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[QUOTE='[Seed Eater];34273324']Which one of you redname fucks covered our base in silverfish stone shit? And for anyone thinking about joining this server, I don't recommend it anymore. Hang has been a dick lately.[/QUOTE] Are you DetectiveP?
Best server ever? Yes.
[QUOTE=krail9;34283085]Shit server, don't even bother.[/QUOTE] It was okay, nothing special, though.
[QUOTE=Te Great Skeeve;34279308]You got banned, didn't you?[/QUOTE] No [QUOTE=16bit;34281611]Are you DetectiveP?[/QUOTE] Yes
Empty, empty, empty...
[QUOTE=Te Great Skeeve;34284014]It was okay, nothing special, though.[/QUOTE] Hes an SMod, hes fucking with you.
Oooh, perhaps I'll give this a try. Miss the old days of the Drunken Miners server...
Where is everyone? There always used to be people on to play with, now it seems I'm all alone :( Made a little farmhouse near spawn, with a mineshaft down to (near) bedrock and I've started gathering resources.
Crappytown III subway station [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/8moV8.jpg[/IMG] /warp crappytown Also, on a more important note, a tree growing at y: 26 [url]http://i.imgur.com/uMdGp.jpg[/url]
I get admin still, right? :3
There's just TOO many man. [editline]21st January 2012[/editline] Adam has ALREADY blocked out the sun Also, make me super-mod, I need to use the 'Elevator' commands because everyone is a jelly brain
Everyone I thought was added to the whitelist is now actually added. Sorry bout that little delay.
No sever. No Fun.
It's up and running but I'm getting comm error. Going to reboot the box see if that'll fix it. [editline]nvm[/editline] NVM fixed it.
To-Rebuild: Dave Tree, Eye of Sauron, The Winchester, What Vault? These should pop up in a few days/weeks
/warp mushroomisland [img]http://i.imgur.com/qj41V.jpg[/img]
Y no regular big mushies on island?
Hey hang, why's the server down? I'm posting this here because I demand answers once you view this.
Server is down for a currently unknown reason. I assume how ever it has to do with Hang's internet/power as he's offline on Steam as well. Sorry everyone.
It's okay because I'm back. [editline]edit[/editline] But apparently the server is unresponsive give me a min. [editline]edit[/editline] Figured it out, Comcast decided to change my ip. Already forwarded s1.drunkenminers.com to the new IP, but if you can't connect with that yet try
If you figured it out why is it still down (both s1.drunkenminers.com and
[QUOTE=mrkaki;34391404]If you figured it out why is it still down (both s1.drunkenminers.com and[/QUOTE] [url]http://steamcommunity.com/groups/funtime_with_thehangover/announcements/detail/1334425042538307480[/url] Down while I wait for some updates it'll be back in a few hours. Trying to prevent mods from eating away all the stone in my map. [editline]edit[/editline] Some mods are taking too long so i brought it back.
Got /elev working but apparently it floods Admin chat with text
[QUOTE=DrVengeance;34402221]Got /elev working but apparently it floods Admin chat with text[/QUOTE] because its broken aaaaa ez as fuc fix though, get to it hang
All I need to do is wait for it to update to v1.1 for some reason the mod maker decided to version check it so it spams chat every time you try to use it.
ALL HANDS ON DECK, WE'VE GOTTA SCRUB THESE FUCKERS OUT [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/des1.png[/img] Have an interior [img]http://filesmelt.com/dl/3318.png[/img]
building some crap [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/CrsSg.jpg[/IMG]
Pokétown may be gone forever. Tis a sad day.
[QUOTE=DrVengeance;34451485]Pokétown may be gone forever. Tis a sad day.[/QUOTE] No I just removed the pipe you guys had spamming blocks. All problems fixed. Don't do it again.
Miigga you're on this server aswell? Jesus fuck small world. (I don't know if you remember me though)
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