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  • Temporary rendevouz for the FPRP community. WiP OP untill it can be filled out with other stuff (assuming we don't jump to another site).
  • hey guys you should recognize my avatar but my oldpunch name was Doctor Death921 now i'm finally free from the name i used as a wee lad
  • Starpath V2 GM here, formerly Sega Saturn. Anyone who uses the Discord already knew that, though.
  • You think you know me... you do, actually. Here's to a hopefully successful migration, friends!
  • /me tries to shut the blinds /roll | result: 1 /me fell over pulling the blinds down, which also pushed his pants down resulting him to be butt nekkid.
  • /me wanders into thread and ponders as to what medium yall rp over /me leaves thread