• Looking for someone to host on good ol' Half Life 2: Jaykin Bacon Source
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I'm not really sure if this mod needs any explanation, but I'll describe it in some amount of detail. This mod basically mashes The Specialists, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Half Life together to create one mindfuck of a game with over 30 weapons, maps from goldeneye, and metal gear solid, and a whole lotta fun. Problem is, no one plays it anymore. That's where you guys come in. I need someone who's able to host a GoldSRC server, it can be listen or dedicated, it really doesn't matter, all I wish is that you could put up a server for Facepunchers/Me and my friends to play on. Also, mods, If you feel this is in the wrong section, please move it. And one last thing, a link to the mod: [url]http://www.superfundungeonrun.com/?page_id=489[/url]
I can host for you, as long as we get a bunch of people to play.
I'd play, After i watch a vid of it. [editline]12:45AM[/editline] Shit yes' I'd play. [editline]12:48AM[/editline] Why are there muzzleflashes coming from everywhere on the machinegun? [editline]12:49AM[/editline] I could also host.
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