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Temporary rendevouz for the FPRP community. WiP OP untill it can be filled out with other stuff (assuming we don't jump to another site).
i put on my robe and wizard hat
That's a child molester if I ever saw one
accredited GM reporting
hey guys you should recognize my avatar but my oldpunch name was Doctor Death921 now i'm finally free from the name i used as a wee lad
Starpath V2 GM here, formerly Sega Saturn. Anyone who uses the Discord already knew that, though.
You probably couldn't tell by the name but I'm the second Amfleet
You think you know me... you do, actually. Here's to a hopefully successful migration, friends!
Heyo. You know who I am.
Bout to start getting things up and running again
/me tries to shut the blinds /roll | result: 1 /me fell over pulling the blinds down, which also pushed his pants down resulting him to be butt nekkid.
Poise yourselves for a playing of roles of a lifetime.
/me wanders into thread and ponders as to what medium yall rp over /me leaves thread
/me wondering /me going to fap now
What's with folks using /me?
They're kinda gay
How does RP work i've never done it before
lets get some games going on this new forum eh lads?
Wonder when/if the other stuff is gonna get moved over from Oldpunch. Would hate to lose all the older Character RPs and Nation RPs, as that's a lot of content.
Reminder that, when we made the move to GIP, Hezzy moved all the threads (or at least I hope so, considering I was the one who sent him the threads). So, all the threads should be moved over! I'll go check just to make sure though.
Reporting in
Friendly reminder to those unaware, if you messed up your username when creating your new account, after you've transferred, you can change your username for 50 coins in the shop.
lemme get a uhhhh boneless rp?
uuhhhHHHH lemme get a formatless rp
The General Chat thread has finally finished its migration over here, it seems, so that's good.
We're all fucked forever, my dudes.
No we're not
We might
Yáll need to chill
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