• A New Zero Facepunch Server(s) (Free 1 MB game!)
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I've been busy this week, but next week I'll be on a lot
Anyone up for a game now? Both servers are empty.
I'm going on now.
Server back up, sorry
Versus server is down.
Server is down until there is significant interest / new version. If you want to play just ask, and I may put it back up! :)
im interested
server going back up! Versus mode on midway
Going to punt around on Vs. for a bit... see you there?
People are playing right now, if anyone is up for some VS or COOP
This looks awesome. Will definitely check it out after work.
Just had a great round with 3 other skilled players. Wish the Vs. server was still up! [editline]26th February 2012[/editline] Starting a vs. server!
I just got the update for 0.78 but don't see anyone on the server. :_(
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