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[release] [h2]Age of Mines[/h2] [B] Yes that's right, you heard correctly! The server is up, and should stay up, thanks to Dragory![/B] [B]Server Name: [/B] Age of Mines Dedicated Role Playing [B] Max Players: [/B] 100 [B]IP Address: [/B] The classic Age of Mines Role-Play server hosted by our dear friend Oskutin is making a valiant comeback! Age of Mines was never a hugely successful and populated server, but we had a good following, and those who played regularly would tell you that themselves. AoM started in early 2010 February, and revolved around the world of Creeperia, and the ever changing world around it. For a good two months the server grew and thrived, attracting some of our more well known players. Unfortunately, due to circumstances revolving server hosting, and issues with administration, the server began to dwindle in numbers. We want to reintroduce the true RP feel of Minecraft yet again by putting Age of Mines back on the map, this time, with less Admin intrusion, just the way you like it! To counter the lack of specific rules that will placed onto the server, we will be white-listing, but have no fear, inclusion is simple. Here at Age of Mines, we do a lot of Role-playing and have a ton of extreme and heated wars. In the end, however, (Usually at night) we're all a nice happy family and discuss kitty faces, waifus, feelings, and the occasional politics. [highlight]In order to get a whitelist, read the rules. There may or may not be a secret word/phrase you have to find from it! After reading the [URL="http://ageofmines.net/wiki/Server_information_and_rules"]rules[/URL], post your minecraft username on the thread.[/highlight] [URL="http://ageofmines.net/wiki/Main_Page"]Age of Mines Wiki[/URL] [URL="http://ageofmines.net/wiki/Server_information_and_rules"]Rules[/URL][/release] [release][h2]Current Events![/h2] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SoXcX.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/LGgI3.png[/IMG] [B][I][h2]a Spelunking and Roleplaying focused Age of Mines Patch![/h2][/I][/B] [B][U]Upcoming Features:[/U][/B] [B]New "[I]The Lost Futhark[/I]" Questline![/B] ● [B]4 New Dungeons[/B] to explore, conquer, and ultimately die within! ● Exciting rewards! ● Fun for the whole family! ● New Lore [B] More Hokuspokus Mechanics![/B] ● Throw dangerous fireballs, heal comrades or just teleport around with the new spell system introduced in The Lost Futhark ● New Lore surrounding the use of magic in the Age of Mines universe [B]Added Weapon Mechanics![/B] ● Tired of that iron axe being useless in battle? No more. ● Wield mighty hammers! ● New legendary weapons comes with (optional) custom made textures! ● Use the new weapons in the newly built [B]Arena[/B]! [B]Even more lore![/B] ● Explore the new locations of AoM, all containing their separate story lines and lore! [B]New TexturePack designed specifically for Age of Mines![/B] ● Focuses on adding more aesthetics to enhance roleplay -● New Paintings -● New Items, trade using coins, or drink some freshly fermented mead! -● New Construction Blocks, fitting the general theme of AoM More information and media to come! [/release] [release][h2]Media[/h2] [img]http://i.imgur.com/4CNb9.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/33Aia.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/bevNj.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/lvMDA.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/VVf6p.png[/img] [/release] Anyone wishing to take a look at what's all on the server, or if you want to add some stuff to the information about it, go to the [URL="http://ageofmines.net/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page"]Age of Mines Wiki[/URL] and create or update a page.
Ain't MC forum son
[QUOTE=gnisasas;31115691]Ain't MC forum son[/QUOTE] Last time I checked, admins directed me to this place to put any servers, including minecraft servers. Unless something changed, it's supposed to be here.
[url=http://www.facepunch.com/forums/189]Games in Progress[/url]
[QUOTE=T1dal;31116173][url=http://www.facepunch.com/forums/189]Games in Progress[/url][/QUOTE] God damn it, I thought I was in that sub-section. Should I just wait for a move...? [editline]14th July 2011[/editline] Crisis resolved. Thanks, Dav0r!
May I be added to the Whitelist? IGN is: _Bloodshot_
Already in the OP.
[QUOTE=Bloodsh0t;31116475]May I be added to the Whitelist? IGN is: _Bloodshot_[/QUOTE] Added.
Could you add my friend so he can help me with my faction please? His IGN is "LeMarchand" thank you! :smile:
Thanks, I will be joining Svearike :v: Cannot connect atm, server down?
[QUOTE=Bloodsh0t;31118338]Thanks, I will be joining Svearike :v: Cannot connect atm, server down?[/QUOTE] Nope, there may be a problem with the current IP. Lemme check. Also, LeMarchand added. IP is
[QUOTE=Chezhead;31118631]Nope, there may be a problem with the current IP. Lemme check. Also, LeMarchand added. IP is[/QUOTE] Thanks Chezhead!
[QUOTE=Milky;31118812]Thanks Chezhead![/QUOTE] No problem! Also, if you want to join a faction, look in the OP. I would recommend any faction but Ironhelm, as that faction has enough people. Venture, Kalewala, Bank, and that Swedish one are all in need of members
I haven't played on this server in a while, getting on soon.
Back up!
Can I get a whitelist? I'm Spacewolf78 ingame.
[QUOTE=Spacewolf;31126980]Can I get a whitelist? I'm Spacewolf78 ingame.[/QUOTE] Added.
Furlow isn't on the factions list anymore, it just says its wilderness
[QUOTE=Kenneth;31134726]Furlow isn't on the factions list anymore, it just says its wilderness[/QUOTE] When the server was starting up, there was a bit of an issue with the plugins after the update. I'll create the faction for you, just tell me ingame.
Can I get whitelisted? Wouldn't mind joining. :dance: [b]Edit:[/b] Would help if I put my in game name. IGN: Doccos
[QUOTE=Docc;31136270]Can I get whitelisted? Wouldn't mind joining. :dance: [b]Edit:[/b] Would help if I put my in game name. IGN: Doccos[/QUOTE] Added.
I should update my textures before playing.
[release][h2]Venture[/h2] [img]http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/5448/20110715213801.png[/img] Venture is a faction based on travel. We branch off ironhelm and plan on expanding the world and discovering new locations. The faction was founded by Theportalmaster, once a pirate captain. After an attack he settled down into iron helm. He decided to learn more about the world and travel on foot while exploring dungeons and created the venture faction near by. Venture have no intend to attack or cause a war with any factions. We prefer peace. We are a defensive faction though, so we won't harm unless harmed. We are willing to become allies with any faction, while iron helm remains the closest ally. Right now it's a very small faction, in fact the smallest, but we don't often hang around our main base. [i]Camping[/i] The main thing we do at venture is camp. We like to keep our camps distance's apart from the base, and try to keep our trails lows. We gather resources and explore a certain radius around camps. We abandon them for explorers to then find. [i]Camp Rules[/i] -There will be one chest in the main base -Member made chests must be hid outside the claimed land -Member made chests must have a hint (Ect a red cross above) -Chests must have remains left in them -No starting camps without permission - the whole faction will move to that camp. -Don't go too far or back to base without captains permission [i]Delivery @ Transport[/i] Venture can deliver goods across large distances of land. Speak to us and depending on the factions relationship we will charge based on the distance and how much we trust you. Anything else to do with travel can also be arranged. Just talk to Theportalmaster. [i]Mining[/i] Venture prefer not to mine. When it comes to ores the faction likes to trade more, but we still aren't a heavy trading faction. We have a mine at the main base but we haven't explored much of it. Feel free to explore it with another member. [i]Main Base[/i] Main base can be found near the village of iron helm. Look for the sign leading to our faction and venture forth. You should see our small base in the mountains Our main base is a free place, in our village you are free to build homes and anything without leaders permission. If you wish to build inside the base itself, get permission first. [i]Current Members[/i] Theportalmaster - Venture Captain (Leader) Bloodshot - First mate [i]Jobs and activities[/i] At venture we have no set jobs. We leave it all up to you. If you would prefer to guard around the main base, mine, gather resources or a job unrelated to exploring and camping, feel free to speak to a mod. Nothing too aggressive. Ect you can be a guard, but you can only be defensive, no attacking unless ordered too by the captain. [i]How to join the faction[/i] To join, say /f join venture. To join the faction however, you must be invited. To get a invite, ask or PM a mod or theportalmaster. Only trusted members will be accepted, that means any bad or past experience with you will not be accepted into the faction. Once invited, you can join and you are ready to venture with the faction! (Do note, we may be camping at the time of you joining, so the factions home will be at the camp at the time) [/release]
I need to be whitelisted again. The name was chillcoldcoolaid.
[QUOTE=ChilColdCoolaid;31142925]I need to be whitelisted again. The name was chillcoldcoolaid.[/QUOTE] Done.
Anyone around? :frown: Wtf happened to all the emotes
[QUOTE=Spacewolf;31143745]Anyone around? :frown: Wtf happened to all the emotes[/QUOTE] Garry wanted to take out all the SA emotes. I'll be on right now, as well as a fellow I'll be whitelisting. I remember when there was always someone on this server...
[QUOTE=Chezhead;31144034]Garry wanted to take out all the SA emotes. I'll be on right now, as well as a fellow I'll be whitelisting. I remember when there was always someone on this server...[/QUOTE] We should find a time where everyone can get on at once. I don't think you should rely on people getting on at the same time without some coordination.
I'm online now if anyone wants to join me.
Dang gangit, having a faction and members not rejoining ain't so funny :F
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