then make sure to grab some MREs and meds. If you haven't stocked up your ammo just yet there will be time to do that after the briefing and tomorrow before we make landfall. There are bunks inside the containers- one for men and one for women- so I don't want to see any funny business." He jumped down from the Stryker. "See you all later." He gestured towards one of the mercenaries with an APS cap. "Morhauser will take your questions." --- As Colfac walked off Kaspar turned around and went for the ammo. He opened up a box of 7.62 and started to fill up his AK-magazines. One by one he slid each shiny new cartrtidge into the magazine. --- In the back Osman sighed and went over to the MRE table. "Do these still taste like rocks?" He asked aloud as he grabbed one of the packages. One of the mercenaries chuckled and grabbed three MREs. "Not a chance, still tasted like shit last year when I was on deployment."
Nils, carrying a spas-12 shotgun with a huge duffle bag slung over his back, shuffled over to the ammo table and grabbed a box of 12 ga shells and then shimmied over to the MRE table. On the way over he bumped into a few people, but apologized as he hurried over to get some food bwfore it ran out. With all his stuff, as well as a MRE package hanging from his mouth he headed for the container with the bunks. Well inside he chose a lower bed and threw his stuff onto it and sighed. He put his phone down on his dufflebag with music playing https://youtu.be/6QwsY0OM1MI He then took out a tin of snus and put a small portion under his upper lip with a satisfied smile. With all his preparations out of the way he grabbed the box of shotgun shells and leisurely began loading his weapon.
Red beelined to the pile of medkits, struggling against the rippling waves of sea sickness that bounced back and forth within his body. With kit in hand, he forced himself to collect some MREs before retiring to his bunk. On the way, he met eyes with a crew member whose face turned to concern upon seeing Red's condition. "Don't worry, just more used to dig sites than ship decks," Red managed to blurt out, somehow managing to push the words up his throat without anything accompanying them. It wasn't so much the ship but the storm that was bearing down on them. Sitting down on a lower bunk, Red began dismantling the medkit looking for some dramamine, diligently arranging its contents out in front of him despite the growing protests of his stomach. Discovering his prize at last, Red wasted no further time prying a pill from its foiled sheath and chasing it down with a swig from his canteen. After arranging the medkits contents back into their original places, Red lay back listening to what sounded like Swedish Beach Boys from an adjoining bunk as he waited for the dramamine to kick in. A sudden change in wind and wave lurched the boat unexpectedly, bringing the faint taste of bile to the back of Red's throat. Softly he reminds himself of a saying his mother used to tell him. "风向转变时,有人筑墙,有人造风车." When the direction of the wind changes, some build a wall, some build a windmill.
Artyom quietly walked over to the ammo station for some 7.62x54mmR ammunition, grabbing two boxes before silently making his way over to the MRE table, grabbing two and stuffing them in his pack. He ignored most of the commotion going on, opting to make his way to the bunks and claiming one of the upper ones. The height made him feel more comfortable. He set his pack down alongside his weapon, a SVD-63 sniper rifle. As he laid himself on his bunk, he took a small book out from his pocket and began reading it. It was a copy of Taras Bulba with a bookmark placed near its center. Artyom continued where he left off in the book and silently began reading until the next briefing in regards to the mission.
Security Bunker Alpha Romeo Apex Park Isla Paraíso Hidden below the thick canopy of exotic tropical fauna mixed with massive trees imported from the Amazon laid a bunker. It was one of a few dozen and was part of an intricate safety-net should any of the island enclosures fail. Of course their designers- now possibly dead- had never intended for them to be used during an island-wide collapse. Unlike the other bunkers, many which were either filled to the breaking point, infested with pre-historic creatures or buried underneath storm debris this one had been left alone. An intact bunker was worth alot. Not only did the bunkers run on their own generators to power themselves but they also contained a wealth of supplies such as food and clean water. Incase you were a park employee with unrestricted access there were also weapons and ammunition. Just in case. Two figures were standing at the entrance. One bearing a torn uniform used by the Apex Park security officers and one with something less... formal. Karsten gripped his P90 tightly. Sweat was pouring down his face. It wasn't clear if it was because of the extreme warmth or because of the constant stress he'd felt for nearly five months. He glanced over at Ori. "How much longer, Frenkel? Can you open it?" Before Ori could answer a flock of birds fell silent. Karsten turned his head back around and raised his weapon. "That must've been at least two hundred meters away." "Proximity alarms are going off. They're at the fence. I can't tell if the fence is still intact." Said a female voice over the radio. It was Deveraux, another security officer. Karsten nodded and spoke into his mic. "Understood. Let us know once they reach one hundred meters. Out." He then cleared his throat and adjusted his stance. If he was going down he'd at least go down fighting.
"I-I'm going! I'm going!" frantically stuttered Ori. The constant streams of sweat dripping into his trembling hands made his task almost impossible since he couldn't keep his PDA still.
Frank looked over the MREs, reading over the writing on the back. "Meals ready to eat...I miss the old C rations." he muttered, picking one up and looking it over. He had already packed, stocking up on these things earlier when they first laid them out. Food was food, regardless of its packaging. He had already grabbed some medical supplies as well, and had popped a nitroglycerin tablet under his tongue. The chest pains were acting up again, and had been since he had been rung up for this op. Maybe it was his body telling him something was up. Honestly, he didn't care at the moment. He just wasn't dealing with it right now. Eventually, he made his way over to the ammunition and began to stock up on .45 ACP for his USP. It was the only weapon APS had issued him, really. At least he'd have SOME ability to defend himself. He really wished they had given him something else. A nice Mossberg, and he'd have been happy.
Kaspar glanced at Frank. "How are you holding up Frank?" He inserted another bullet into his third magazine. --- Osman grabbed his MREs and went on his merry way, allowing the others to do the same. He entered the container and claimed the bunk below Artyom. Gently tapping Artyom on the arm he held up one of the MREs as to offer it. ----- With a little bit of luck the doors would open... at least that was what Ori believed. A red pop-up on the PDA screen alerted him that he had three more attempts to unlock the door untill the automated security systems would lock the terminal and alert Park Security. Ironic. On his second attempt the red prompt vanished and was vanished with the animated image of a green padlock opening repeatedly. They were in. Slowly the doors opened up, revealing a dark corridor within. Floodlights shimmered into action, taking only a moment to warm up before lighting up the corridor. Karsten tapped Ori on the shoulder. "Good job Frenkel." He entered the bunker and did a quick first-glance sweep. Considering the intact state and how clean everything was it would appear that nobody else had reached the bunker. Good for Karsten and Frenkel, bad for the folks that got stuck on the island when shit hit the fan. Satisfied with his sweep Karsten spun around and tapped Frenkel on the shoulder. "Get to the control room. Boot up everything. If you find any supplies on your way, grab that too." With that said Karsten took up position alongside one of the doors and kneeled down into a crouched postion. For Frenkel it was simply a matter of priorities. Blue, red and green stripes ran across the floor of the corridor with green indicating supplies, red indicating emergency equipment and blue indicating technical facilities. The only issue was that farther down the corridor the lines split up at a crossroad with each one going off into their direction. With no way of knowing if or when a threat would appear Ori would most likely only have time to visit two of these destinations. --- Antenna 17X-B, Proximity of Security Bunker Alpha Romeo Apex Park Isla Paraíso Brandt jogged through the terrain alongside the heavy black cable going up, under and through the dense bush. She reached the car, a Toyota Hilux spray-painted in a makeshift green and tan camo to hide its original white paintjob. A fraction of the Apex Park Security text was still barely visible on the hood. The security officer grabbed the sling of her G36K, gripped the weapon and circled the car. On the back of the car a makeshift, barebones, communications array had been jury-rigged to the flatbed. It was the result of three months hard work and scavenging with Ori and Kyo having personally designed it. Assuming everything work the device would- in theory- utilize the security bunker's own generators to power up the antenna on the nearby cliff. Then- again, in theory- the survivors would finally be able to broadcast another distress signal. Brandt leaned against the car and looked up at the technician standing behind it. "Is it working now?" she asked Kyo while still catching her breath. There was alot of pressure on the mission. If Brandt and Karsten's recon was right then this was the only intact antenna on the island as all others had either been brought down or severely damaged by the storm. Some of them were also next to some of the more high-risk enclosures.
"How are you holding up Frank?" "I've been better. Spasms." he said, before motioning to his chest. "Just what happens when you smoke for fourty-five years." Frank finished loading one magazine, slipping it into its waiting compartment in the holster on his thigh before starting on the second one. There were a total of three spairs, all lined up on the side of the holster while a fourth was inside the pistol itself already. Enough ammo to deal with man-sized targets. What was supposedly on the island, though, that was a whole different ball game. "Any idea on when this storm is supposed to let up? Was hoping to say hey to the grandkids before we head out." he said, loading round after round into the magazine in his hand. -------------------------------- "Is it working now?" Koko clacked away on the keyboard of her laptop, running a diagnostic on the makeshift communications array. "Just a second..." she muttered, studying the data that began to flood in on the display. Hopefully this thing was getting some form of power. Or even worked at all in the first place. Come on, please work!
Slowly and carefully, without trying to make any kind of noise, Ori creeped down the blue line. The interior of the bunker was tidy and clean with no signs of struggle anywhere. If he was lucky, the bunker's systems would also be intact.
Sun glanced around the group assembled in the common area, before deciding to make her way over to the ammunition table. She grabs two boxes of .45 ACP for her P90DC and puts them in her ruck to load later. She then goes over to the MRE table and grabs a couple of them to put in her ruck as well. "Are these the American MREs I've heard so much about? I've only ever had the PLA Rations. I'm interested to see how these compare."
With the Dramamine taking effect, it didn't leave Red much time to visit the ammo pool. Checking once again that he had actually remembered to tote along his Remington 783 and Springfield 1911, he hoisted his whole pack onto his two shoulders, unsure whether it was safe to leave it unattended. Admittedly he looked quite dopey approaching the table, breaking through the throngs of veterans, mercenaries, and experienced hunters with his bulky, dusty pack, his partially assembled rifle strapped awkwardly to its side, and a big puffy red vest. Inside the pack, apart from his pistol and and rifle action and mechanism, was his usual wilderness kit: a windup flashlight, hunting knife, compass, rope, matches, poncho, notebooks and pens for field notes, and his grandfather's Canon AE-1 camera with 10 rolls of film. He would've also brought flares but Red wasn't sure whether they would be allowed on the plane. Looking at the others assembled at the table, grabbing boxes of ammo and casually loading magazines, Red got the distinct feeling that he should have prepared for something all together different. His pistol had been gifted to him by a senior researcher to ward off drunks out in Alberta and his hunting rifle he had bought to ward off bears. Grabbing a box of .45 and 2 boxes of .270, he quickly stuffed them into the top of his rucksack for later. Feeling out of his element, he turned to two men ((Kaspar & Frank)) who were at the table with him, catching up as they tended to their equipment. Tapping the shoulder of the man closest to him, Red courteously asks "I'm sorry to bother you, but are those your guns or is there somebody handing them out to people? Cause I'm not sure if I'm packed for this trip."
Crius put down his Stryker vehicle manual down after Lieutenant Colfac was finished. He wasn't one for speeches or planning, in his experience that shit all goes out the window when you land. He knew he had little time to actually prepare before the storm let up and it was time for them to hit the island. He slowly got out of his cot that he's been relaxing in the past couple of days learning the ins and outs of the vehicles they're to use when they make landfall. He has experience with their Canadian variants but wants to be ready. He put the manual back into his cot locker and strutted over to the weapons table where he saw other guys getting ready. He grabbed four .45 ACP magazines for his Sig P226 and six 5.56 mags for his Canadian C8 service rifle coupled with a classic ACOG to fix on the top rail. He looked over at Frank and Kaspar, "I'm a bit of a Sig fanboy, don't mind me." he said to neither of them in particular with a wink and smile as he loaded the magazines to full capacity. He enjoyed this part. The pre-planning, the ammo checks, the gear roundup. There was a small systematic order to it, unlike the actual fighting itself. Here was sure what he was doing was right. He checked the mags against his helmet with a tap, and shuffled them into his chest rig followed by the 226 into its left thigh holster and the rifle swung around his back. "Time for some chow...let me guess, standard MREs?" He continued mostly to himself this time as he walked over to the supply table and filled his bag with five random MREs. Didn't particularly care for the taste, after all his tours they started blending together. He learned to eat anything, anywhere to get by. He turned back to Frank and Kaspar after grabbing a couple other miscellaneous supplies like extra oil, compass, GPS, island map, night vision goggles, pistol equipped flashlight for his 226 and backup batteries. "You guys think this is gonna be a long one? I'm tempted to over-pack..."
Kaspar grunted. "Forecast says it's gonna be while. There will be satphones to borrow according to Colfac." He placed the filled magazine in a pouch and began to load up another one. The mercenary turned around when Red spoke up. Kaspar eyed the man from top to bottom. "Personal equipment. Colfac mentioned an armory before when I spoke to him. Check with Morhauser over there if you could stock up on something new." ----- Ori moved like a ghost through the untouched complex. Eventually the blue line ended in a circle infront of a pair of simple white doors. There were no locks or keypads in place and as such Ori simply walked in. The techroom wasn't much to see. A simple office chair with a desktop PC occupied the center of the room while some lockers, a generator and a server rack took up the rest of the room. --- Brandt wiped the sweat off her while Koko worked her magic. Judging by the system response the distress signal was ready for broadcast. However without any extra power to boost it the antenna would most likely not be able to broadcast anything reaching beyond the island. Suddenly Deveraux spoke up. "Contacts at a hundred and fifty. Closing in. What's your status." Brandt responded. "Broadcast is more or less ready. Still waiting on that extra juice." "Frenkel is inside right now. Just give him five minutes." Said Karsten with a notably stressed tone.
"Colfac mentioned an armory before when I spoke to him. Check with Morhauser over there if you could stock up on something new." Crius perked his head up, "Well i got everything I need. Where is Morhauser?" and began wondering over to the Strykers before running into the man, with the name on his chest and an APS cap on his head. He gave him a quick salute, "Sir, name's Crius Thomson, former vehicle operator and armored specialist. Are these Strykers the one's were rolling out with? I was curious to take a peak inside and familiarize myself a bit sir before the final briefing."
> "Check with Morhauser over there if you could stock up on something new." "Oh, okay thanks for the pointers both of you." Red adjusted the strap on his backpack debating whether to extend his hand out for a shake. As Crius left in the direction of Morhauser, Red settled on a quick introduction. "I'm, uh, Robert by the way. But most of my friends call me red. I, uhm. I won't waste more of your time and go see Mohauser, thanks again." With that Red left to follow Crius without waiting for a response from Kaspar. "Ugh stupid, stupid." Red thought. The last thing he wanted was to give off the impression he would be dead weight to these people, and after what Crius told him, Red was a lot more comfortable with his luggage and would probably keep it. Probably better to stick with a set of sights he was familiar with anyways. Still Morhauser could possibly still help him with those flares he wanted, and it wouldn't hurt to check out what the armory had. He just had to make sure not to miss the briefing. Red stood off the side patiently, waiting for Crius to finish his own business with Morhauser. "I'll have to thank him later as well," Red thought to himself.
Morhauser tilted his cap to greet Crius and Red. "Pleasure to meet you." He gestured towards the Stryker behind him. "I think so, yeah. We got dozens of other vehicles in the motorpool though. Nothing tracked, only wheeled armored cars, APCs and MRAPs. There's also somekind of command vehicle. Haven't seen it myself but one of the crewmen said it was pretty big." He crossed his arms. "If you want to familiarize yourself just go ahead I guess. We had another vehicle specialist- Osman- around here somewhere. The two of you could probably benefit from syncing up." Morhauser then turned towards Red. "What can I do for you?"
Artyom looked to Osman as he offered an MRE to him. Artyom closed the book and set it on his stomach as he reached over and gently took it. "Спасибо." He put the MRE nearby on his bunk before turning back to Osman. "How soon is briefing?"
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